GL551JW max temperature, should be happy?


May 20, 2015
I have stress tested my laptop with FutureMark FireStrike (Demo), Intel XTU, and Heaven Benchmark. Monitored with hwinfo64. I'm new to stress and Benchmarking and wasn't sure if all this was needed.

I undervolted my i7-4720HQ by -25mV and reached 68-75c in Heaven Benchmark (extreme preset), while my gtx 960m was 71-75c. Ran Heaven Benchmark for about 15-18min. I stress test the cpu with XTU and ended up also running Heaven Benchmark (fell asleep for a min and forgot.), so I got cpu temperature 86-93c and gpu with 73-75c.

I then ran FutureMark FireStrike that have my cpu running at 84c and gpu at 75c again, finishing with a 3830 score. I read that gpu temperature 82c or higher are too hot a laptop. So I downloaded MSI Afterburner and worked my way up to +135 core clock and +300 memory clock and ran FireStrike again. I get 80-84c for the cpu and 68-75c for the gpu, finishing with a 4478 score.

Now I had the GL551JM before the GL551JW (which I got cheaper than the GL551JM, and thought I was getting a IPS screen with the revised model. I returned the old model to save me some money.). The GL551JM gpu ran a lot hotter than the one I have now. I'm I wrong in thinking that something might be up with my gtx 960m temperature? Even overclocked, it handles temperature well, I think. I'm not sure if 75c is the max temperature for this card or how to tell if it's throttling or that the sensors in hwinfo64 is right (used gpu-z also).

So I'm trying to ask is this normal for a gtx 960m to stop at 75 C, or at least seem like it is?

System specs:
OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
Processor: Intel Core i7-4720HQ
Ram: 16gb


May 20, 2015
I did more researching and find that my gpu temperature sensor is working as it should and that my previous laptop had a defected gpu or heatsink.

Sorry for the double post.
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