Solved! Trying to get the best out of a laptop with good cpu and a pc with a good graphics card

Nov 27, 2018
So, I wonder if there is any way I can merge or hook up my laptop (with CPU) and my computer (with the GPU) so I can get the best out it. My pc's cpu is very old and bottlenecking and I have an integrated GPU on my laptop. Is there any way I can merge them into one machine? (not physically but still, computing power)



No, and using an external video adapter is not a good idea, they don't work with all systems, can require you to remove the WiFi card to use it and will bottleneck any decent card since they run on PCIe 1x speeds, you will need to have the cable sticking out of the case, external monitor and power adapter, it's messy. Just sell both or one and replace them with a single faster system.

Would help if you listed full system specs on both systems since you may be able to update the desktop.