Dec 6, 2013
Laptop: HP15AC652TX
CPU (Display): i5-6200U
GPU (Render): AMD Radeon R5 M330

Whenever running any program (e.g. Undertale, Nox), the GPU 0 in Task Manager (Intel HD Graphics) runs high while GPU 1 (AMD Radeon) is at 0%. On GPU-Z, the core clock speed is fixed at 300 MHz, regardless of whether idle in desktop with no programs open or with a game open. AMD Switchable graphics in my Radeon Software 18.9.3 are configured to High Performance for both applications I'm trying to run. Graphics profile is at Optimize Performance.

However, when running FurMark, GPU usage in Task Manager goes up to 100% and the GPU-Z clock speed goes to max at 1030 MHz.

Why doesn't my AMD Switchable Graphics work for all my programs besides FurMark?

Thanks for the help!