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  1. C

    Question HP EliteBook won't let me update BIOS and doing weird things on boot.

    I recently bought an HP EliteBook x360 830 G7 (second hand, probably thats part of the problem) and it's working flawlessly when windows has started up but before that is doing really weird things... On boot it shows the messages: warning: Your system is not fully configured. Please contact HP...
  2. ftothn

    Solved! Toshiba satellite L850-1P2 laptop boot problem

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L850-1P2 laptop. I broke the screen accidentally and I sent it to a laptop service. After I got my computer I turned it on and my screen was black and there was a little white line on the left top of the screen. The screen sometimes turs completely black, and...
  3. D

    Question Crash + reboot cycle for a week

    Hello ! I've been having issues with my laptop Strix GL703 of one year since last week. I updated my driver with GeForce to GeForce Game Ready driver 441.66 and it started crashing randomly + reboot/crash/reboot/crash. Did all sort of scans, scanned for virus as well (I have Avast pro and...
  4. G

    Solved! My VHS/DVD Combi keeps randomly turning off and restarting

    I am needing help with regards to my Digilogic VHS/DVD Combi Player. It would switch off while watching/recording VHS es and DVDs. This happens quite frequently and frankly it's really annoying, especially when watching a movie. I have a JVC Smart T.V. and I am wondering if that is the cause...
  5. M

    MSI laptop gets to the boot screen and doesn't load, shuts down after 15 seconds.

    I have a MSI laptop and yesterday after going to the movies I tried starting up my laptop again and it got the the boot screen, where i see the logo of MSI but it doesn't load. Fans start and maybe 15 seconds later it all powers down. About 1 or 2 weeks ago I installed windows 10 (Not sure if...
  6. A

    How to reboot my Acer ES1-431 without display or connected display

    My display cracked and i connect my laptop to a monitor via hdmi. Suddenly, my son had it unconnected and the screen went blue. But the cursor seems to be operating ( as it sometimes appear behind the cracks). Now, i couldn't connect to any display unit. i need to reboot so that the display...
  7. dfk

    wierd problem, Asus G751JT randomly reboots to BIOS

    hi, I have a Asus G751JT, sometimes like once or twice a month it will reboot randomly in the middle of idling or anything and go to the BIOS. I checked the system was not overheating (it was idling). Any ideas what is causing this? I'm on Windows 10. Thanks.
  8. R

    reboot and select a proper boot device error win10

    Hey. Since i download a (expletive) program, i get alot of errors, my computer was restarting alone, crash without any reason, and yesterday, the computer just crashed and when i restart i got the famous and annoying message "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device".... Things i already do to fix...
  9. M

    Laptop freezes, reboot, stuck in BIOS

    Hi, since a few weeks, I experience issues with my mobile Workstation Laptop (HP EliteBook 8560w). Those usually do not even have to be when the system is running hot. Examples would be surfing the web or looking for a file using Windows Explorer. There are five cases that happen: 1. Display...
  10. T

    Laptop not loading windows

    I press alt and f10 starts to load files, windows starts up then acer erecovery management screen pops up then it says please
  11. S

    Batch script restart timer

    i've been searching for days now, can't find it anywhere. Im looking for a way to reboot the computer using a batch script but with a timer which is set by the user. so if the user wants to reboot the computer in 5 minutes, the script should do that. (sorry for the poor english.)
  12. N

    HTMLayout.dll missing - AVG won't install

    Hello! I wanted to install AVG Free antivirus. Mid-installation, it asked me to reboot. After rebooting, though, it couln't continue installing because HTMLayout.dll was missing. I've two options - fix my missing *.dll file or stop AVG from trying to install every time I reboot my PC. In the...
  13. T

    Rooting Moto G

    So I followed this video to unlock the bootloader and to root my phone: Everything went fine, I unlocked my phone and then proceeded to root the system. The last step in the video described how to use the superboot batch file. After doing this the...