Question Dual Boot setup Acer A315-53

Jun 19, 2019
Hello - I've recently had to retire my old Acer laptop running Windows 7 ultimate which was capable of running legacy software either in a virtual machine (VM ware) or using DosBox. Of course, Windows 10, preinstalled, doesn't like any of this, so I've tried to set up a dual boot system with 10 and Windows 7. The GPT drive is now successfully partitioned, but I'm unable to successfully install Windows 7 (correctly licensed) due to driver incompatibility.

Does anyone know where drivers compatible with an Acer A315-53 and Windows 7 can be found.? Acer not being helpful.

As background, before the question is asked, I have to use legacy software and OSs to run large format printers, and I don't think this is a unique problem since i noticed my local bank had an out of action atm displaying the XP logo (yep, still used because it's a solid OS).

Thanks in advance for any and all practical advice on where to find, or how to modify, appropriate drivers. It's important to my business that I have all the appropriate software running on the one new machine.
Jun 19, 2019
Have you tried visiting the sites for the manufacturer of the specific parts to see if they have the driver you need? You didn't mention which drivers, but that is one place to start.

I know there are sites you can try, like say... ...but it isn't a site I personally would trust.
Yes, thanks, looking into this of course as an option. I've been partitioning hard drives and running multiple OSs for thirty years (not always without some probs, of course!), but this is the first time I've been a bit stumped. I really dislike Win 10, horrible OS, done a deal with Laplink so there's no free Transfer Wizard anymore, half my software doesn't work, and so forth. Used to be a relatively seamless operation to set up replacement computers, but alas, Acer, Microsoft and a host of others have decided it's time to combine forces to waste customers' time and money. If I can't resolve, I'll buy and old tower to run XP, and a refurb lappy for win 7, but what a real pain in the butt! Thanks for your suggestion, I'll have a look at the site and post up if there is a result. I'm quite sure I'm not the only person in this position. God help the British National Health System next year when support for Win 7 terminates.
I am with you on the issues with and not liking 10. While I use it for work, I refuse to do so personally. LOL I like a bit more control over my computers than that version allows. It is times like these I miss the really really old ones.
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