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  1. H

    Solved! Laptop overheating when idle and plugged in

    So I'm having this problem with my laptop (Eluktronics Mech-15 G2R) I use my laptop plugged in 99% of the time, so it's not a battery charging overheating thing. When I unplug the laptop, the temperature drops to 45C which keeps the fans inactive. However, when I plug it in the temp goes up to...
  2. D

    Question Crash + reboot cycle for a week

    Hello ! I've been having issues with my laptop Strix GL703 of one year since last week. I updated my driver with GeForce to GeForce Game Ready driver 441.66 and it started crashing randomly + reboot/crash/reboot/crash. Did all sort of scans, scanned for virus as well (I have Avast pro and...
  3. B

    Solved! My laptop thinks its temperatures are too high than they actually are

    Hi! So, i was watching YouTube when my laptop sudently started to lag and my cpu fan started to spin faster. I noticed that the CPU temperatures went too high for no reason. I use this laptop only to play League of Legens and watch YT. The problem is that when I touch the laptop it doesn't feel...
  4. N

    Solved! Asus x541uv-go1046 normal temperature and advice

    Hello!I am looking forward on buying one of those laptops but I am worrying about that ASUS laptops sometimes overheat,and they have short life.I need advice if I should buy this,or to get a brand new PS4.
  5. manasan3010

    Computer shutting down frequently

    I have an HPG62 laptop. The problem is when the computer is in idle, temperature is around 65°C - 75°C, when the CPU is in full overload the temperature is still pretty much the same with two or three Celsius different. But the laptop unexpectedly shuts down around this constant temperature with...
  6. R

    Fan speed on laptop

    Can you reduce cpu temperature on a laptop by fan speed control and if so, how much? Does it have any negative side effects? I'm thinking about installing a fan speed control software and making a profile for gaming, hoping that increased fan speeds will give me about 3-5'C less on my cpu. I...
  7. D

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 330 HIGH TEMP

    I got my Lenovo laptop yesterday and i think it has some heat issues,as idle temp is arund 40-50C which i think is ok but could be better but when i start CS:GO temps go up to 96 C while having cooling pad under laptop.... and lets be honest i think cs go aint that much of a game to push cpu...
  8. D

    Solved! Acer Predator Temp issues

    Hey guys! I have an Acer Predator 17 laptop that has served me few a few years now but recently has been having some serious issues with game crashes and hitching. I've tracked it back to the fact that its internals run WAY to hot at a fairly regular 80-100c when gaming. This goes for both CPU...
  9. K

    Solved! Screen Color Temperature

    My asus x551m will change color temperature? It will go from a warm color, it's normal color, to a blue-ish one randomly. How do I fix?
  10. S

    Solved! Is my laptop's temp while gaming high?

    Hi, I was looking at my laptop's temperature and I noticed that it gets quite hot while I'm playing games. The temp is around 50-60C (around 55C) while I'm browsing the web and it can get up to 88, 90, 92 and 93 C while I'm playing Just Cause 3. Is the temp ok or should I be worried? My Specs...
  11. G

    safe laptop temperature

    i have a helios 300 and when im playing need for speed the gpu temp hits about 82 degrees while the cpu tends to stay at 80 to 83 degrees is this normal or do i have to be concerned?? thank you
  12. R

    Solved! Undervolting - Am I doing it Wrong?

    Hello all, I just bought an Asus ROG Strix GL703GS Specs: I7-8750H, GeForce GTX 1070 As I've noticed these laptops get hot.. It runs everything wonderfully however on certain games it gets to 90+ after a little while. Nvidia say that the Gpu is safe up to 96 but I don't really believe them...
  13. A

    Laptop temperature shoot when plugged in

    Laptop specs: i5 8300H, 16 gb ddr4 ram, ssd + hdd, onboard Intel uhd 630/ gtx 1060 dedicated gpu Since a couple of days, my laptop temperatures instantly go up by 20-25C on idle as soon as the charger is plugged in. There's literally no load or processing going on, being around 40C at idle on...
  14. O

    Toshiba L20 BIOS modification (annoying fan behaviour)

    Hello, I have sort of unusual problem. Some time ago I got my hands on really old Toshiba laptop. After cleaning it from dust, changing thermal paste I upgraded the RAM to maximal 2 GB and HDD to 80, installed Windows 7 and it seemed to work fine (it even found driver that supported...
  15. C

    Laptop at 118 degres Celcius

    PC with AsusTek Micro H81M-K motherboard has a temperature of 119 ºC. That is pretty hot. I am looking at purchasing this used PC and I wonder about the temperature of the motherboard. What should the temperature of a laptop motherboard? should I purchased ? CPU : Intel Core i3 4170 @ 3.70 GHz...
  16. M

    Solved! Lenovo Y50-70 Temp problem

    Hello My problem is high temperature while gaming on my Lenovo Y50-70. My sys tem consists of: i5 4210H 2.90GHz 8GB Ram intel HD graphics 4600 Samsung SSD850 EVO nvidia GTX 960M I went to the intel extreme util. to monitor my performance and temperature while playing Hunt: Showdown because I...
  17. D

    Asus Vivobook S14 heating issue. Is this temperature normal?

