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  1. D

    Solved! Good GPU, CPU, RAM, but low performance / FPS

    I just bought a new laptop (Asus Aspire 7 A717-71G-71UL) with the following specs: - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz - 16 GB DDR4 Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 Dedicated VRAM This seemed like a pretty good pc to me, but every game I run plays at about...
  2. R

    Optane memory driver bug

    Hi! I tried to install the optane memory driver , but it immediately pops up an error that my cpu is unsupported and it needs 7th gen or newer. I have a 9th gen cpu , and the bios was updated yesterday , so i dont know why im getting that error. Please if you have any idea , share it with me :)...
  3. O

    I need to upgrade Asus Notebook K53SV

    I need to upgrade only 1.CPU now is intel core i5-2410M 2.30GHz can i change to intel core i7-2760QM 2.My SDD now is 500GB 2.5"SATA 5200rpm/7200rpm but didn't know what brand in side , I need your help so I can buy the right one. I just want only 1TB 3.Do I need to change Graphic card now...
  4. S

    Solved! Nehalem processor upgrade in laptop

    I have an Asus b53j laptop sitting around and i decided to upgrade it. Currently it has an i3 370m processor and i ordered a i7 920xm. When i place it the computer just flashesh the screen and when it is supposed to show bios it restarts and keeps in boot. With old processor it works fine. So i...
  5. T

    Will it work?

    I was wondering if all these parts are compatible: CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 3.0GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) Hex Core 14nm Coffee Lake Socket LGA1151 Desktop CPU Motherboard: ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z370 EXTREME4 RAM: G.Skill F4-3200C16D-8GVKB Ripjaws V 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-3200MHz CL16 1.35V Black...
  6. S

    Solved! 88 Degrees playing Battlefield 4

    Hello, I've been having some issues with my Predator Helios 300 laptop as it's getting quite hot as the CPU/GPU temperature reaches almost 90 degrees whilst playing demanding games like BF4. Is this normal or should I change something in my setup. My laptop: Windows 10 Intel i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz...
  7. A

    CPU upgrade for HM76 Socket 988B rPGA (HP Probook 6570b)

    I have an HP Probook 6570b. Socket is 988B rPGA. My current CPU is i5-3210M. I read this thread, and it got me thinking if I can also upgrade my Laptop CPU to i7 Quad. CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b If I had an QM77 Chipset, like he had, I would have tried it without question. But I...
  8. J

    Solved! 100% CPU usage

    I desperately need advice on what processes and startups I can delete or disable. Thanks for any help you can give!
  9. V

    Is my HDD dying or my whole laptop

    Hi, my laptop recently started freezing, I was getting blue screen, wouldn't even boot at some point. I did a reset but kept my files and it finally booted successfully. But for about 3-4 days now, it freezes when I try to do even the smallest tasks, I had to delete chrome and install Opera...
  10. T

    Solved! Laptop cpu upgrade

    Hi i need help Can i upgrade the laptop cpu Processor laptop have: Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 1.60GHz Cpu Package 478-pin micro FC-PGA 1.38" x 1.38" (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) Socket Model laptop Acer Extensa 5620Z. ___________________________________ I wanted to upgrade it, I know it is socket P...
  11. V

    Solved! cpu upgrade for medyon akoya P6643 laptop

    i have i5 3230 gen 3 laptop medyon akoya P6643 qm QM quad procesors function on the laptop? if yes then which ones ? and another question what is all procesors that function on it , how is called i edited because i found this procesor , this is functioning on it ? i7 3630 qm ? and i 7 3610 ?
  12. E

    Ryzen 5 with vega 8 graphics, or AMD A12-9720p?

    Looking to pick up a new laptop and it doesn't need to be able to do anything crazy other than code/browse and maybe audio recording/media stuff. I would definitely like for it to play games like Overwatch, Maplestory2 and Black Squad etc. Is there any noticeable benefit over getting a...
  13. B

    2 svchost.exe Processes Without Names Using Up Most of My CPU

    I managed to get a few trojans a couple days ago which were easily removed by malwarebytes, but since then I've had these two processes in task manager with no names, that are supposedly svchost.exe when I click go to details. Presumably Malwarebytes didn't manage to get rid of everything and...
  14. R

    asus sonic master

    after windows 10 update, cpu does not recognize usename and password. Keeps going on JUST A MOMENT
  15. H

    Solved! Trying to get the best out of a laptop with good cpu and a pc with a good graphics card

    So, I wonder if there is any way I can merge or hook up my laptop (with CPU) and my computer (with the GPU) so I can get the best out it. My pc's cpu is very old and bottlenecking and I have an integrated GPU on my laptop. Is there any way I can merge them into one machine? (not physically but...
  16. A

    CPU Core2Duo upgrade for old laptop

    I am tryign to upgrade my ASUS K50IN with Core2duo t5870. According to the info i've found it is possible go up to T9600, but can you do me afavior and double check me. I am a little bit confused, becouse my original t5870 is ppga479 and 800mhz, while t9600 is pga479 with 1000mhz,both are Socket...
  17. M

    Solved! HP 2000-2b49WM, is worth upgrading?

