Question Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53 Black screen, no logo, no windows boot, and can’t access bios

Mar 14, 2022
Ok so I have a Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53. I updated everything the other day on windows 10. Had an optimal update for bios. It installed and was running as normal. I went to go and boot up my virtual machine and it wouldn’t load. I go into bios and re turn on virtualization. Saved it and after restart. Boom. When I turn on it’s just a black screen, no logo, no windows boot and can’t access the bios. Just turns on then after a minute restarts itself.

I’ve tried just about everything you could to fix.
- tried the battery reset nope same I Open up took out battery Then turned on still the same

  • Tried every Key sequence get the same, I tried plugging into a monitor nothing pulls up left on all night
  • tried replacing all hard ware new hdd l, new ssd, new ram and still get nothing.
  • even tried doing a bios recovery with Ian holding esc and fn and turning on. Wouldn’t even pick up usb.
I’ve done just about everything I could try even replacing the thermal paste on the board since it’s out of warrenty . Idk if I’m just setting up the bios recovery usb wrong or what. But I turn it on it and then about a minute or so later shuts off. Sometimes it says on and I plug in leave ima while try fn f5 for source. And still out of luck. Any help would be great.


Sounds like a failed motherboard. When you unplugged the battery, did you also unplug the CMOS battery if it has one and did you hold in the power button for a bit? If not, try that, unplug all the batteries, with no wall power either, hold in the power button for 30 seconds, plug things in , see if it works.

Without getting even to a screen with the BIOS you did not really need to buy new drives, the system will boot without one to BIOS. Just remove all the drives and turn it on, if the issue is from the drive, the system will at least load the BIOS screen. New RAM is a good idea but if you have multiple sticks can try one at a time and also with swapping the slots to see if one or the other works. Usually when there is no screen, and system restarts or hangs in an odd state, doing a motherboard reset fixes it unless the motherboard is bad.
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