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  1. Jdogz427

    How much of an OC do you think i can get

    I was planning on OCing my CPU, and was wondering with my setup how far you think i can push it. i know it depends on the silicon lottery a little, but with my MOBO, cooler, and PSU, how do you think i can do. Also i cannot see the core specific temps on HW monitor, just the package temps, is...
  2. K

    AS SSD changed to german language

    I used AS SSD benchmark three times and now it only shows the language in german even though english is checked under language tab. If I uncheck eng and then check it again, a red message appears that says "bitte spenden" Anyone know how to change it back to eng?
  3. N

    Which laptop is better?

    Which of the following laptops is better? ( Flipkart links are given below) 1. HP 15-009AX (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Free DOS/ 2GB Graph) 2. Compaq 15-s005tx (4th Gen Ci3/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Free DOS/ 2GB Graph) For Help : Processor Benchmark list and Graphics benchmark list (both are from...
  4. M

    whats a good benchmark for photoshop

    whats a good benchmark for photoshop related things? i built a powerhouse of a build and would like to know benchmarks for photoshop related things. i already use 3dmark and valley but thats just for gaming.

    YouTube Benchmark Video

    Hello fellow Tommies! So I made a video called R9 280 + i5-4690K Benchmark (http://). The problem is the quality on the upload sucks for some reason.. The original file is great but the upload just won't work well. I was thus wondering what the problem is, if I've screwed something up over...
  6. H

    I7 3rd gen or 4th gen i7 benchmark

    Hello guys, I have. Small question. Im looking for a all round laptop. And ive got 2 options . One is toshiba M840 i7 -3612QM . AMD 2gb 7670M.4gb ram .750hdd . the other is dell inspiron 3542 i7 -4510u Nvidia 2gb 840m .8gb ram .1tb hdd . Benchmark indicate 6845 of score for the Toshiba and...
  7. S

    Is There An Auto-Benchmark App/Website?

    Hi all, I was just wondering, is there an app or website that looks at your hardware and, based on that, gives a detailed performance report for a chosen video game? It would save a lot of time, it would also tell me what I need to upgrade and would also tell me if I should get that game or...
  8. Vitric9

    Cinebench OpenGL render issue..

    I did look up the error message but I could not find out why I would get the OpenGL error message basically saying i canot run that benchmark and then it still runs after ,quite fluidly.
  9. D

    i5 i7 gaming gtx860m maxwell

    I will soon buy a laptop soo a advice would be nice. Preferably from a expert. I want a budget gaming pc . There are 2 lenovo y50-70 models im ib beteewn both having 8gb, 1tb ssh , gtx860m on 4gb (which i believe/hope its maxwell) One has i5-4200h (2c/4t) Another i7-4700hq(4c/8t) Price...
  10. D

    Virtual build a pc + benchmark?

    Hey guys, So I have recently decided to build a new gaming PC. I haven't build a system ever before but I have been pc gaming for quite a while now. I have mostly been using to pick out the best parts for my system as well as save money, but I do have certain requirements. I am...
  11. ItsAllNew

    Recommend gaming Benchmark software?

    Just looking for software to stress test how my pc would do when it comes to 3D games
  12. S

    3d mark firestrike.

    Where can I Download the benchmark software for windows 8.1? I assume its free. Thanks
  13. W

    Fritz Chess Benchmark Safe Download

    I am trying to get this software but all result seem to be plagued with candy, false buttons. Can anyone recommend a safe download location. Thanks.
  14. N

    Hp Elitebook 8740w missing bottom covers and benchmarks

    I just got an HP Elitebook 8740w (core i5 520m, Firepro 7820m, 4 gigs RAM) and it is missing the bottom covers... Any ideas of how to fix it/ make it less easy to break the exposed parts? Also- Any benchmarks for the Radeon Firepro 7820m? I've looked up the graphics card and I can't seem to...
  15. B

    Gaming benchmark software.

