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  1. B

    Question Please, help me to choose a laptop

    Hello! I'm trying to choose the most suitable variant. I need a laptop for video editing, in DaVinci Resolve (not only for this, of course, but it's the most demanding process). And I want a convertible, a 2-in-1, because it's very comfortable for me. Now I'm choosing from 3 variants. New...
  2. S

    Another New laptop scoring dismally low on novabench. at wits end. need help

    Hello, I know there's a thousand threads with essentially the same title on here, but i spent some ample time reading thru them without finding the right answers. So i'm hoping this community might be generous enough to help me here. I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710-11ikb in control...
  3. W

    Lenovo Yoga 700 won't turn on (battery problem)

    Hello, I've got an annoying problem with my Lenovo Yoga 700 laptop. Today plugged in the charger and started working on my laptop (I'm sure I plugged it in correctly) but I kept gettings messages about low battery level. I checked my charger but I can't really remember if the battery was...
  4. ScottAD

    Repair or Give Up on Lenovo Yoga 3

    So I bought this from Offer Up a few months ago and decided I didn't like it. Sold it on EBay and shipped to Hawaii. It somehow was damaged in transit and now it's back in my possession. Originally cost me $500. Now I am wondering if it is worth repairing. The model is a Yoga 3 20DM008UUS...
  5. A

    Lenovo Yoga Pro - projector connected to PC

    Hey! I would like to connect my tablet Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 or 3 with my monitor on laptop. And I would also like to know if there is a possibility to connect it to HDMI out port for example on my xbox 360. Thank you
  6. J

    Seeking portable laptop to run Adobe Lightroom

    I have an old, clunker of a laptop that is starting to finally give up the ghost. I first purchased it as a primary computer about 6-7 years ago to do all of my video and photo edits using Adobe software, primarily Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. About 2 years ago I built...
  7. J

    Quick poll/ Question:Yoga 2 Pro v. max spec ThinkPad Yoga differences ? Worth it?

    Hello and thanks in advance for any thoughts here is my situation: Summary: I have a Yoga 2 pro with the specs below and I have the opportunity to swap it out for a Thinkpad Yoga with the specs below and I am trying to get an honest opinion about whether it is worth it or should I consider...