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  1. D

    Solved! New Laptop, amazing performance... but...

    Hello, I got a new laptop recently. I upgraded from a 8 year old Dell Inspiron 15-3567, which had sub par CPU, no dedicated GPU, and OK RAM. Out with the Old... In with the NEW!!! Now I got an ASUS ROG Zypherus with AMD Ryzen 7, 5800HS Octo Core, 3.2Ghz Radeon, 16GB RAM... Performance wise...
  2. Lorenzo Chica

    Solved! Can my laptop handle vr? or which headset will run better on it?

    Ok so I didn't really like to get a 2GB program just for a VR check, so I would rather make the question here, can my ASUS X550ZE laptop work for vr? System specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK...
  3. A

    Question IdeaPad 330-15IKB with Radeon 530 bluescreens when graphics device is enabled

    Hi there My laptop that I bought little more than a year ago is starting to have bluescreens with the error PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA pointing to system file atikmdag.sys. The problem first appeared when I was in the middle of a game. Searching online I found that it is a graphics card...
  4. A

    Gtx 1050ti vs Rx560X

    I found 2 laptops onewith (gtx 1050ti i58300h)hp, the other is (ryzen 5 3350h and rx560x) Asus TUF both are similar in pricing which one do you think is better??
  5. F

    Solved! How can I improve my laptop to use photoshop and other Adobe programs?

    My PC is HP Processor AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Video Card AMD Radeon R7 M260 Video Card #2 AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics RAM 6.0 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit I don't know which models to buy, I'm a total noob
  6. A

    WARNING: skipping Radeon 520 - unable to locate attached display

    any idea why is it so?
  7. M

    Solved! Laptop crashing due to graphics driver when playing videos

    My laptop has begun crashing when playing any kind of video (youtube, lecture capture, Netflix, etc.). When a video begins playing the laptop freezes, then the screen turns white and it restarts (and sometimes the screen is multicoloured before restarting). After searching for a solution on...
  8. D

    Solved! Laptop CPU problems...

    Hello everyone, so I recently purchased a HP Envy x360 through a meetup. Specs are AMD A12-9700 Radeon P @ 2.5 GHZ 8GB Ram 64 Bit OS 120 Gb ssd w 1tb Harddrive At idle my laptop sits around 50-70% with Antimalware service executable and other programs While loading things in such as a new...
  9. L

    Games are using my Intel HD Graphics instead of my dedicated gpu

    Games are using my Intel HD Graphics instead of my AMD Radeon HD 6900M Series. Here are my Specs Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz Installed memory: 8Gb Ram 64 bit Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 Dedicated Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6900M Series
  10. A

    Solved! Improvements for gaming in my HP 245-G5(AMD)

    I got a new laptop HP 245-G5 for 22500 Indian Rupees.. RAM: 4 GB (2 slots available, one 4GB stick inserted) HDD: 500 GB(5400rpm) Processor : AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 Clock-speed: 2.0 Ghz Graphic Processor :AMD Radeon R2 OS: Windows 10 pro I know it cant perform like a gaming pc /laptop.. But can...
  11. H

    How to fix

    My laptop is dell it's system is Random software v.- Is 16.6 Radeon software edition - crimson Graphics chipset- AMD radeon(TM) R4 graphics Memory size - 512mb Memory type -DDR3 Windows - windows 10 (64bit) System memory- 4 gb CPU type - AMD A6-7310 APU...
  12. R

    Solved! Amd radeon hd 8790M

    My laptop is showing two Graphic cards AMD radeon HD 8790M and other is intel(R) HD graphics 4600 Which one is integrated and how I can use AMD as on clicking right it is showing only intel graphic properties
  13. S

    My laptop has amd Radeon R5 m420 and there was no option to switch into and Radeon graphics but when I downloaded and fixed th

    My laptop has R5 m420 Radeon graphics but now after the update it is shown HD 8500M........so I want to know that which is good for gamimg
  14. N

    What is better processor for video editing core i3 or amd a9

    Lenovo ideapad 330 core i3 8th gen 4gb ram,2gb radeon 530 or Lenovo ideapad 330 amd a9 8gb ram,2gb radeon
  15. R

    HP BIOS update KILLED my dedicated GPU. ? Can't rollback bios neither.

