Quick poll/ Question:Yoga 2 Pro v. max spec ThinkPad Yoga differences ? Worth it?

Yoga 2 Pro max specs or Thinkpad yoga max specs see above?

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Mar 13, 2010
Hello and thanks in advance for any thoughts here is my situation:

Summary: I have a Yoga 2 pro with the specs below and I have the opportunity to swap it out for a Thinkpad Yoga with the specs below and I am trying to get an honest opinion about whether it is worth it or should I consider other options.

I have a Yoga 2 pro with the following specs:

Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i7 1.8GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 3.0GHz)
HD LED touchscreen with IPS 13.3'' 3200 x 1800
Intel® HD Graphics 4400
Intel® 7260 b/g/n (2x2) << the issue
more or less this as offered by best buy

The situation is as any one can google there are huge issues with the Wifi and as a result i have had to sent it back like 4 times to lenovo. The 7260N card is just choppy from my experience and I think it has to do with something in the power setting turning the card off because the hardware keeps disappearing and it says there are driver issues.

As a result I have been given the opportunity to swap it out for a Thinkpad Yoga with the following specs:
• 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4600U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.30GHz)
• 12.5" FHD (1920x1080) Multitouch Black with Pen
• 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L on MB
• Intel HD Graphics 4400
• 256GB Solid State Drive Serial ATA3
• Intel Dual Band Wireless 7260AC with Bluetooth 4.0

The reviews i have seen for the Thinkpad Yoga all are for a lower speced machine and the knock is the cost. here the cost is not an issue because their is no difference. It is my understanding that the Thinkpad will be more durable( i know my old X41 was) an d weigh about a 1/5lb more. There screen will be less than the 3200 screen but that means it will show yellow properly anot not need to be super scaled. The Thinkpad is still 108 and have the pen. i was told the Thinkpad cost more because you get American CS rather than being sent out to where ever and repairs turn around faster. i think I read the Think pad uses a 2.5in drive rather than the card which makes it swappable maybe. Other than that i am trying to see is this a worth while thing or shoul i tak the alternative and get my money back which is about $1260. Not the thinkpad's cost with all the specs is $1930. my concern is just the low ratings compared and that there is something I'm missing. my alternative would be to put the money toward a Surface pro 3 or whatever you all would recommend.

I would be using this mostly for business/work ( ie Excel, word Power point some programming, messaging etc), watching media on the go, and if possible light gaming ( Civ 5 etc) as I have given up on portable gaming after my M11Xr2. So I travel to and from meeting to court, some cross county ever once and a while and can be in hawaii with it so the Thinkpad anti spill potential is nice. i like the idea of the table but I have seen the real practicality of it and I have accepted that it is not. The old X41 had a style and whatever old school style but it was of course limited. The Yoga 2 pro without a stylus makes it IMHO feel like a gimmick look what I can do and you can't full tablet ( touchscreen ok but table its harder to see the function). Thinkpad with the stylus maybe a but more in that notes can be written.

So that is the long story and I would appreciate any input for the community about what would be a good choice based on real world experience and your technical know how and experience. Of course there is always a MBA or MBP as well. I threw in a pol for those who just want a quick button push. Thanks in advance Jase


Mar 13, 2010

Thank you for the response iceblitzed. That is my thinking too. I am typing this from the Yoga Pro actually. I know think pads have a reputation got durability.


Here are a few video reviews and comparisons to help you out:

ThinkPad Yoga

ThinkPad Yoga vs. Yoga 2 Pro

ThinkPad Yoga vs. Surface Pro 3

I would go with the ThinkPad Yoga. The extra cost is partially due to better durable design and also global business customer support. It does have a 2.5" drive bay for either a HDD or SDD.

The Surface Pro 3 does come with a pen, but nothing can be upgraded since the Surface is completely sealed. The detachable keyboard is usable, but not sure if it is good for extensive typing.

Do not forget to upgrade the warranty since it only comes with a 1 year warranty and you must send it to a depot for repairs. For such an expensive device I would select the $169 option for a full 3 year warranty (on-site). You can shave off $10 if you choose the 3 year NBD warranty (next business day).


Mar 13, 2010

Thanks jaguarskx, for the response. Great find on the videos especially the TPY v. SP3. I saw the other one before but I was looking for kind of a real world experience. I've seen Lisa's reviews before and I think sometimes he misses things like the yellow issue on the Y2P or the wifi issue.. I am a bit afraid that things like that are just Lenovo build quality issues or just something unique to that build. My thinking is I won't something that is going to keep up and I won't have to worry about it. To Apple's credit you turn it on and they work in general. The programs at my company and well everyone (its a start up everyone 31 or younger for the most part) use Macs. I like the versatility and openness of a windows system, plus they are just more standard for business.

The part you mentioned about durability and global business support makes sense to me, as well as the keyboard because if I'm not writing docs I am coding and I'm sloppy enough without a keyboard adding to my sloppiness.

Thanks again.
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