help please help

Feb 23, 2018
yo can someone help me, i have a gaming laptop, a lenovo legion y520, with an amd radeon rx 560, and it was running well, since most gaming laptops come with another chip, that being intel graphics, it hasnt been using the amd rx radeon. previously, ive been getting 150 fps on csgo, now like 15-20. if you need more specs please tell me. i've looked up multiple ways to try to fix this. my amd graphics setting version is the adrenaline. everything is set high performance and it's still not working, please help
also -- ive monitored the percentage of my gpu (amd) and it hasn't gone farther than like 50 percent, i know that i can handle csgo, but 20 fps shouldnt be the case, the same thing has been happening with every other game, especially rainbow six seige, where i used to get 60 fps constant but now get 20. i've updated all my drivers and everything, and it's still running at 20-40 FPS.