    Hi, my dedicated GPU is not working anymore - AMD Radeon HD 7670M I own a HP Pavillion G6 2xxx series, actually i own 2, one i'm sure about has dead GPU since whenever i am installing it's driver's and it reboots you get instant BScreen and can't boot into windows on it.. The current one i am...
  16. A

    acer aspire 3 laptop vega 8 + radeon 535 2gb GDDR5

    Hello, i just bought an Acer laptop with ryzen 5 2500u cpu, it's equipped with the built-in vega 8 graphics + dedicated Radeon 535 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which seems like a weird combination as on paper the vega 8 seems stronger than the dedicated graphics, i'm having lots of problems...
  17. A

    Solved! Laptop using intel graphics card for playing games instead of using radeon r5 m430.

    I have hp 15ay 503tx laptop. I have amd radeon r5 m430 as dedicated graphics card and intel hd 520 as integrated graphics card. When I play games like nfs payback I see that laptop uses intel graphics card instead of radeon and the game starts lagging. What can I do?
  18. A

    Recently I have installed updated graphics driver Amd Radeon HD 7670M to the latest version, and popping up the Blue screen of

    Recently I have installed updated graphics driver Amd Radeon HD 7670M to the latest version, and popping up the Blue screen of death with error atikmpag.sys. First put Windows 10 on 8.1 then. What to do?
  19. A

    Solved! AMD RADEON335 DDR3 4GB RAM for high graphics design

    Hi, Is AMD RADEON M335 4GB DDR3 sufficient for building design softwares that use high graphics? Thank you,
  20. arcanaxion

    Switchable Graphics 0% Usage

    Laptop: HP15AC652TX CPU (Display): i5-6200U GPU (Render): AMD Radeon R5 M330 Whenever running any program (e.g. Undertale, Nox), the GPU 0 in Task Manager (Intel HD Graphics) runs high while GPU 1 (AMD Radeon) is at 0%. On GPU-Z, the core clock speed is fixed at 300 MHz, regardless of whether...
  21. S

    AMD Radeon HD 8750M, GPU performance 0%

    Hello all. This is my first time posting so excuse my possible improper etiquette. Anyways... like I said in the title I have an AMD Radeon HD 8750m graphics card on my Samsung Laptop, Additional specs include 8 GB of ram and also and Intel core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz i tried couple of games...
  22. A

    graphics card problem

    The graphics card driver does not work. AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M420. Notebook is bought for 3 days. It is a great disappointment, Asus with drivers that do not match.
  23. L

    AMD Radeon HD 6470m max 93c when playing CS:GO

    AMD Radeon HD 6470m max 93c when playing CS:GO.I play the game at least 1-4h a day. I've played that game for a week. Is it safe to play at that high temperature? Can you tell me what is the max safe temperature for this GPU? My laptop is HP Elitebook 8560p.
  24. S

    Radeon gpu not found

    Hello, i have a samsung np350v5c laptop, anyway, it's a i7 3630QM Processor and an radeon HD 7030M. Problem is: the laptop cannot see the gpu. I can see vram in system information but no graphic card in device manager or anywhere. I cannot install drivers for it because drivers cannot fount amd...
  25. B

    "Thread stuck in device driver" When i unplug it or use it unplugged!

    I get around 5 minutes and then it crashes. I get blue screened and it says "thread stuck in device driver", Looked it up but most of the advice is updating your gpu and monitor drivers which didn't make a difference and changing battery which isn't the Issue! It started 2 days ago and just...
  26. M

    i7 8th + radeon 530 VS i5 8th + Nvidia MX150

    i7 8550u + radeon 530 dell 5570 or i5 8250u + Nvidia MX150 ideapad 520 what laptop should i buy ?
  27. L

    Fresh windows 7. Can't find drivers

    First off, I'm not good with computers. I have an old Toshiba Satellite 755D-14M which has been laying in a storage compartment for a few years. I recently brought it back to light with a fresh install of W7. But when I try to download any drivers for it, they're nowhere to be found. For example...
  28. T

    AMD dual graphics

    Hey. I have little problem. I have lenovo z50-75 laptop.CPU: amd a8-7100 radeon r5, 8 compute cores 4c+4g 1.8GHz-3.0GHz GPU: amd radeon R5 integrated and amd radeon R6 m255dx switchable. RAM: 8GB. I can't find how select r6 for games.
  29. O

    What games can u run?

    What games can u run with amd radeon graphic, intel i5 2.30ghz and 6GB of RAM
  30. J

    Can I run PUBG?