    I recently bought a Asus vivobook s14 s406u https://www.asus.com/in/Laptops/ASUS-VivoBook-S14-S406UA/overview/ The specs are : Cpu- i5 8250u Ram- 8gb ddr3 Ssd-256gb sata 3 Gpu-intel uhd 620 Under idle it never crosses 45C. But under load it reaches temperatures upto 95C. And by load i mean a...
  18. L

    High temperature ( ASUS zenbook pro 15 550ge laptop)

    I recently bought a ASUS Zenbook pro 15 550GE laptop .I expected that it would be good for gaming as it is equipped with a 1050Ti graphic card, but sometimes it will just get too hot and the cpu temp can even hit 96 degree celsius. So it is normal for a new laptop ?? I am really confused and...
  19. L

    AMD Radeon HD 6470m max 93c when playing CS:GO

    AMD Radeon HD 6470m max 93c when playing CS:GO.I play the game at least 1-4h a day. I've played that game for a week. Is it safe to play at that high temperature? Can you tell me what is the max safe temperature for this GPU? My laptop is HP Elitebook 8560p.
  20. K

    Laptop temperature to high?

    Hi, I have a laptop with a amd fx 9830p apu and a rx460 discrete graphics card. When playing doom 2016 temperatures on apu goes to 79c for CPU and 84c for r7 graphics, rx460 temp is 74c Will the apu temps hurt my laptop?
  21. C

    Does it show Celsius? It's what the world uses!

    The only country in the whole world that still uses Fahrenheit is the United States. Most of Tom's audience is, of course, in the US. But many people who are not in the US would like to know if products showing temperature will also show the data in Celsius. I live in Canada and we've used...
  22. Z

    Crazy temps (85c idle!)

    Hey everyone! My asus k53sc has been showing crazy temps, ~80c idle (cpu & mobo), ~70 idle (gpu). As far as I know, 80c idle is even hotter than it should be under load. Under load it hits 99c and won't go higher (doesn't even shut down like it should!). I've replaced the thermal paste with some...
  23. K

    Need Real Information for asus s510UF

    I bought asus vivobook s510uf 1week ago. My Laptop Configuration is Intel core i3 8th gen, and gpu is MX130 my Question is when I start a game Temperature of this laptop gets too high (as a I think) temp get up to 80℃ and Maximum 85℃. is it normal?? Im a new User. and I dont know what is the...
  24. B

    Solved! Razer Blade 15 hitting 100 degrees Celsius

    This laptop is beautiful, and runs beyond my wildest dreams. But the CPU runs way too hot. It hits around 85 celsius max in stress tests, but in video games it's a lot worse. I run this thing with a laptop cooler, and the CPU hit 100 Celsius during a match of Dota (the whole session lasted an...
  25. F

    Abnormal SSD temperature in my laptop

    Just installed a new SSD(M.2 Type, SATA) in my laptop(Acer Nitro 5). Used Speedfan to check the temperature. This SSD seems to show an abnormal temperature. What could be the possibility of this problem?
  26. H

    CPU throttling at 88% during idle 2% usage

    Hi, so my laptop is an Acer Aspire V5 471G Specs: processor: i5-3317U ram: 4gb I noticed that my laptop fans were loud when i just turned my laptop on and no programs are running yet. I checked in the task manager and the background cpu usage only showed 2%. Other than that, the bottom of the...
  27. A

    What are safe temperatures for a HP Omen Gaming Laptop?

    I am often confused and worried about my computers health, my cpu normally sits around 70-90 degrees celsius while gaming and my gpu is in the 60s while gaming. Please help.
  28. A

    are my laptop temperatures high?

    I bought new laptop (inspiron 7577) and the temps when gaming are high. it's summer and temperature outside is always between 25C (77F) and 31 (89F) in Gta V, Cpu temps reach 80-90C (194F) and in less demanding games around 75C-80C is it normal for the laptop to have such temps? I use exterior...
  29. C

    GTX 1070 low usage, low temperature, won't overclock

    I have a HP Omen 17 with the following specs: HP Omen 17-an005f i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 8GB DDR4 2400mhz I have set to 'Maximum Performance' mode on Nvidia's control panel, my Windows power plan settings are on 'High Performance', and my laptop is plugged in. I have disappointingly low...
  30. T

    GPU hot but... not doing anything heavy - crypto scam???

