Discussion Better very old manufacturer drivers or else?

Jan 28, 2021
Hi, after performance issues I decided to completely erase hard disk with DBAN. So, i’ll have to install all the specific drivers, but looking at the manufacturer’s website, drivers like Intel Dynamic Thermal Framework and Intel Management Engine Interface are dated 2015. My laptop is an ASUS X555LN, bought in 2015. So, what advice would you give me? Is better to first force installing the old ASUS drivers and then if something is missing letting it download by Windows Update? Or could I trust a software like IObit Driver Booster for updating the drivers? A very important thing to know is that I want to play video games on this laptop. So what about the graphics drivers for example? Thank’s!
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Jan 28, 2021
Thank’s for answer. But is also good to download the latest Nvidia driver for my Nvidia Geforce 840m directly from their website? Also Windows Update always installs drivers that are maximum from 2018. For example if I try to install the Dynamic Thermal Framework from ASUS dated 2015, in the device manager it shows a separate category named Intel Dynamic Thermal Framework with all it’s sub categories. If i don‘t do it and make install windows update the optional drivers it installs this driver with only the name of “Intel Thermal” positioned under the category system devices and not as an independent category. So, couldn’t this make performance problems as the Thermal framework is not well configured?
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