    Can I run PUBG? Dell inspiron 15 5000 series 8GB RAM GPU - 4GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon 530 Intel i7 8th Gen
  31. P

    i have installed lower graphics driver than it was earlier, will it affect gaming performance?

    i have AMD radeon 550 and by mistake i installed AMD r5 330 which has lower performace will it affect gaming?
  32. B

    Which laptop to buy? Plz HELP !

    Hello, I am perplexed which laptop to choose: 1- Lenovo 81BT005LAX i7 8th generation, RAM 6 GB AMD Radeon 530 M- 2 GB And, 2- HP 15- B5014NE i7 7500 U, RAM 16 GB AMD Radeon 4 GB I understand that the RAMs can be easily upgraded but what about the existing features above? Which laptop is...
  33. X

    Budgeting Out a College Laptop and Graphics Card

    I just graduated from high school and I'm heading off to college. I'm looking for a good laptop for college and a graphics card. My budget between the two is $1,500. I want my laptop to be able to game some: modern games on high settings and new releases at medium-low settings, but I also want...
  34. T

    GPU hot but... not doing anything heavy - crypto scam???

    Radeon 290 idle temerature @ 75°Celsius. The gpu does nothing but a few web pages opened. I have 2 Radeon 290 Sapphire cards on a pc. The ambient temperature is around 25°C. I think this is not a normal temperature of a gpu doing nothing??? I have an antivirus ESET smart security premium. How...
  35. A

    Solved! AMD radeon 7670m driver not shown in amd driver support

    Hi, i have a dell laptop with amd radeon 7670m, when i tryed to search for it drivers in amd official site, they werre not even there ?! and when i used auto update and install it gave me amd 7600m?! is there is a way to get the lastest 7670m driver (14.02.2018 bersion)
  36. S

    Increase performance of radeon hd 7670m

    I have hp pavilion g6 powerd by intel hd 4000 powerd by radeon 7670m 2 gb i can't play games smoothly In my pc how can I fix this ??
  37. K

    Can I run pubg?

    Dell inspiron 15 5000 series 8GB RAM GPU - AMD Radeon 530 2GB Intel i5 8th Gen
  38. T

    Looking For A Gaming Laptop

    Hello everyone. I was looking for a gaming laptop. I tried to find it on olx.com.pk, czone.com.pk and on daraz.pk but couldn't find one which fits my needs. So I want you guys to help me out please. This is what I'm looking for: Processor: Intel Core i7 4th generation Display: The display...
  39. H

    I need opinions on which is better in the long term

    I need opinions pls Acer Aspire 3 A315-41-4287 AMD Ryzen 3 2200u(2.5Ghz) 4Gb DDR3 Memory 1Tb Integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega 3 VS HP 15-BW003AX/BLK AMD A12-9720P(2.7Ghz) 8GB DDR4 Memory 1TB AMD Radeon 530 4GB
  40. B

    Hi!my laptop has proceesor of amd a8-7410! my pc is having a dedicated vram of radeon r5 m335!! but my laptop is using the in

    Want to switch from integrated graphics to dedicated graphics!!!
  41. A

    Upgrading the CPU of Acer Aspire E5-523 AMD A9-9410 Radeon R5

    I am usig Acer Aspire E5-523 AMD A9-9410 Radeon R5 and its very slow ... i need help to fine a processor that will be fast and which has higher graphics card.
  42. S

    Solved! Can A6-9200 r4 play was destiny 2

    I’m going get a dell Inspiron 3565 with a amd a6 9200 And Radeon r4 in the mail and I was wondering if it will play destiny 2 on low? I believe it takes up to 16gb ddr4 but I’m not sure I need an answer by tomorrow in case I have to send it back
  43. E

    AMD E1-6010 APU AMD Radeon R2 Graphics

    Hello, Before i start english is not my primary language, so im sorry if i can't express myself well I have an issue, i own an HP laptop ( Not a good one, i know that, but it's the only one i have for now) specs -> AMD E1-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics, 1.35ghz, 4 gb ram, 64bit, windows...
  44. A

    Asus R510DP Slow performance

    Specs: -Processor: AMD A10-5750M APU 2.50 GHz -Ram: 8GB -System:Windows 10 Pro 64 bit -GPU:Radeon HD 8650G(!) Hello,first of all thanks for checking out the thread.This is a second hand laptop,the specs seem really good but its performance is terrible.The laptop had overheating problem but i...
  45. C

    I have a pc xeon 12 ram 2 gb amd Radeon 5450 and a ssd hard

    I have a pc xeon 12gb ram 2 gb amd Radeon 5450 and a ssd hard with this my GTA 5 works fine but watch dog is freezing wahts is the solution can you guide me
  46. V

    Blue screen of death on laptop.

