Question How can I get Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency.

Jun 11, 2022
I am a small laptop gamer. I play to wast my free time. My dad brought me a laptop at 2016. It has Intel i3 4005u cpu. I play so many game. But some openworld game make lag. But still playable. Now my question is can I overclock my Integrated gpu? At the official website of intel they said its Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency is 950 MHz. When I get the full Frequency I really found no lag at all game. But after 1-2 minutes it start lag. I am facing this problem for 3 year. Can anyone help me to fix it?? Please Help Me Out..
My pc space :
Ram : 4GB
Rom : 500gb HDD
Cpu : intel i3 4005u 1.70 Ghz