    Hey guys, I have a friend coming over on Monday so we can discuss PC building (He's interested in building), and I thought I would use my computer as a benchmark as we choose parts. Is there any software you guys would recommend that records your min/avg/max fps during a game?
  16. S

    HTC One X vs Nexus 4 vs Galaxy S3 vs Note 2 vs G Pro vs Xperia ZL in REAL world

    I have only used dumb-phones until now and plan to get a smartphone. I did a little surfing and found Adreno 320 is better than Mali 400 GPU and Qualcomm Snapdragons are better than Samsung Exynos, right? But in real world they say Note 2 is considered better phone than Nexus 4. I don't...
  17. T

    Are there any free PC benchmarks?

    Would like to see if there is a free one. I am getting a new PC and would like to see how much better it is than the one i am currently using.
  18. MDXX

    Want 3d Mark to benchmark?

    Steam has 3 different ones. What is the standard? 3d mark, 3d mark 11, or 3d mark vantage
  19. D

    Lenovo y510p bad benchmark test

    Hi! I got a Lenovo y510p(Intel i7 4700MQ, 16gb ram and 2 755m Geforece sli). While testing 3dMark11 I get results like this: 3DMark11 result This seems low and I wonder if you got any suggestions how I can fix that? Thankful for answer Daniel
  20. J

    are those fps norman???

    i have a gtx 770 and i did the heaven benchmark and valley benchmark and i want to ask if my score-fps are resonable...on heaver the fps were:36.6 and on valey 46,7...are those numbers good.all were on extreme hd(1920x1080 on hevean) my rig i5 4670 8gbs ram gtx 770 asus dcuii 500psu cm thunder
  21. A

    Looking for a good game benchmark software

    Hello, I have been looking for a good software that will display the minimum, average, and maximum fps achieved either in-game or after game. Is there such a software? If so, which are the best ones? Thanks!
  22. C

    Free Pc benchmark

    I want to benchmark my pc for free. What is a program I can use for free?
  23. V

    best pc benchmark test?

    So what benchmark programs are there out there to check how good your system peforms? i know there are some like heaven benchmark but does it gpu only or do it use like ram,cpu,gpu to give you a score how good your system peforme?
  24. Sanmayce

    Asking for help to benchmark FASTEST MEMMEM function

    Hi to all who appreciate extreme speeds. Recently, I was lucky to finish my 2+ years long quest for writing in C the most optimized function for finding a memory block into another block of memory, the so called MEMMEM. My function named Railgun is 100% free and you can see it at the external...
  25. zichus

    PCmark 8 work bench - odd results?

    Does it seem odd that my PC (intel G2030, GPU - HD 7770) scored higher ( than an FX-6300 with HD 7970 ( - Intel score 4216 vs AMD score 4188? Ok, thats not the best score for the FX 6300 (best is 4807 when i checked -...
  26. M

    New Gaming Benchmark: Catzilla

    Just wondering if anyone else knows about this benchmark ? It seems to do a pretty good job of stressing current hardware (especially the CPU and GPU) for gaming purposes. I've been posting scores around 3200 with a 6670 1GB DDR5... but ill be upgrading soon :D Just wondering...
  27. B

    Driver Crashes And Stuttering GTX 765M

    hey there so my problem it this...while running unigine benchmark it starts stuttering,it keeps running the benchmark but it stutters and sometimes it shows "driver has stopped responding and has recovered" after i close the benchmark the laptop works really slowly and stutters while i move the...
  28. R

    Tabulate Sony Vegas 12 speed without / with GPU

    Did you ever wish there was a database showing Vegas 12 speed with various CPU/GPU options in actual use? Data for this is currently sparse and typically not helpful to make a specific upgrade decision. I'm building this tabulation, and would appreciate that all Vegas 12 users volunteer to...
  29. K

    Is benchmark software recommendable?