    Device Make:Lenovo ideapad 50015ISK BIOS: CFCN24WWV1.06 Currently my laptop has updated from Windows 10 Home single language version 1511 to version 1709. After completing the update, laptop started experiencing Blue screen of death (BSOD) error with message of "VIDEO MANAGEMENT INTERNAL". So I...
  47. R

    In need of help

    Am having a Dell inspiron 5455 laptop with 8gb Ram-Amd radeon R5 and Amd radeon R5 M335.Have tried every setting in the catalyst control setting but all my games play like craps
  48. K

    About vram and graphics card

    I own a hp laptop with specs-: 4gb ram Amd a8 7th gen @2.37ghz Radeon r5 m330 2gb vram ...i played watch dogs 2 ..n it was hella laggy ....black flag was laggy too...can i share my ram with vram to increase it??? Or do i have to upgrade ram first in order to do so?.. And would readyboost help...
  49. N

    My comp specs are amd radeon hd 5v 2gb and ram 8gb will pubg run smoothly?

    Intel i5 2.4ghz Dual core processor Ram 8gb Gpu-amd radeon hd 5v 2gb windows 7 64bit
  50. T

    Solved! Why is my laptop running all games 10-15fps?

    I have a lenovo ideapad 320. It has 4gb DDR4, AMD Radeon 530 and intel pentium N4200 1.1 ghz. I tried running a couple of games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Dota2. I read online that the 530 could easily run these games but i barely broke 15fps. And i have already checked that the...
  51. M

    Can I play GTA 5 on amd radeon hd 5000 with 8gb ram

    Hi I have ho i5 notebook within amd radeon hd 5000 and 8 gb ram can I play GTA 5
  52. I

    help please help

    yo can someone help me, i have a gaming laptop, a lenovo legion y520, with an amd radeon rx 560, and it was running well, since most gaming laptops come with another chip, that being intel graphics, it hasnt been using the amd rx radeon. previously, ive been getting 150 fps on csgo, now like...
  53. H

    I have a laptop with radeon r5 m330 graphics and still not able to run basic games like prototype and saints row 3. Please hel

    I have radeon r5 m330 graphics card on my laptop and I am still not able to run games on even low settings like prototype 2 and saints row 3.please help. I am not that kind of geek so please elaborate when answering. Thank you.
  54. S

    i7 8550u with AMD Radeon 530 or i7 7500u with Nvidia 940 MX

    I'm looking to buy a laptop, but I cannot decide between the above two options. I have always preferred Nvidia over AMD, but currently I have laptops with i7 8th gen, bundled with AMD, and i7 7th gen bundled with Nvidia. Should I still prefer Nvidia over AMD ? Or Intel's 8th gen over 7th ? I...
  55. tophatclay

    Radeon HD 6370m not working

    Hi, new here, please help me with some problems here, thanks. I acquired a Lenovo G470 laptop with an Intel Celeron CPU B800, 6 GB of RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD 6370m which used to work around 2013. The laptop used to run Windows 7 Ultimate but i'm not sure on what bit. Somewhere in 2014 to 2015...
  56. A

    intel i5 8th gen amd radeon 520 DDR3 or i5 7th gen NIVIDA 920mx

    intel i5 8th gen amd radeon 520 DDR3 or i5 7th gen NIVIDA 920mx For gaming and little office which one is good.
  57. D

    Will a AMD Radeon a9-9420 work for an elgato

    Hi I have a (hp laptop 17) 17.3" screen (processor) AMD Radeon A9-9420 Radeon R5, 5compute cores 2C+3G. 3.00 GHz (installed rams) 8.00GB
  58. U

    Overclocking radeon r5 m430 gpu on laptop

    I want to overclock my gpu radeon r5 m430 on laptop.. just want to ask how much overclock would be safe..while I have a cooling pad as well. Btw I have very less knowledge of overclocking..
  59. S

    how do i solve the problem of AMD RADEON 6400M error

    while i try to instal new software it always says 'error code 43
  60. S

    Can I play GTA5 in hp-15 bs576tx

    8 GB ram 2 GB graphics card radeon Hp-15bs576tx