    Radeon 290 idle temerature @ 75°Celsius. The gpu does nothing but a few web pages opened. I have 2 Radeon 290 Sapphire cards on a pc. The ambient temperature is around 25°C. I think this is not a normal temperature of a gpu doing nothing??? I have an antivirus ESET smart security premium. How...
  31. H

    What is the maximum temperature of the Xeon E5 2687W?

    Hi. On Intel's site (https://ark.intel.com/products/64582/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2687W-20M-Cache-3_10-GHz-8_00-GTs-Intel-QPI) it says that the maximum 'T-case' temperature is 67 degrees C for the Xeon E5 2687W, is that really the maximum temperature for this cpu as it seems extremely low and...
  32. H

    Laptop sleeps when playing high fps games

    My laptops sleeps even though i judt opened it. It will stop after a few minutes then it will comeback when I am high fps games like dota2. Ive also check my temperature but my max temperature is only 60 C. I tried playing without my battery but still same outcome. My laptop specs are Q500...
  33. C

    would using additional monitor increase the temperature of the GPU by a lot?

    I have a ROG G750jx laptop and using a 21" external monitor simultaneously for editing. would the additional monitor greatly affect the temperature of the GPU?
  34. P

    Comfortable PC headset for hot climate?

    Hi, I live in a hell environment where the average temperature in summer is in the ~90F (~30c). I have a headset that pushes hard on my ears and with the hot weather causes some sweat around my ears. I was interested in buying a headset mainly for gaming (and for movies) and was looking at the...
  35. S

    Best Laptop Cooling Pad

    I have a feeling that my laptop is over heating and I'd like to buy a laptop cooling pad but i dont know which one is the best and which one is worth the money. My laptop is: https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-GL702VM/ My CPU temperature is almost always about 70C My GPU temperature is...
  36. C

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop Shutting Down in Games

    Hello all, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop with 1050 Ti, and I have a problem. When I try to play games, such as COD Advanced Warfare, Fortnite etc. my laptop just switches off automatically. I've tried a few things such as: -Monitor temps using MSI Afterburner: Temperature for...
  37. W

    is 76'c normal for gaming (fortnite)

    I have i3 cpu in my laptop and it temperature rises up to 90 degrees when I play fortnite battle royale.. I checked background programs, everthing seems fine. I played before ac games (before unity) or other low requirements pc games but for the first time I see that the temperature so high...
  38. L

    Toshiba L50-B-1FD temperature 100c

    Hi guys i have Toshiba L50-b-1FD Core i5-4200U AMD R7 M260 SSD Samsung EVO 850 i have a problem with my laptop my minimum temps is 44c WHen gaming or benchmark around 98C or higher about 100c and 102c i'v tried to clean the CPU fan and it's heatsink and the same issue the strange thing is...
  39. S

    How To Increase or Decrease MacBook Pro Fan Speed

    The temperature of your MacBook depends greatly on its processing and usage. At times, your processor’s temperature can become very high, which may cause trouble while working. This might be due to the slow speed of your system’s fan. If your MacBook is facing similar issues, you can modify and...
  40. A

    Solved! Temperature question on laptops

    Well, i have the Asus FX553VE gaming laptop, and the CPU is i7-7700HQ. whenever i play a game i sometimes get 87-91C on my CPU temp. is this okay? i have a new cooling pad, and the CPU sometimes cools down fast because of it. sooo, is 87-91C CPU temp safe?
  41. I

    The Dash body temperature

    Hi there! Can you please explain to me how to rate the body temperature as there is no such an option in The Bragi App and on the support of the Bragi page.
  42. M

    Software to control fan speed based on temperature of CPU & GPU

    Hi All, I'm looking for a program that can control each fan's speed (fan curve) on my mainboard based on temperature (CPU, GPU accordingly). I've already tried Speedfan but after installed, no fan was recognized and CPU's temperature is wrong. I also to set it up in BIOS but my mainboard can...
  43. W

    High laptop CPU temperature

    hi! i have recentle bought hp omen 15 with gtx 1050 and i5 7300hq. i am worried about cpu temp while gaming. in games likr division and vermintide 2 cpu temp can reach 80-85C. is this temp normal for my laptop? thanks
  44. M

    Really High temps (GPU+CPU) for a Metabox N150RD

    Spec: CPU: i7 6700hq 2.60Ghz GPU: gtx960m 2gb Storage: Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 250gb and Hitachi 1tb HDD Ram: 16gb DDR3 Alright so this laptop is pretty old estimated 2-3 years but recently I have noticed that the temperatures have been higher than I would like it to be. While idle it is...
  45. D

    cpu high temp

    i have dell inspiron 7567 with i5 -7300HQ and while browsing it's temp floats between 50-60 degre, is this normal?
  46. R

    Laptop temperature issue

    Hello. My laptop configuration is i5 3210m (ivy bridge) processor with Intel HD graphics. Idle temperature remains around 40-45°c and While browsing in firefox or chrome the temperature hover around 65°c. Is it normal or higher? Or should I consider a new thermal paste ? Thanks.
  47. T