    So I am getting a gaming laptop and because of my curiosity about benchmark, I have developed several questions. 1. Is it recommendable to be use when purchasing new computer component? 2. Should a brand new laptop (buying from a reseller) be put through the stress test and the benchmark...
  30. E

    Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark - Will Not Run

    Today I upgraded my graphics card from an AMD 6670 to an Nvidia GTX 660 and now I am not able to run the Benchmark for Final Fantasy XIV. Using the old card I was able to run the benchmark and even played in the beta for the last two weekends. When I go to run the benchmark now it comes up...
  31. J

    Laptop under performing?

    I have a feeling I have faulty hardware or something of the sort. Others with my laptop get ~9000-10000 on benchmark tests while i get around 3500. Specs: Processor: AMD A8-3500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4cpu) 1.5 GHz Memory: 6144MB RAM RAM: 6gb(5.4 usable) windows 7 64bit HP Pavilion...
  32. exfileme

    Benchmark Your Android Device With Epic Citadel

    Epic Games has released the Epic Citadel tech demo for Android, but has also included a benchmarking feature. Benchmark Your Android Device With Epic Citadel : Read more
  33. S

    PCMark7 Benchmark too low

    I downloaded the free version of PCMark7 just to see how my computer was doing on benchmarks and it gave me a score of 5682 with a gtx 580 and i7-2600k is this low or is it ok? Only reason I ask is because I'm seeing people with a 6k+ benchmark with around the same computer......... Kinda making...
  34. Z

    Google Boasts its Chrome is 26% Faster Than Last Year's

    JavaScript benchmark test called "Octane" gave the numbers. Google Boasts its Chrome is 26% Faster Than Last Year's : Read more
  35. C

    System Utility/Benchmark software for new build

    Hello! The last few components for my first PC build are coming in today, and I had a question regarding software and applications. I've seen benchmarking and utility programs (like 3DMark 11) mentioned on this site before, and I was just wondering if you all could offer a list of recommended...
  36. G

    Is Your PC Up to Date? Benchmark it with these Programs!

    Test out your hardware with these 15 benchmarking programs! Is Your PC Up to Date? Benchmark it with these Programs! : Read more
  37. J

    Ungine heaven benchmark scores

    I am posting my score and hoping to compare to others WITH THE SAME SETTINGS during the benchmark. I will run with res at 1920x1080 4xaa 16xaf tesselation normal DX 11. Please make sure to duplicate my settings as I want an accurate comparison. I want to know where my laptop sits in the...
  38. S


    Hello, need sysmark results of acer TM P 243 laptop
  39. J

    Looking for a Shutdown Benchmark Program

    Searched and searched but have been unable to find a program that will give me a shutdown (not restart) time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  40. blackhawk1928

    Latest Pre-Release Internet Browser Benchmarks

    Hi, Being someone who likes to have the latest-greatest internet browsers despite instability sometimes, I do benchmark them every now and again (rarely), so I might as well share my results. Browser Bench marked: Apple Safari 5.1 FireFox Nightly 8 Alpha Google Chrome 13 Beta Opera 12...
  41. A


  42. toomanyairmiles

    Core i5 460M+Radeon HD 5650 vs Core 2 Quad (Q9000)+GT 240M

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new laptop to for work (I'm and information architect and designer) the main requirement is a 17.3 inch display with a 1600x900 (or better) resolution. I've got it down to two models but looking at the figures from cpu benchmark neither of the configurations is a...
  43. H

    How long to run 3D Bench Mark Test

    I have searched and haven't found a good answer to this question: How long do you normally run a 3D Bench Mark Test to get good results? I found some people say if you run it longer than an hour, you fry your video card. Others say let it run for hours.... What is the norm here? Windows 7...
  44. king smp

    Any luck with GameBooster?

    I downloaded Gamebooster and ran some tests. With my card OC'd during all tests. I am running WinXP Pro Media Center SP3 I ran Video Card Stability Test (Freestone Freeware) and Crysis Warhead Benchmark by HardwareOC. I had Gamebooster on and off during tests. Neither benchmark showed any...
  45. G

    Looking for a laptop that plays FFXIV and is less than 17 inches.

