Question Dell Inspiron 5770 laptop - black screen

Aug 27, 2021
Dell Inspiron 5770 laptop - black screen


I really need help with how to resolve the following issue. I have spent several weeks and many hours trying to do so. I have searched the internet and tried several methods but still with no success.

As soon as install the graphics drivers I get a black screen just prior to the login screen. There is no cursor and the laptop freezes and I have to hard reset. I can enter bios and safe mode with no problems whatsoever. I am now confident the issue is to do with the graphics drivers. There seems to be a conflict between the graphics drivers. The laptop used Intel UHD Graphics 620/630 and AMD Radeon R7M460.

I have run Dell Diagnostics (at least 3 times) and all tests have passed. I am certain the laptop is not faulty. The BIOS installed is the most recent one available.

I have installed the O/S (Windows 10 H2H1) several times to no avail.

I have updated the O/S – fully – including the drivers for graphics using Windows Update to no success.

I have tried the Dell drivers through their site, again with no success. The drivers there are: Intel UHD Graphics Driver v27.20.100.8854, A09 and AMD Radeon Graphics Driver v26.20.15026.1, A02.

I have tried both Intel's and AMD's most recent drivers from their site for the respective GPUs, again with no success.

I am at a loss what more I can do.

I am very unhappy about the lack of support in this matter. Dell technical support has been unable to help.

Thank you.
Aug 27, 2021
This issues seems to be cropping up all over. I have been dealing with this for over a year now. Upgrades to Win10 cause this issue for us, and going into safemode and uninstalling the Graphics cards seems to resolve only temporarily until the driver is updated via winupdates or another OS upgrade. We have latitude 7280 and 7480 series from DELL with the Intel HD 620 card. I see this common thread all over the internet and 2 separate posts today with this same issue. If you connect another external display to the HDMI out do you get any visibility on that monitor? I usually get a black screen with a white cursor that is able to be moved on screen but no shortcuts work etc, for keys etc. All very strange. I have also been able to remote into the device using remote assist tools and the the desktop appears just fine. MS just deflects and DELL is useless.
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