Solved! upgrade ssd & ram on a i3 6100 CPU laptop


Sep 21, 2017
so my mother's Dell Vostro 5459 laptop is very, very slow (it was never a very fast computer to begin with), i tried formatting it, no significant improvement...
the specs are:
i3 6100U,
4GB DDR3L-1600,
500GB 5400RPM sata 3 2.5" hard drive

i saw that there is only one bay for the RAM (replaceable), and the max capacity is 8gb

i was thinking about upgrading to a ssd, and 8gb RAM:

my question is, is that CPU worth upgrading? is it the bottleneck?

thanks, and sorry for my bad english
The CPU us soldered in; you cannot upgrade it.

The Samsung EVO 860 is a newer version SSD. Since SSDs have read / write speeds that are extremely higher than hard drives, the laptop will be more responsive.