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  1. S

    are my gaming laptop cpu/gpu temperatures too hot?

    i recently bought a new laptop Hp omen 15 ce501tx, i was wondering if my temperatures are normal, here are the specs - CPU: intel i7 7700HQ @2.8ghz turbo 3.8ghz - GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti 4gb vram - RAM 16GB DDR4 ----------------- CPU Termperature analysis: -- IDLE: 40-50°C -- BROWSING...
  2. A

    Solved! Laptop shutting down unexpectedly

    I have an old HP DV7-4295us laptop that still does it's job pretty well... mostly. I recently had to buy a new battery, since the original one stopped holding any charge and the laptop had to be plugged in all the time. Since this laptop is 6 or 7 years old, I couldn't find an original battery...
  3. M

    needed a program to shut down my laptop automatically when gpu overheats

    is there any alternative for core temp for gpus, that provides protection for overheating, like to put my laptop in sleep or shuts it down, when temp exceeds certain limit?? the reason is that i have a problem appeared recently, that my screen surprisingly goes fuzzy for few secs, then this...
  4. A

    PC Temperature Monitor?

    Hello! This is my first time posting on this forum so I am unsure of where a post like this would be submitted. I was wondering if there is any good program that displays temperatures for the CPU and GPU that is a widget on my desktop. I was suggested advanced systemcare but I do not really like...
  5. S

    Laptop CPU (i7 6700HQ) reaching 100 degrees! What should i do

    I own a Dell Inspiron 7559 i7. Recently i decided to bench it. I noticed that it reachces 100 degrees. It doent even thermal throttle.
  6. T

    Best language for hardware monitoring software

    I'm doing a computer science A level in school and our coursework is to create a programming project of our choice. I've decided I would like to try and create a hardware monitoring software similar to msi afterburner or nzxt cam. I was wandering which language would be best for something like...
  7. A

    Best temperature monitor

    Hi i was just wondering what is the best program to use when it comes when to monitoring your temps, and if you could also provide a download link that would be great. Thanks,
  8. Y

    FPS Drop on Acer V5 471-G

    Hi guys So I had this laptop for almost 4 years (Bought this on around 2012) It all started on the second year, my laptop is having a virtual memory error (it's been too long and it never happened again so I don't really remember) then after that my FPS on game started to drop. I tried...
  9. S

    MSI Afterburner bug?

    Hello, I want to monitor my framerate. vram/ram usage, core usage, temps but I only get to see iGPU usage and framerate, I can't see anything else. I've reinstalled msi afterburner and rivatuner but still no difference even though I have everything ticked in msi afterburner. I thought this was...
  10. P

    Laptop instantly shuts off as if overheating despite normal temperatures.

    So my laptop is pretty old and has recently been overheating on pretty much every game. I know all the common issues being thermal paste/fans not working/dust buildup. I clear it of dust buildup regularly, it's like new in that regard. I replaced the main fan not too long ago and it's working...
  11. M

    Acer aspire laptop

    I do not know what is wrong with my laptops but when I watch TV shows I have downloaded like say (King of The Hill) (American Dad) (Family Guy) (That 70s Show) and a bunch more. My laptop won't shut off unexpectedly, but if I watch a movie like (Fast 7) (Get Hard) and a bunch bunch more, my...
  12. Sudiir12345

    GPU temps up to 85 C!!! is is good or not? - Lenovo G510 - AMD Radeon R7 - Intel i7 4700mq

    I have a Lenovo G510 mid ranged gaming laptop Specs: i7 4700mq 6 GB ram 1 TB HDD AMD Radeon R7 m265 Intel HD graphics I used MSI afterburner to record my GPU and CPU temp while gaming and i came across this: GPU temps NFS most wanted 2012 : 85 C ( after 15 minutes o f gaming) GTA 5 : 66...
  13. R

    Random fps drop/freeze to 3 fps while gaming

    Recently I bought my Lenovo y700 15 inch gaming laptop (Nvidia GTX 960m). I've been noticing random freezes for a split second every now and then while gaming (in couple of games). This occurs even in a low demanding game like Feeding Frenzy 2. I installed afterburner to check up on temp and...
  14. sammy sung

    Creating Flash Drive Multi Tool

    I'm trying to compile a list of various programs/utilities for computer diagnostics & repair. My aim is to create an "immune tools". Basically what I have so far is Don't Sleep: Utility that prevents the PC from going to sleep HDTune: For checking health status of an HDD/SSD. Get power on...
  15. T

    ASUS AI Suite 3 tracking GPU tempuratues

    Hi, I recently changed my GPU from an ASUS GTX 970 Strix to a Palit GTX 980 Ti Jetstream. Before the change, I was able to view the GPUs (970) temperature in the ASUS AI Suite 3. After the change, the only temperatures I can monitor are the CPU, VRM and Motherboard. Is there anyway to enable...
  16. S

    temperature monitoring free app on os x?

    that support macbook pro retina 2015. need urgently and wasn't able to find valid free download.
  17. M

    PC Temperature Monitor Recommendations

    I wanted a program to monitor my PC temperatures and I many people said that HWMonitor was a good one to use. My questions would be, is HWMonitor a safe malware free program? Does it have any hidden features that will mess up my computer? Is it reliable and accurate? Are there any better...
  18. dgbkiller

    Is 82deg c Max Load CPU temperature okay??

