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    SETI tweak

    I just download Look like a good FPU benchmark.I need some help for tweaking my CPU for SETI also does SETI suport SSE2 cheap, cheap. Think cheap, and you'll always be cheap.AMD version of semi conducteur industrie
  2. G

    Tom's Divx benchmark

    I couldn't find an appropriate forum to post this question, please bear with me........ When Tom posts his divx encoding benchmarks he does so in FPS(frames per second, I would believe). How does this relate to encoding an entire movie? Given his FPS benchmark, is there a way to figure the...
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    SiSOFT is worthless

    Yes, I know its a 'synthetic' benchmark. But I can't even call it a benchmark. Benchmark's measure speed, SiSOFt just examines the components, and calculates what the speed SHOULD be. Go to and see how absurd of benchmark results you can...