best pc benchmark test?


Mar 7, 2013
So what benchmark programs are there out there to check how good your system peforms? i know there are some like heaven benchmark but does it gpu only or do it use like ram,cpu,gpu to give you a score how good your system peforme?

Tabris DarkPeace

Jul 3, 2013
The human factor is the best benchmark there is.

1) Benchmarks just time-demo, they don't measure the game play under load with keyboard, mouse, and inability to predict the right data to fetch more often than is realistic. (When time-demo's are run the game engine executes more streamlined code paths, and todays processors can pre-fetch what will be needed in advance and not get surprise pipeline stalls anywhere near as often (for example)).

2) If the framerate goes under 44fps to 48fps that is bad.

3) If you get micro-stuttering over 125fps (Vsync disabled, Gsync, or the like) then that is bad. Even if performance is 'high'.

4) You can still get irregular frame render times (fast/slow alternating frame render times, averaging high) at over 64fps for all sorts of reasons. (e.g. more than say 25% variance in every 2nd frame when it's running well... or appears to... until you start gaming and using the mouse at what is reported at > 64fps in game).

5) Other factors I haven't covered.

All that said, Futuremark / 3DMark products tends to predict 'future' game performance on previous, current and next gen GPU's rather well.

SiSoft SANDRA also has some good L2/L3 cache latency metrics (and lots of other stuff), which are oft overlooked in gaming benchmarks.

In all honesty though, any system with a true Windows Experience Index of 7.0 or greater for CPU, and 7.5 or better for RAM -with a modern video card with a 'max' score for the two graphics metrics- is probably a good system.

3D Mark is good as you can get a lot of variance between otherwise identical systems. It can really highly the small improvements that add up. (1.03 ^ 32 is a lot more than just +96% better, if you get my gist. So long as the improvements don't have overlapping performance gains).

SiSoft SANDRA is good for nutting out the reasons why.

Ever since the Z77 chip-set, today's systems are getting very close to each other in performance though; it is nowhere near as exciting in the hardware and benchmarking world as it used to be!


Mar 7, 2013

Thanks for all that information, in the windows one i have a score of 7,8 2 of the items are 7,8 whiel all other are at 7,9 max.

I just wanted somewhat some benchmark to know what other ppl have so i can compare and so, so thanks for all the information.

My spec:

cpu: amd fx-8350
mobo: asus m5a99x evo
ram: kingston 16gb 1333 mhz 4x4 gb sticks
gpu: Gigabyte radeon HD 7970 oc 1000 mhz
storage: 120 gb ssd 60x2 ocz and 1tb normal hdd
cooler: antec kuhler 620
case: fractal design core 3000
psu: 730w thermaltake SP-730AH2NH
optical drive: LG bluray station
fan controller: Lamptron Fan Controller FC5 V2
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