Question Crash + reboot cycle for a week

Jan 5, 2020
Hello !

I've been having issues with my laptop Strix GL703 of one year since last week. I updated my driver with GeForce to GeForce Game Ready driver 441.66 and it started crashing randomly + reboot/crash/reboot/crash. Did all sort of scans, scanned for virus as well (I have Avast pro and Malware bytes pro so I don't think it's a malware issue) and everything came back clean. The crashes happened even when I was not doing anything like reading articles. I rolled back my drivers to an older one and the crashes stopped for about a week. I thought that was it but then it crashed again today.

I'm not sure if it's the same issues as what I thought was my updated drivers or it's an overheating issue. I was playing a game for about 5 hours before it crashed and did thought about 10 min prior to the crash that my laptop was very hot at the touch. Fans seems to be working though. I've been monitoring my GPU and CPU temperature : GPU seems fine and staying around 40 when under load and in game at around 70 but CPU is all over the place. It can jump at 95 even under load. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the temperature before it crashed but I could guess that after 5 hours of gaming it could have been at around 90+.

Here's some other informations :
CPU : Inter(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.2FHz 2.21 GHz
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
RAM installed : 16 Go

I'm not sure if this crash was because of the heat or because of another problem (which could be the same problem that I had a week ago, but since it hasn't crashed at all for a week after the roll back I'm not sure...). The crashing are the same : it crashed then reboot and crashes again when I try to enter my password. After a while it let me use the computer again without crashing.

Thanks for the help :(
use ddu uninstaller to remove all graphics drivers (intel and nvida) and reinstall the latest graphics drivers from the laptop manufacturer´s homepage.

Some laptops don´t like the drivers from the GPU chip manufacturer´s

Eventually update the BIOS of the the laptop as well (update within BIOS not in windows)