    Gaming laptop temperature

    Hi everyone. So recently I bought an Alienware 15 r3 with i7 7700hq and gtx 1070. I tried OCCT stress test for 20 min and the max CPU temperature was 78c (kinda good I guess) but the problem arises when I do normal tasks. The laptop starts at room temperature and slowly increases to average of...
  48. O

    New laptop’s temperatures

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 7577 with i7 7700hq and 1060 max q a coupe of weeks ago. I tried playing demo of Final fantasy XV (high settings) and noticed that the laptop gets really hot to touch (the part under the screen). Using MSI afterburner I found out that the cpu’s temperature was 82-88c and...
  49. P

    90% Performance drop in games and benchmarks

    Hi, Over the past month the performance in all games has went from a stable 50-60fps, to a maximum of 6-7fps. The games became increasingly worse in fps with more frame rate drops occurring. Now all games are unplayable and I still only get 6-7fps in the lobby of games such as overwatch or...
  50. 0

    i7 5500u getting 100 degrees celsius hot!

    Hey, I've been playing modded kerbal space program on my laptop with few graphical mods. My gpu bottlenecks my cpu all the time so the cpu is running at around 70% having it work at this level for an extended period of time made my cpu average a temperature of 100 Celcius all the time...
  51. K

    Solved! Charger Port Reaching Extreme Temperature

    Hello everyone i have had this laptop for the past two years now and I've never had a problem till just recently. I've noticed that only the charger port area of my laptop has been getting hotter and that the rest of my laptop remained regular temperature. One day i smelt plastic burning and...
  52. P

    Solved! Laptop is clean but high temp

    Hello, can i please get some help here, see, my laptop (Acer Predator 17 G9-792) has a high temperature while gaming, and I even cleaned the dusk a couple of times today..with a hair dryer.. xD and all the options and battery options are set to performance. Details: Temperature: CPU: 30-40...
  53. G

    Battery "connected but not charging" after temperature spike

    My laptop (Avell B155 Fire V3) was accidentally transported while turned on. After noticing it was still on in the backpack it was immediately powered off (it was working "normally" from the battery at the time). About 20 minutes later when turned on again the battery icon was empty and it shows...
  54. A

    Solved! Laptop shutting down unexpectedly

    I have an old HP DV7-4295us laptop that still does it's job pretty well... mostly. I recently had to buy a new battery, since the original one stopped holding any charge and the laptop had to be plugged in all the time. Since this laptop is 6 or 7 years old, I couldn't find an original battery...
  55. F

    Dell Inspiron 7577 - Temperatures and Windows.old

    Hello, i would like to know opinions about my Dell Inspiron 7577/i7-7700HQ/GTX1060 max-q temperatures. Is it right or its too warm? Maximum is under CINEBECH test, and current on idle. I have one more problem, becasue on disk C i got Windows.old and Windows10Upgrade folder. What does it mean...
  56. Greyfalcon

    Laptop shows CPU temperature 100℃ even though it doesnt feel hot at all when touched!!

    Hi! Recently I had RMA'd my laptop and they replaced my keyboard, hdd and motherboard. But since then my laptop shuts down anytime I open any software or run almost ANYTHING! When I checked my cpu temp with HWinfo it showed around 60-70℃ at idle and the moment I run anything the temperature...
  57. R

    Lag In games

    I have a big lag in games like CSGO,ETS2...etc. I play at 1280x720 at low settings and temperature is normal 50-60. My laptop : CPU: Intel Core i3-5005U 2.0GHz GPU :NVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB RAM : Memorie DDR3L 4GB, 1600 MHz Windows: Windows 7 Professional x64 HDD : 1TB 5400 RPM 64MB SATA-III I...
  58. A

    Gaming laptop cpu temperature always higher than gpu temperature

    I just played total war warhammer 2 for about an hour, the max gpu temperature was 63°C and max cpu temperature was 78°C. I only played on the campaign map by the way and the temperature wasn't at 78 constantly. Is there something off here? It's like this every game I play, cpu temperature is...
  59. A

    Is 60°C idle temperature normal for AMD A8 Laptop?

    I have been using a lenovo laptop g40-45 for roughly 3 years. It has an AMD A8 APU and AMD radeon R5 GPU. But the thing is, everytime i turned on the laptop, it always reached out 60°C when idle. Even reached 70°C when i'm using it to code (chrome, atom, cmd). I haven't cleaned the vent and the...
  60. L

    Laptop overheating no matter what

    Hello, first of all I would like to thank everyone that takes the time to answer here, since it's my first post. I have an overheating problem with my laptop, which I own about 4 years. It started last summer, when I noticed a general performance drop and my palm getting hotter than usual. I...