    Hey everyone. I've spent the last couple of days looking through a LOAD of laptops looking for the right one. I'm having some trouble balancing power and price, so I was wondering what you guys think. I need a laptop that can play Final Fantasy XIV and is less than 17inch. The best way to test...
  46. B

    Ffxiv benchmark wont work

    i have an ASUS g73jh laptop with win7 premium 64bit ati radeon 5870. i can't seem to get the benchmark to run. i installed the direct x 9. ive updated my bios to ver 209. i am almost certain i have the latest version of my graphics card driver. last time i tryed to install 10.6 i ran into...
  47. M

    Benchmark FFXIV wont run

    I try to run FXIV benchmark but when i click start the window apears and it says the benchmark stop working. :fou: im using Window 7
  48. K

    Good and bad benchmark tests

    I ran 3 benchmark test 1st was 8198, 2nd was 8077 3rd was 8112. are these good numbers? im upgrading my vidcard and power supply very soon will my numbers improve?
  49. B

    Solved! 3DMark06 Benchmark issue

    I just got a Sager M980NU with a T9400 and Dual Nvidia GTX 280M's in SLI. I also have a Dell XPS M1730 with a X9000 (stock) and Dual Nvidia GTX 8800M's in SLI. I just ran 3DMark06 to benchmark my new system and compare it to the speed of my much older Dell and was shocked by the scores. Sager...
  50. G

    The Coffee Table Concept that Plays Music

    Design concept integrating a CD player into a coffee table suspiciously looks like a Sony-branded bench The Coffee Table Concept that Plays Music : Read more
  51. Z

    3dmark 06

    Hello guys, I need some help with 3DMark 06. I've been trying to benchmark my computer after replacing the motherboard. Here's the scenario Original build I got bad scores because the mobo didn't put out enough wattage for the CPU. I replaced the mobo (without reinstalling) and ran some...
  52. dandy

    Need Benchmark Software!

    newbie here!need u guys send me all website of benchmark to download^^ say thanks you 1st to u all!want test my new rig!
  53. G

    10 Things You Didn't Know About Futuremark's CEO

    10 personal questions and 10 personal answers from Tero Sarkkinen, chief executive officer of Futuremark - the company that delivers what is considered the most relevant benchmark software to determine the performance potential of a consumer PC. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Futuremark's CEO...
  54. G

    10 Things You Didn't Know About ... Tero Sarkkinen

    10 personal questions and 10 personal answers from Tero Sarkkinen, chief executive officer of Futuremark - the company that delivers what is considered the most relevant benchmark software to determine the performance potential of a consumer PC. 10 Things You Didn't Know About ... Tero...
  55. G

    New Everest Benchmark Covers AMD Phenom Tri-Core And Intel Six-Core

    We received word from our old Hungarian friend Tamas Miklos, CTO of
  56. G

    Future Of The Mark - Interview With Futuremark's President

    If you're a benchmark industry insider, you'll hardly find better person to talk to than Oliver Baltuch, currently serving as President of Futuremark Corporation. Future Of The Mark - Interview With Futuremark's President : Read more
  57. L

    Good benchmark test???

    I have been trying to find a good program to run benchmarks on my new rig.
  58. cmptrdude79

    Multi-PC Folding Info

    Just wanted to create a place where people can show off the rigs they have folding. Personally, I have the following PCs folding 24/7: Rig 1: Primary Personal(see sig) - 9530 benchmark Rig 2: Backup - Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2185 w/1gig - 6316 benchmark Rig 3: Boss's Workstation - Athlon 64 3500+ -...
  59. G

    BenQ Joybook 3000

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops,comp.laptops (More info?) I have this BenQ laptop to repair. Shuts down at least once a day when the user is working on it. I have had it on the bench for over a day with no problem. User has another laptop, same model that had the same fault...
  60. A

    Questions about SETI benchmarks in THG reviews

    It was cool to see that THG started to use SETI as a benchmark:).But there isn't much info given about it. For instance how come the 2 P4 3GHz CPUs are so much faster than the other P4's?.AFAIK HT can't be accounting for it so what gives?. Anyone any ideas? Here's a thred I started about it...