    My configuration: HP Pavilion G6 2313ax, AMD A10-4600m Quad 3.2GHz Turbo AMD HD 7660G (512MB)+AMD HD 7670m (2GB) Dual Graphics 6GB DDR3 1600MHZ RAM Also have a cooler master Notepal L1 laptop cooler. Usage: 2 to 4 hours on somedays and mostly awitched off on others. So i was playing some heavy...
  19. EagleDesignInc

    System/CPU & GPU Temperature Monitor

    Looking for an app to monitor the system, CPU and GPU temperatures. Something like SpeedFan but with a nice graphics interface, like a widget that will be on the desktop at all times. I have tried Rainmeter with many skins, but so far haven't found a simple one that will just monitor the...
  20. nsaylor95

    Best Free Temperature Monitoring Software for CPU and GPU

    It's all in the title. I'm just looking for reliable and accurate programs to monitor temperatures in my computer.
  21. T

    Monitoring CPU temps using MSI Afterburner?

    This may very well be a noob question, but I'm a bit confused in this part: http://i.imgur.com/Wugy5T6.png There are 8 "Cpu" temperatures that I can monitor and I'm guessing those are cores right? So if I have an I7 4770(non K) How many of those graphs do I need to select so I can monitor all...
  22. W

    Recommended New Build Applications

    So I just built my first computer, and I was wondering if there are certain applications people would recommend I download that would be beneficial to me. Below are my current specs. OS: Windows 8.1 CPU: i7-4770k 4.4 Ghz MB: Asus Maximus VII Hero GPU: EVGA 780ti Classified Ram: 16GB Corsair...
  23. AGove4123Sonnnnn

    120° CPU!? Who wants scrambled eggs?

    Hey hardware buffs! I have an HP Pavillion M6, I know HP's laptops are known to run hot, but Speedfan and Cpuid are both showing a CPU temp in the realm of 120° C and a similarly ridiculous MoBo temp. My computer runs OK, but under any stress kicks off immediately and comes back with a BSOD...
  24. M

    Laptop powering off

    I have a laptop that is powering off under load. Both fans are currently working. I downloaded realtemp and prime95 to test. Prime95 almost immediately causes it to power off, however, I was able to run the speedfan test using prime95 without any problems. Right before it powers off one (or...
  25. I

    Is Everest an 'accurate' Hardware Temperature Monitor?

    I'm having a hard time to believe in the EVEREST Ultimate Edition Temperature readings, 'cause the Computer/Sensor is telling me my CPU is 52 or 54 Celsius, when the CPU Fan is running at mere 3000 rpm, tops. I'd like to read what people have to say before open it and change the thermal paste...
  26. N

    CPU/GPU/HDD temperature monitor for taskbar

    So I recently built my first computer (yay! :D) and I am concerned with keeping the temperature of everything in check. Do you guys know of any software that will monitor my CPU, GPU, and HDD temp and will also be able to be pinned to the taskbar of windows 7 (64 bit)? I've tried several and...
  27. JEGuitarist

    HP 1365dx runs HOT!

    So, I bought the 1365dx about a year ago (refurbished to save a good $100) and the fans never seemed to run as fast as they should...they ran but never seemed to kick "into high gear" when things started getting warm. So I currently have a cooling fan, but it still doesn't get the job done. I'm...
  28. B

    Reliable temperature monitor for CPU and GPU

    Hello, Could someone tell me a reliable software to tell me the temperature of my GPU and CPU, and if possible other components of my laptop? The GPU is a radeon HD 6770m and the CPU a core i7 2630qm. Thanks
  29. R

    Best/reliable free program for CPU temperature monitoring?

    Can anyone recommend reliable software to see if my computer is running at the right temperature?
  30. I

    Best temperature monitor ?

    Not sure if this is the right section, what's th best program to monitor the temperature of your computer? I'm running windows 7 64bit.
  31. truegenius

    Power calculating software

    softwares that can calculate power consumption at realtime (just like temperature monitoring tools), is they exists?
  32. F

    Logitech g510

    how in the world do yu add apps to the lcd...i jus want aida64 or a temp monitoring for my lcd and have no idea how to do it...tried support at logitech and they are of no help ...just giving me a runaround...how do i add a temperature monitor to my g510 lcd...thanks and help is needed.
  33. K

    Temperature Monitor That Monitors Both CPU and GPU?

    I have speedfan, but it doesn't monitor the gpu. Can you guys suggest a good program that does both. Thank You
  34. T

    'Accurate' Hardware Temperature Monitor?

    Hey gang, I just recently put together a new gaming rig and I was wondering what everyone was using to monitor their hardware temperatures. Quick Google searches point to Everest, PC Wizard and Speedfan, but correct me if I'm wrong, all of these are outdated? System: I7 930 Gigabyte 5970...
  35. W

    GPU Temperature Monitor Missing

    Hello..., I'm having a new experince where the GPU temperature monitor is missing after installing Nvidia new driver 190.62, it doesn't appear on the EVGA precision tuning 1.8, Nvidia System Tools, and also RivaTuner. The old driver 186.18 has no such a problem with the temp monitor. Does...
  36. G

    XPS m1530 Temperature Monitor

    what's a good program to monitor temperatures on my new Dell XPS m1530?
  37. G

    Temperature Monitoring Software

    Are there any SDK's for any Hardware Monitoring applications available?
  38. S

    Best/reliable free program for CPU temperature monitoring?

    I want to know if there is a good software that can detect--fairly precisely--a temperature of a CPU, because frankly, I don't know if I can trust nVidia's hardware monitoring software that's downloadable from their site... It says my CPU is 56-58 Celsius, and I want to know my temperature for...
  39. ElMoIsEviL

    VISTA Temperature Monitoring Software???!

    :?: Anyone know if there's a Temperature Monitorin software for Windows VISTA? Thanks.
  40. G

    Need CPU-temperature monitoring software that runs in DOS/..

    Archived from groups: comp.arch,comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.chips,comp.sys.intel,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Does anyone know of a cpu-temperature monitoring program that runs under DOS, or is part of a boot-time suite of apps? I want to monitor cpu temperature on a system with no OS installed...