    A co-worker of mine acquired an old HP 2000-2b49WM for $30 from a pawn shop a couple years ago and just had it sitting around doing nothing. He recently saw that I had upgraded the RAM in our boss's laptop (which is not nearly as old as his and thus certainly worth the upgrade), and so the very...
  18. M

    Solved! Laptop CPU Upgrade

    My current laptop has an i5-7200U processor, I wanted to swap it out with an i7-2620M. In theory would it work? Been looking for socket types but can't find any information. Thanks.
  19. R

    Possible Upgrade a cpu?

    hi guys, i wanna upgrade my processor but im still confused about the spec... My cpu is B940, its pentium and dual core... 2 ghz and i wanna upgrade it to i7 2760qm im confuse and im bit afraid about this... you can compare it on intel ark... thats all... sorry for less-detailed post my...
  20. mrhotsharkable

    Solved! Help on deciding a laptop please!

    ASUS FX504GE-E4031T - £699 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 60Hz 15.6" ACER Predator Helios 300 - £749 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 144Hz 15.6"
  21. N

    Help on installing PC fans.

    Hello, My HP Omen only has 2 pre-installed fans (that I can see from the glass side panel). One on the back for exhaust and one on the cpu. Overall cooling system seems pretty bad. My cpu temps vary from ok to hot so I want to install another fan. However I don’t see any vents at all on the...
  22. K

    CPU behaving strange, running at 100%, unless Task manager is open? plz help me

    CPU behaving strange, running at 100%, unless Task manager is open? plz help me
  23. LordVile

    Solved! Laptop buying help please

    Looking for laptops with these features: Must Haves: 1080p screen IPS or High refresh hopefully both At least a 1070 A true 4 core CPU with HT preferably. Must be understated, nothing overly gamery. Logos are fine even in RGB but no "racing stripes" etc Somewhat portable 16GB RAM minimum 256GB...
  24. L

    Solved! Trying to upgrade

    I'm trying to upgrade my dell inspiron 5566's cpu from a kaby lake i3-7100u to a kably lake i7 laptop processor and I don't know if the cpu is soldered onto the motherboard or not.
  25. D

    Solved! Which matters more when it comes to gaming performance: the CPU or the graphics card?

    Hi everyone. I have a hypothetical question to ask: When it comes to a computer's gaming performance with newer AAA titles which matters more: The computer's CPU or it's graphics card? For example, regarding AAA gaming, if your computer had an underpowered CPU but somehow had a high-end...
  26. T

    Solved! Can you change the CPU/processor of an HP pavilion Dv6 7xxx series?

    I have an HP ENVY dv6t-7300 CTO laptop and the processor sucks, I can't play any good games or run good video editing software. I was wondering if I could change the processor of the laptop to boost its speed? if so how? it would be helpful if you could tell me. thx
  27. L

    Solved! What is this crack in the CPU

    I have an asus rog gl552v. I7 6700hq 8gb ram, 960m 2gb. I was playing csgo and my temps would be around 90 degrees with jumps up to even 98 as highest I decided to change the thermal paste, after opening up the laptop to the bare bone I found a crack beside the cpu and got worried...
  28. B

    can i upgrade my laptop processor i have celeron(r) cpu n3060@1.60ghz 1601 mhz 2 core(s) can i increase it?

    i need to change processor i have CELERON(R) CPU N3060@1.6GHZ to I5 8th generation processor its possible? anyone plz ans me....
  29. T

    Three laptops opinion

    I need to buy a gaming laptop and I have found 3 choices. They are very very similar but have 2 different main parts. Laptop A: Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ + NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB. Laptop B: Intel® Core™ i5-8300H + NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. Laptop C: Intel Core i7-8750H + NVIDIA...
  30. Paradise My-Colors

    Solved! Is the old MacBook Air still usable in 2018?

    Is the old MacBook Air (MC505LL/A) (CPU: 1.4Ghz - ram: 2Gb) still usable for PDF viewing/720p YouTube/word/PowerPoint/Fruity Loop in 2018?
  31. J

    Should I upgrade my intel penguin cpu or my gtx 1050 graphics card first?

    PC building upgrades
  32. C

    Would this be VR Ready?

