Nov 5, 2017
Hello. My laptop is a Dell inspiron 3537 with windows 10. I hadn't used this laptop for a couple of years at least... but I remember it used to be good enough for some light gaming like counter strike go, lol etc.. but suddenly it started lagging a lot in these games well I was gonna buy a new pc so I didn't care that much then... and I didn't know much about computers... So now that I need it I started installing some programs, I did all the windows updates and I decided to do a benchmark too. So I used Userbenchmark and in the results I couldn't find my AMD GPU benchmark... This is my benchmark: .

After that I also noticed these messages from the benchmark :

Info: Found 2 graphics cards and 1 active display
Info:Starting GPU Benchmarks
Warn: skipping AMD Radeon HD 8850M - unable to locate attached display
Info: Launching NGPU detection
Info: Launching AGPU detection
Info: Completed GPUStats successfully
Info: Bench Intel(R) HD Graphics Family @() on display(1) = main

So... my laptop can't locate my AMD GPU... It can only locate the gpu from my Intel CPU...that's why I started searching for solutions...I found some here but they didn't help... for example.. I used DDU in safe mode to unistall amd and intel gpu drivers and without internet connection I installed the latest drivers from Dell's website that I downloaded. Right now I am still trying some solutions from a thread that I am watching and if that don't help I will try a format.. but until then....Any suggestion ? What would help?