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    Solved! Can't run Direct 9 games, D3DX9_40.DLL is missing, I've done multiple installer, I've done the Direct X installer and failed

    I wanted to play Gmod, after getting a new laptop. D3DX9_40.DLL is missing it says. I've downloaded it and put it in the files and it says it's still missing. I've done the installer in the June 2010 file and it says Installation failed. I did another Direct X Updater and that also failed. I did...
  2. D

    Gpu not being used after deleted directx shader cache

    I deleted my directx shader cache and afterward my computer started using Intel hd graphics instead of my Nvidia geforce GTX 1050 ti. Any fixes?
  3. S

    can i run directx 10 to up in my pentium(R) Duel core cpu E5700 @ 3.00GHz

    can i run directx 10 to up in my pentium(R) Duel core cpu E5700 @ 3.00GHz
  4. S

    error in installing fifa 18 in dell 3576

    i have dell 3576 i5 8th generation and i was tryinfg to install fifa 18 but it always says direct x error and graphic card err
  5. K

    Directx diagnostics tool - something doesn't add up..

    Hello, I've bought a laptop (Asus x510UQ) and I took this one because it has an "Nvidia Geforce 940MX". was thinking it would be nice for gaming, even at low resultion or such (as long as it would be able to run them). I've bought Asus Screen (PG258Q) which should have the option to transmit at...
  6. P

    ConvertX2DVD and other video converting software.

    I have recently got a new (as in new to me) system which is abut 5 - 7 years newer that my older machine. My 'New' Machine is an ASUS ET2012AUTB - E1800, running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, 6gb Ram, Processor AMD E2-1800 APU with RADEON HD Graphics (2 CPU's), - 1.7GHz. My Older machine was a...
  7. L

    Unity games requiring DX11 only run on integrated graphics

    Been struggling with this for a few days now. Games that use the Unity engine do not work when set to use my GTX 970m. But they will run if I set them to use the integrated graphics card. When I start the games they seem to start and the audio plays but nothing happens video-wise (no black...
  8. zkharya

    Do I need a new DirectX 11-compatible graphics card for upgraded HP Probook 4520?

    Hi, I recently upgraded my HP Probook 4520, Core I3, to Windows 10, but when I try to play Alien Isolation, it says 'fatal error: no graphics card supporting directx 11 detected'. Do I need to install a new card, and could anyone please suggest some candidates? Thank you, z
  9. Lutfij

    How To Enhance Gaming Efficiency On Your Laptop

    With latest breakthroughs in lithography and performance numbers packed into a small die, it’s not unusual to come across a laptop that might seem like an ultrabook but in essence it’s capable of delivering some good visuals when gaming. This tutorial will show you how to improve your gaming...
  10. S

    i am not able to play games on my hp ay503tx .they aren't running showing error every time

    i am not able to play games on my hp ay503tx .they aren't running showing error every time. it is demanding directx while the directx is preinstalled.
  11. A

    How to install older OS on Windows 10 PC

    I just bought a new ASUS F555L with Windows 10. I want to play older PC games that need to run DirectX 7, which is not compatible with Windows 10. Is there any way to have a dual-boot of Windows 10 and 7 or Vista?
  12. E

    Sony Vegas Pro 15 stuck on "Initalizing DirectX plug-ins

    Everytime I try to load sony vegas pro 15 it loads up to Initalizing DirectX plug-ins and just gets stuck there, It wont move or open at all. Ive tried everything, looking in the internet wise and no one has a working fix. If anyone knows please help! I cant edit videos at all! Thanks
  13. O

    game graphics prb

    recently i have buy a new laptop acer predator and i have updated nvdia and this happend
  14. O

    DirectX Internal error, installation failed

    Hi everyone, my problem started when I installed Mass-Effect 2, and got the 0xc000007b error, which is related to directx. I have tried downloading the dx redist and re-installing, but when the installation is almost over it says it has an internal system error and fails. I have tried replacing...
  15. S

    Graphics Processor doesn't run games anymore (dxgifactory or d3d swapchain error)

