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  1. H

    Question G15 Zephyrus running slow

    I recently purchased an open box geek squad certified G15 Zephyrus . Upon startup, the windows 11 setup feature felt...
  2. A

    Discussion Better very old manufacturer drivers or else?

    Hi, after performance issues I decided to completely erase hard disk with DBAN. So, i’ll have to install all the specific drivers, but looking at the manufacturer’s website, drivers like Intel Dynamic Thermal Framework and Intel Management Engine Interface are dated 2015. My laptop is an ASUS...
  3. raintop

    Solved! Accidentally Uninstalled Synaptics Clickpad Driver From My PC

    I have a hp envy (7265NGW) and yesterday I deleted the clickpad drivers (from the device aswell) and now I have no idea what to do, help please! :homer:
  4. T

    Solved! My laptop is unable to locate my AMD GPU

    Hello. My laptop is a Dell inspiron 3537 with windows 10. I hadn't used this laptop for a couple of years at least... but I remember it used to be good enough for some light gaming like counter strike go, lol etc.. but suddenly it started lagging a lot in these games well I was gonna buy a new...
  5. G

    Question Dual Boot setup Acer A315-53

    Hello - I've recently had to retire my old Acer laptop running Windows 7 ultimate which was capable of running legacy software either in a virtual machine (VM ware) or using DosBox. Of course, Windows 10, preinstalled, doesn't like any of this, so I've tried to set up a dual boot system with 10...