    Would this build be VR ready / can anyone tell if there are any bottlenecks or incompatibility's please? CPU: Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6 GHz 6-Core CPU Cooler: Corsair - H100i v2 70.69 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: Asus - ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard RAM: Corsair -...
  33. D

    CPU stuck at 0,8Ghz with battery and battery not charging.

    I have an Omen 17-w103np. Today I turned my laptop on and the laptop wasn’t charging. I tried unplugging and plug-in the power cable, and it started charging for 10 or so seconds and then it stopped working again. After countless restarts, I still had the same issue. Saw online someone who said...
  34. S

    Solved! Laptop thermal problem (?)

    I bought MSI GL62M 7REX about a year ago with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050 Ti 4gb, but i noticed that my laptop run slower than any laptop with similar configuration (i got ~690cb on cinebench r15 multicore performance), and my cpu sitting at 60-70 degree Celsius on idle. is it normal or something's...
  35. A

    Solved! OBS settings for my PC? Should i stream using CPU or GPU?

    Hello, so my question is about streaming. What should my stream OBS settings be or what should my encoder be? CPU - I3 8350K 4GHZ GPU - GTX 1050 TI 4GB Thanks!
  36. E

    Solved! I5 4200U replacement with the I7 4500U

    Laptop: Dell Inspiron 3537 I'm thinking of changing my laptops cpu to a more powerful one. I know that its technically not possible to do it but what if i would resolder/reball the new cpu to the socket. It should work because i believe that Dell uses the same motherboard on all 3537 model...
  37. A

    Solved! CPU temp 104 C ???

    Samsung A10-4600 APU, fan is running but the temp on the CAM software shows 102-104 C and the fan speed is shown as -- ( no fan speed) both on the GPU and CPU. Windows 10 has given more than a 100 notifications in the last 2 hours. The fan is running but sound a bit slow. im not sure. bought...
  38. S

    Laptop doesn't power on after motherboard replacement/gpu is not recognized or visible

    Hello everybody. I have a 6-year old laptop hp envy 17-3090nr which overall works fine. This model had two almost identical series 30xx and 32xx - the latter was slightly newer and thus more powerful. So I decided to make an upgrade - ordered motherboard from 32xx series (this one -...
  39. D

    Solved! Performance drop and CPU stuck at low clock speed

    Hello friends , So i have a Lenovo Ideapad z510 laptop i5, 6Go Ram, Windows 7 Pro 64x about 5 years old. Last week , i started having a problem with the battery, the laptop is plugged-in , it says charging but the battery percentage won't go up , stuck at 0%, i tried couple of things like...
  40. C

    Thermal problem after replacing paste in a laptop

    Hello So I read other people threads on this issue but I didn't seem to find the answer I was hoping for. Last night I wanted to install an SSD in the optical bay of my laptop (Asus K556U or X556UR ) specs: intel core i5-7200U with Nvidia 930MX and 6 GB ddr4 ram )(1.5 years old, main use is for...
  41. S

    can i run directx 10 to up in my pentium(R) Duel core cpu E5700 @ 3.00GHz

    can i run directx 10 to up in my pentium(R) Duel core cpu E5700 @ 3.00GHz
  42. M

    Solved! AMD barely supports their Raven Ridge Mobile APUs and we consumers have to pay for it...

    This is both a rant and a cry for help as I recently bought an HP EliteBook 755 G5 with the Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U and have been dealing with endless issues that couldn't be fixed (yet) even after contacting AMD and HP. HP claims that they will be able to fix the issue by replacing some hardware...
  43. S

    Solved! upgrade or replace?

    I have a 7 (?) year old dell xps 15 L502x, 6GB RAM,i5-2430M 2 core cpu, 2.4 GHz. It is running slow when I have many (~30) tabs open. I wanted to wait until Intel had fixed meltdown and spectre in hardware before buying a new machine but not much is out with fixes yet. Should I upgrade my PC to...
  44. M

    Solved! Is it really true that there is no negative impact on the laptop if I undervolt the CPU using XTU?

    Will undervolting also slows slow down the computer?
  45. xJoseph

    Task.EXE 50%+ CPU usage at all times

    No apps in Process is using any CPU, but its in the resource monitor so I assume it's a virus. I have tried everything I could find on Google, MalwareBytes, Adwcleaner etc. etc. I already reset Chrome settings as well (Not sure if related or not but I already did it) My room doesn't really have...
  46. L

    Can my pc run fortnite?