    Hi, My problem is regarding the Lenovo Ideapad Z570 graphics and applications. Basically whenever I try to run ANY game (Max Payne 3, GTA V, NFS Run, BattleField3, etc.) it always ends immediately or within a few seconds with the error "dxgifactory createswapchain E_InvalidArg" or "gfx d3d...
  16. T

    direct X support question

    sense my computer supports up too diretx 10, does that mean i can play any game that has that support or should i stick to looking at the specs before installing?
  17. S

    Crashing and Loading Issues on Asus Strix

    Hello, So we got a new Asus GL553VD DS71 Strix laptop in the beginning of September. The day we got it, we updated its drivers accordingly to the Asus website. It had been working fine up to about 3 weeks ago. Since then, when launched, Battlefield Bad Company 2 opens as a white screen then...
  18. O

    Sony Vegas Problem

    Sony Vegas 14- wont start. Stops at DirectX plugins, says Magic Bullet Suite 64-bit.msi is missing. HELP.
  19. P

    DirectX10 on Windows10... Wanting 12

    I have windows 10 but my DirectX is 10 and not 12. Windows says I am all up to date. Manufacturer: TOSHIBA Model: Satellite L455-S5009 Processor: Pentium(R)Dual-Core CPU T4440 @ 2.20GHz 2.20 GHz RAM: 4.00GB(3.84GB Usable) 64-bit Operating system,x64 based processor
  20. S

    Rottr directx 11 error

    I have installed rise of the tomb raider.... once i click on play the comes that " this game requires a directx 11 capable graphics card. When i check specification. My laptop already has directx 11 Intel hd graphics 3000 3gb ram.. I still have this error??
  21. M

    Watch Dogs 2 Direct X 11 Problem

    So this is something that I've searched A LOT for and can't find an answer. Here's what happened So the game had some problem with the EAC at first so I just used the disable internet for the game thing and it worked, the game launched. But after launching it shows the Ubisoft logo and Nvidia...
  22. F

    Old nForce 610m with Windows 10 flickers greyscale on DirectX 8.1 games.

    I've got an old laptop (a Compaq Presario F750US) from like 2008, which is currently my only PC. I upgraded from 1 GB to 4 GB RAM, and a 240 GB SSD instead of the HDD, plus I did a fresh install of Windows 10; otherwise it's stock. DXDiag output is available here. Quick Specs: ■ CPU - 1.9 GHz...
  23. S

    Compatibility Problem Help

    This game requires a DirectX 11 capable graphics card, your card or driver does not support DirectX 11 3D Acceleration
  24. V

    Directx Problem need help !! urgent !

    I just bought this game Elder Scrolls Online and i just heard that the game does not support DX9/10 .I got Nvidia Gefore 210 which can only run upto DX10.1 my computer specs are : Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Motherboard: Asus P8...
  25. G

    Does Lenovo Ideapad 100 run Sims 4?

    I don't really know the significance of any specs so I used Direct X Diagnostic Tool, so I'm just spouting what it said. Processor: Intel(R) Celron(R) CPU N3060 @ 1.6GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics If there's anything else I can tell you that would help...
  26. I

    my game pad doesnt show on my pc its like nothing is connected

    ive tried connecting my game pad to my pc but doesn't work. it used to work before I formatted my pc. I've tried downloading direct x, but I don't see any changes. I really miss my games
  27. P

    direct3d please help

    i need HELP i have a game that need to create direct3d 11.1 Object but i have direct3d 10 and directX 12 please can someone help me
  28. S

    toshiba laptop qosmio x505-Q882

    what does failed to startup the renderer please ensure you have direct x 11 compatible graphic card and the latest graphic card driver are installed. I did installed direct x 12 and I downloaded the latest graphic card update and I am still getting this message when I am trying to play my games...
  29. P

    Blackscreens when having a power cable plugged in while playing DirectX Games XMG P507

    I bought a Schenker XMG P507 a month ago. It worked fine for about 2 weeks but then some problems started showing up. I started getting Errors in games, more specifically CryEngine based games as well as Arma III. The error message reads: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. In addition to that a lot of...
  30. P

    Why does my y510p crashes when I play DX11 games?

