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Nov 25, 2019
General Descreption:
Hello, I'm no expert in this and I know that this issue been discussed a lot in here and on the internet in general but I have like a week searching every single day for a solution and yet I got nothing. Basically the issue is that I start a game, no matter which one..a "heavy" game or a "light" one, I start with reasonable fps, for exemple 60+ fps but after a good period of time, like 45 minutes - 1h the fps would start decreasing till it reaches 20-12fps and it keeps going along with some stuttering and freezing, alt-tabbing in some games would fix the issue but then it starts again, while with others changing fullscreen mode will do the thing but that will activate some kinda of V-SYNC and I don't feel comfortable playing with the input lag this has as well as it adds more stuttering if the game is really heavy also going back to fullscreen after doing this will instantly bring back the low FPS so I either keep playing on windowed fullscreen or I restart the game, and with some others I need to restart the game. I rarely play on my native resolution cause then I'd have low fps due to the weak performance my PC has, and my most used ones are 800x600 and 1024x768, I dunno if this has anything to do with the fps drop thing... also in games settings has no effect on this issue, low setting would give me more FPS and delay this FPS dropping thing, high settings will do the opposite, changing settings when the FPS drop thing happens doesn't fix the issue as well as changing resolutions doesn't help. Enabling/Disabling V-SYNC does nothing too for this issue

I have a laptop, Lenovo G510 type 80A8
  • AMD Radeon HD 8570M (maximum temp : 72°)
  • I3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz (maximum temp: 70°)
  • Windows 8.1 64bit, updated daily
  • I do have pagefile on, around 5GB allocated
  • Chances of thermal throttling is extremly low in my opinion with these temps and I have a small laptop cooling fan plus it keeps the laptop elevated so it has more air flow in + I cleaned it up recently and changed the paste.. I know I shouldn't expect a lot out of these but the fact that it starts gaming on reasonable fps and then it starts dropping makes me think that there is something wrong..
  • I don't notice any drops in the GPU clocks/memory, nor in the CPU related ones, temps are always fine
  • Games I have tested on: FORTNITE (around 3 matches and this starts happening) / GTA 5 (45mins~1h) / VALORANT ( 2 to 3 matches) / GTA SA (a light game for my specs, 90+ fps with no mods or anything and yet I get this issuee playing this game) / MINECRAFT (45mins~1h) / CS:GO (45mins~1h)
  • I do not think this is a memory leak, I use this PC for coding too, compressing and decompressing, heavy browser usage with 10+ tabs..etc and its doing fine
  • CPU usage would be around 70% to 80% and sometimes more when it comes to loading stuff (like in loading screens) so I don't think its a CPU bottleneck cause also the GPU would be at 95%-99% usage, depends on whats going on in the game...
  • I don't know if this worth mentioning but when I wanted to try OCCT to check for any errors, it doesn't detect my AMD graphics card and when I try the 3D stress test it shows me an error saying that OpenCL failed to initialize. I don't know what this openCL does or if its important when it comes to gaming or is it a sign that there is somethig wrong but I when I googled for a solution I got nothing, I tried copying OpenCL.dll into my sys32 but that didn't fix the issue.

What I have tried
  • I've tried different versions of graphic drivers, either from Intel or AMD, I've tried the ones that Lenovo provides, the ones that Windows Update provides and the ones that AMD provides, some improves my FPS and others make it worse but none of them really fixed this issue. Each time I try a new driver I'd uninstall the one I had using AMD uninstall utility and then I use DDU to make sure nothing is left, same goes with Intel so I am pretty sure all my testing was on fresh install drivers , Though..there are bunch of drivers for my Graphics cards so I only tried a few, both old ones and new ones..
  • I have updated every single driver I have on my PC to the latest possible and stable version out there as well as my Windows 8.1 and my BIOS and I still get a negative result.
  • I made sure I don't have any viruses in my PC, I have my Windows Defender updated daily too and I scan regularly (once or twice per week) and I tried Malwarebytes too just to make sure, still a NO
  • I tried defragmenting with different softwares and even the one that windows provides, I got a bit of performance stability but the issue still occurs.
  • I tried undervolting my CPU, I tried giving it more boost, I tried overclocking my GPU and I tried downclocking it too (I use MSI Afterburner) as well as keeping it at stock
  • I tried the System File Checker tool and got all the corrupted files fixed
  • I have everything on high performance, CPU min and max are on 100% in my power plan, I tried gaming on different power plans and still got this issue, I have ULPS disabled for my AMD card too and this helps a bit but I still get the issue (I had the issue when the ULPS was on too)
  • I tried stopping explorer.exe and few other background programs and services before running a game

I'm trying to avoid any OS upgrading/downgrading or reinstalling cause I kinda have some important data for now that I'm afraid to lose in the process of taking backup so I'm leaving this and upgrading the hardware as the last options..

I apologize for making this so long but I really wanna show you that I have tried everything I found on the internet and still got this annoying issuee...this post is my last hope, I'll update this if remembered anything else worth to mention and if you need any other informatios let me know and thanks in advance !
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Nov 25, 2019
Hello, I guess I found the solution to this so if you're having the same issue, try those tricks up there and if none worked for you try this :
  • Clearing CMOS: I have heard that clearing the CMOS would reset the BIOS settings which also resets the overclocking you have done to your CPU and such things so I opened up my laptop and I unplugged the battery and waited for around 8 minutes before I plug it back, while waiting I was observing the motherboard and I found something thats gonna lead us to the next point.
  • I found a label on the motherboard with the model and serial number of my laptop and I noticed that its not the same as the one would most softwars recongnize for some reasons, I said up there I had a Lenovo G510 type 80A8 but it turned out that it was type 20238 on the labels so I went staright to lenovo site and downloaded the drivers for this model, I done a nice fresh install to them and apparently the issue is fixed, I don't know yet if its delayed for more or wether its fixed, I'm still testing it up but I can feel it more stable in games right now, I may not get the most performance because its kinda an outdated driver but at least I can play for 2h+ with no issues..yet. So hopefully you got the point.. try checking the labels on and inside your laptop for any informations like this and take advantage of it
  • Also try to stress your CPU and GPU with different softwares, even unpopular ones cause actually what drove me to clear my CMOS is that I tired Intel Diagnostic Tool and at some point it crashes along with the old GPU driver, while other softwares do the stressing thing smoothly and with no issues.. so I started looking for ways to reset my CPU to its stock state and there things started..
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