    Can my laptop with a intel i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GHz 16GB RAM 1TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Graphics play fortnite and what are the comfortable settings to play on?
  47. A

    How accurate is CPUID HWMONITOR exactly? (showing unusually high cpu frequencies)

    Is CPUID's HWMONITOR program accurate for cpu frequency? Because I'm getting some rather strange values (6036MHz across all cores, except core 8 running at 6126MHz) This is on a Ryzen 7 2700 without any overclocking applied (i.e everything's set to auto for now - I have plans on overclocking...
  48. J

    HW Monitor use of zero

    Hey All, This is something that had been bugging me for a while. Why does HW Monitor list my #1 cpu core as "core 0"? Doesn't "zero" denote the absence of a unit of the measurement or count being taken? Obviously this is one of the really big questions of our time, but I'm sure there's...
  49. M

    Solved! Should I downgrade the CPU of my Thinkpad X1E from i7-8850H to i7-8750H or i5-8400H?

    Hi, I bought a X1E with i7-8850H, 32GB RAM and two 1TB SSDs. I have noisy fan issue even I just surf the internet or send email. Will exchanging a model with i7-8750H or even i5-8400H CPU solve the noisy fan issue?
  50. C

    Solved! How can i remove Bitcoin miner ?

    i try using adw cleaner + malwarebytes ( it did show me the files of bitcoin trojan and removed after that restart it still back) and if its bitcoin miner is ON adw cleaner and malwarebyte freeze up + when i try to go use task manager the CPU 50% it go back to cpu: 2-5% , its like hiding from it...
  51. J

    Solved! Overasked Question About Hot CPU/GPU

    I have an MSI GS60 Stealth Laptop with an (8th gen) i7-8750h @ 2.20 GHZ, 16 gigs of ram, and a Nvidia 1060 GTX Graphics card. When playing Black Ops 4 on my laptop, my CPU temp usually gets to about 78-83 Celsius, and my GPU is at about 70-73 Celsius. I have a cooler (Opolar Lc05 Laptop...
  52. H

    Can I run Black Ops 3

    Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.4Ghz Installed Memory : 8GB DDR 3 64 - bit OS, x64-based processor Win 10 Pro Nvidia GeForce 940M Is this good enough for Bo3 and what settings can I get the best fps
  53. K

    Can I upgrade HP 17-X019DS Laptop Intel CPU N3710 1.6Ghz?

    I have a HP Notebook 17-X019DS Laptop 4GB Intel Pent CPU N3710 @ 1.6Ghz? Can this CPU N3710 be replaced/upgraded for a higher (2.x Ghz) CPU? If so, what CPU could be best? Thanks in andvance.
  54. sammiokas

    Laptop CPU usage too low

    I don't know how to explain this, but I will try my best. My laptop has not been working properly recently, when the laptop is idle the cpu usage randomly jumps to a 100%, sometimes stays like that for a minute then it goes down to 1% and the same thing happens over and over again. But when I...
  55. E

    Lenovo Y520 Low CPU And GPU Usage

    Hi, recently I got Lenovo Y520, but i am having some problems. I installed CS:GO. When i play my fps is wandering arround generally 120 and 130 fps, but cpu usage is about %55 while gpu usage is %45. How can I use my notebook's full potential? Thanks for any help in advance.
  56. O

    Solved! upgrade ssd & ram on a i3 6100 CPU laptop

    Hey, so my mother's Dell Vostro 5459 laptop is very, very slow (it was never a very fast computer to begin with), i tried formatting it, no significant improvement... the specs are: i3 6100U, 4GB DDR3L-1600, 500GB 5400RPM sata 3 2.5" hard drive i saw that there is only one bay for the RAM...
  57. G

    Good PC Running Slow

    My specs for my pc are : CPU: Ιntel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz GPU : GTX 1060 ZOTAC 3GB AMP edition RAM: 8 GB I fell that i should be able to play most games on medium at 30-60 fps but my pc is struggling to get at 20 fps on the lowest settings any idea why ??
  58. D

    Solved! Change cpu on an asus U31SD laptop.

    Wasup guys. I have an old asus U31SD laptop that I use for streaming movies to my tv. And I'm wondering if it is possible to upgrade the i3 in it to an i5? See: https://www.asus.com/Laptops/U31SD/specifications/ The specs say they supported "Intel® Core™ i5 2410M Processor" at one point. I...
  59. A

    Solved! New Windows laptop - memory, speed, SSD- what is needed?

    Hi, I am actually looking to buy 2 new laptops. The ones I have are "Ancient" and not worth, time, money aggravation to try and upgrade. I have been on all the major brands websites trying to compare, contrast, build, the memory, speed cores, ssd, ddr, dedicated/not card, How many usb ports...
  60. R

    Can you replace CPUs?

    I have a Dell Latitude 5590 with an intel core i5 8250U CPU. Running Adobe Premiere Pro on this laptop is pretty slow and I'm looking into speeding up my laptop with adding RAM or swapping CPU. I have two questions with that: 1. Can you even remove the CPU from my laptop or is it soldered in...