Jan 31, 2018
I have an old HP DV7-4295us laptop that still does it's job pretty well... mostly.
I recently had to buy a new battery, since the original one stopped holding any charge and the laptop had to be plugged in all the time. Since this laptop is 6 or 7 years old, I couldn't find an original battery and had to buy a generic one.
Since I have this new battery, the laptop shuts down unexpectedly while being used while on battery. I mean, if I leave it overnight on battery (configured not to sleep or dim the display), without using it, it reaches 5% battery and Windows hibernates perfectly. But, if I'm using it on battery, sometimes I hear the fan speed up and then the laptop shuts down, with battery at 60, 70 even 80%. That has never happened when plugged it. I've been monitoring core temperatures and it's always somewhere between 74ºC and 97ºC. I haven't been able to tell exactly how hot it is when it shuts down.
I changed this laptop CPU fan about 3 years ago. When the previous fan started to fail, I remember it showed a blue screen of death telling that the computer shut down to prevent damages because the fan was malfunctioning. I've never got that screen again.
BTW, I'm still running Windows 7.

Any ideas or recommendations will be appreciated. Maybe some ideas on how to monitor hardware at shutdown?

Best regards