    So, I bought a Lenovo y510p to my GF for 2 or 3 years ago, and since a year it continously crashes with everything what uses DX11. The machine is well cooled, I'm pretty sure it's not the temperature that causes the issue. Everything under DX11 is just works fine. She played Borderland for 10...
  31. adam keen

    3D Acceleration Issue

    Hi everyone :), recently when i installed Rise Of The Tomb Rider i faced a problem which is the 3d acceleration , it appears when i press the play button i searched for solutions in the internet of course i found some suggestions like " checking if the direct 3D is enable on dxdiag " but they...
  32. N

    GPU-Z Direct X

    Im little confused about these numbers in gpu z, i have r9 280 and windows 10 and what i know this gpu should support dx12 but gpu z shows this:
  33. S

    nvidia 930m 0 fps

    i have asus a555L with i3-5010u nvidia 930m 2gb intel 5500 and 8gb ram direct x 11.1 hardware support and 12 runtime when ever i try to play a game after its videos it goes to 0 fps i checked it with fraps i tried same on nvidia and intel hd to my surprise metro last light works on intel...
  34. F

    Laptop is acting funny ?

    I looked through specs and see that I have Intel HD Graphics 4400, I also have Windows 10 and it's running Directx 12. I think it says the best I should run is Directx 11.1. Can that slow my computer alot ? It's laggy and from time to time is good. It's Dell Inspiron 7437 with Intel Core...
  35. Sudiir12345

    GPU temps up to 85 C!!! is is good or not? - Lenovo G510 - AMD Radeon R7 - Intel i7 4700mq

    I have a Lenovo G510 mid ranged gaming laptop Specs: i7 4700mq 6 GB ram 1 TB HDD AMD Radeon R7 m265 Intel HD graphics I used MSI afterburner to record my GPU and CPU temp while gaming and i came across this: GPU temps NFS most wanted 2012 : 85 C ( after 15 minutes o f gaming) GTA 5 : 66...
  36. C

    AMD drivers crashing

    Hello everyone. Before explaining my problem, here are my specs for my HP Pavillion g6 laptop: Windows 10 Home Intel Core i7-3612QM 2.10ghz 4gb of ram Intel HD 4000 (integrated graphics card) Radeon HD 7670M, with 16.1.1 Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers I've been having problems with...
  37. V

    AVG Antivirus Unable to start

    So, one day AVG Antivirus refused to start due to MSVCR110.dll not being on my computer. (It was working fine until this point.) After going to the web and getting this .dll file, I put it in its proper place and launched AVG again. This time another error message popped up in place of the...
  38. A

    Directx installed but not working

    I'm trying to play a browser game based on the qebGL/unity system and it says: "unity web player requires 9dx graphics card, make sure you have graphics card drivers installed". I have direct x 11 and also tried to download dx9 but it didn't help. actully my computer won't run almost any...
  39. P

    DirectX 11 to DirectX 9Ex in 660M

    Hi, i have a laptop with GTX 660M with newest driver 358.91 installed. Windows 7 SP 1, DirectX 11 I have a problem but not sure on which part and i hope to find answers here. So the problem is that when i turn on the laptop for few hours to browse and not using it to watch or play, it can't play...
  40. L

    AMD Radeon R5 M230 - not working

    Hello! I recently bought a Lenovo G510 notebook whit: --Intel Core i5 4210M @ 2.60GHz --RAM: 4,00GB DDR3 --Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Lenovo) --2048MB ATI AMD Radeon R5 M230 Series (Lenovo) I installed all the drivers, from the added CD whitout any problems, but when i started GTA V...
  41. M

    VLC player doesn't play the subwoofer...

    VLC player doesn't play the subwoofer, even when set to directX sound with 5.1 surround and my (correct) speakerset selected. The file is .ac3, directly converted from youtube, which DOES play the subwoofer. Thanks in advance for any clarification! MrRB
  42. M

    One thing I need to know about AMD vs Nvidia

    Hi everyone :) my laptop can't run new games properly so I guess it's time to build my first desktop pc. I initially decided to go with the GTX 970, i did a lot of research because I want my GPU to be relatively future proof (ie : to be able to run games without problems for the next 3 years). I...
  43. C

    Combat Flight Simulator - Direct X 11 Patch??

    Combat Flight Simulator3 refuses to run on new hardware running Direct X 11 I have just replaced my gaming PC with new hardware running Windows 7 64bit and now I cant even get Combat Flight Simulator 3 to run. I keep getting a message telling me the game can't run on Direct X 11
  44. M

    DirectX: Cant find the Control Panel even after installing "directx.cpl".

