GPU temps up to 85 C!!! is is good or not? - Lenovo G510 - AMD Radeon R7 - Intel i7 4700mq


Mar 3, 2016
I have a Lenovo G510 mid ranged gaming laptop

i7 4700mq
6 GB ram
AMD Radeon R7 m265
Intel HD graphics

I used MSI afterburner to record my GPU and CPU temp while gaming and i came across this:

GPU temps

NFS most wanted 2012 : 85 C ( after 15 minutes o f gaming)
GTA 5 : 66 C ( after 15 minutes of gaming)

CPU temps
NFS: between 60-70 C
GTA 5 : between 60-70 C.

When I first opened GTA 5 and started playing I got squares (granules) while playing and after some research it became normal (I turned the Direct X from 11.0 to 10.0).
Maximum vRAM usage for GTA 5 is around 1200 MB.

In switchable graphics i selected high performance for both the games. I took these reading in the same places. I do not have a external CPU fan. Are these temps good or not? If they are not good what should i do to improve this.

Thanks in advance.


Mar 3, 2016
Okay I will. Thanks laptop nerd.

And I want to know about my CPU temps.

Because my laptops OS recovery partition recently got corrupted which made me to install pirated version from an authorized service center. They installed all the Microsoft version drivers and my direct x was v4. and my AMD driver was also provided my Microsoft. I had to upgrade both to play these games. Is there any way to upgrade all of my drivers to their latest version?

I also wanted to know that whether I should use any external CPU cooler pad or something. I currently use Norton Antivirus. When I was browsing the web suddenly I got a error stating driver irql_not_less_or_equal. When I searched the internet it stated that Norton causes these problems. What antivirus program should I use? I am planning to install Kaspersky which has some good review in the internet.
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