    I've got Windows 8.1 and DirectX 11. As I've said in the title i can't seem to manage to find the Control Panel for DirectX 11. The reason i want to find it is because games that require DirectX dont seem to work on my computer anymore so I want to disable it.
  45. M

    Waframe says my GPU isn't supported

    I want to play Warframe on my laptop which has a GT 740m and Warframe says that the GPU isn't supported. I have the lastest direct X updates and the lastest GPU drivers from Geforce experience
  46. TheJJBman11

    Laptop Doesn't Use Graphics Card!?

    Hey! My laptop has a Nvidia GT 540M (I know it's bad, but..) and an Intel Core i7 processor; however, when I'm playing Indie Games it lags.. a lot. This is on the lowest settings, by the way. I looked on DxDiag and under Display - Device, it shows Intel Integrated Graphics - there is no GT...
  47. N

    Display Driver has stopped

    I have a HP ENVY 17-1085eo: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 6.1 Build Intel Core i7 CPU Q720 @ ~1.6Ghz 6 gb ram ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 Driver Version: 8.770.5.1000 (Latest from HP sites for this model) DirectX version: DirectX 11 I have a persistent problem with my GPU. As soon as my screen...
  48. K

    AMD and DirectX 12

    Hello everyone , As you know that Microsoft is about to release DirectX 12 , but I have few questions about it , first of all , is my AMD Radeon HD 7670M will be compatible with it ? or at least is going to be detected in Dxdiag.exe ? Because i'am suffering from this issue in DX 11 , that most...
  49. F

    GeForce GTX 860m DirectX support?

    Hello, I'd like to ask quick question - what API does GeForce GTX 860m supports? DirectX 11.2 or DirectX 12? Thank you for your answers! :-)
  50. S

    nvidia gtx 960m and DirectX 12?

    does nvidia gtx 960m support DirectX 12?
  51. S

    No direct x 11 on Max Payne 3?

    I am running this game on Dell Vostro 3560.This game is stuck on direct x 11.My laptop supports directx11 and can play Crysis 3 fine.
  52. P

    Gtx 860m vs Gtx 950m

    Hi, I want to ask which card is better for gaming and more specific what gives more performance ddr5 or directx 12 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M - 2.0GB DDR3 Video RAM - DirectX® 12 VS NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 860M - 2.0GB DDR5, 640 CUDA Cores - DirectX® 11 In one side we have ddr5 which is twice...
  53. A

    Unable to install Direct X

    Hi, whenever I am trying to install Direct X , I am getting this error : Link Any help would be appreciated. PS : I also posted this in another category but I was not getting any replies , so I thought I must have posted in the wrong category, hence I apologize.
  54. C

    Will my pc handle cs go?

    I have a HP ProBook 6450b I have DirectX 9.0 and I suppose I have pixel shader 3.0
  55. loveuusa6

    i wdirectx 12 brings more fps?????

    I heard that the new directx 12 is a sweetspot fpr gamers cause it can run games at 120 fps even in directx 11 that true......cause i really like to play games at 120fps.instead of 60 fps..
  56. L

    can i run gta v (i3 4160)

    i have i3 4160 3.6 ghz 4gb ram 64 bit windoes 7 gtx 750 directX 11 can i run it
  57. D

    Is an Intel HD Graphics card DirectX-9 capable and running at 1024x768 display resolution or better?

    Many of the laptops I am looking at for purchase advertise 'Intel HD Graphics'. I need a graphics card that supports DirectX-9 and screen resolution of at least 1024x768. Does the 'Intel HD Graphics' meet this requirement?
  58. Y

    but I have windows XP sp3 you have a download link for me?

    I restarted my computer and at DirectX diagnostic Tool it's write this "No sound card was found. If one is expected, you should install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer" what I can do?
  59. Z

    Directx 11 issues.

    Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel says that my card supports Directx11. Dxdiag says that my card supports Directx11. I'm unable to play games that require Directx11. Games that provide optional Directx11 features usually prevents me from turning them on. Help.
  60. M

    Driver Help please!

    Hey guys, I was wondering where are the latest DirectX drivers and the Windows update drivers are as well. Just built a PC and first time driver installation. THANKS!