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  1. G

    Highlights of the Dell Vostro 3578 i5 8250U?

    The Dell Vostro 3578 is part of the Dell 2018 product lineup, which is pretty well configured. The laptop also uses a discrete Radeon graphics card suitable for graphics or gaming quite well.
  2. A

    Help Forgot password

    I forgot my password to my Dell Vostro desktop, because i haven't used it in awhile, how can i get in it?
  3. J

    Solved! When i plug in my headphones, internal mic stops working

    So, my laptop is a DELL VOSTRO 3568, it's got only one jack port with an headset icon carved on its left so I'm assuming it's a combo-jack. I'm wondering if there's any option I can use on my laptop without having to buy a headset and just use the internal microphone and external headphones at...
  4. S

    have a m.2 slot ssd

    vostro 3468 i3 8th gen have a m.2 slot ssd
  5. O

    Solved! upgrade ssd & ram on a i3 6100 CPU laptop

    Hey, so my mother's Dell Vostro 5459 laptop is very, very slow (it was never a very fast computer to begin with), i tried formatting it, no significant improvement... the specs are: i3 6100U, 4GB DDR3L-1600, 500GB 5400RPM sata 3 2.5" hard drive i saw that there is only one bay for the RAM...
  6. C

    Dell Vostro 1510 freezing

    I have an elderly Vostro 1510 (OS Vista) which, whilst rather slow, was working fine when, a few days ago, it suddenly started freezing after a few minutes use. Since then, I've moved a lot of files onto an external drive to free up space on the hard drive (which necessarily took several lots...
  7. R

    Dell Vostro 3500 battery problems

    I have a 8 year old Vostro 3500. It has a 9 cell battery (3 years old) but now suddenly the battery refuses to charge even with the original power cable. The laptop powers on even without the battery while plugged in. The processor (i3 380m @ 2.53 ghz) never goes beyond 0.88 ghz even under load...
  8. P

    Dell Vostro 1014 unique power issue

    I have dell vostro with windows 7 in it. Actually it's battery become dud and when I put charger in it only monitor screen lights up automatically , but no power to fan or motherboard. I tried dead reset by removing bios cell and pressing power button to release built in charge too, but no gain...
  9. S

    Laptop turning off Dell vostro 14 3468 ci7 7th gen

    hello HOPE EVERY ONE IS FINE AND IN GOOD HEALTH The reason i am posting today is i am facing a problem with my laptop dell vostro 14 3468 ci7 7th gen the problem is that i bought it box packed but after a few days while random usijng it went off i thought that i might be restart update but...
  10. A

    Solved! Running vostro 3550 with cracked LCD

    So after I went back home LCD on my vostro broke and I only get 8 beeps that signals LCD erros, but is there any option to run it with just external screen ? I really don't want to get a new screen just becous the price is ridiculous.
  11. Wafcon

    Dell Vostro Shuts down 1 - 2 mins after startup

    So suddenly my dell vostro 3500 (i3) suddenly had this problem where it shuts down suddenly 1ish minutes after starting up. Prior to it breaking I had changed nothing around and it was working fine. I removed the Hdd and the problem still continues, meaning its nothing with windows, and I've...
  12. G

    dell laptop vostro 3560 how to make it gaming

    When I play tom clancy's splinter cell it hangs
  13. V

    vostro 1510 stopping out of the blue

    Hi all, my dell Vostro 1510 suddenly stops and only after rebooting I get it back working. This seems to be happening when the laptop gets warm when the left side where the cooling fan is situated really gets hot. I tried using an extra cooling table under the laptop but to no avail, also...
  14. K

    Dell Vostro 1720 keyboard stopped working

    I have a Dell Vostro 1720. The keyboard will not work. One day it was fine, then all of a sudden it wasn't. Help!
  15. A

    Dell vostro 3560 bios showing hdd but boot failure press any key to reboot error someone please help

    Dell vostro 3560 bios showing hdd but boot failure press any key to reboot error someone please help
  16. O

    can a Dell Vostro 3550 use Minecraft?

    All I Wanna Know Is If A Dell Vostro Can Use Minecraft
  17. C

    Solved! Display error on dell vostro 3450

    my laptop screen just turns all black and white pixels after a while of using. and i turn off the lid and turn on the lid it works fine and after an hour or 2 same thing again. i uninstalled and instaled my display driver, updated it but the same issue persists.
  18. P

    how to control fanspeed in vostro 3458

    fan runs in maximum speed lthough cpu usage is normal.how to fix it in dell vostro 3458?
  19. J

    Very slow boot on Dell vostro 5470 machine

    Hey all. What could happen with it? It should load bios and system in 30sec. But nowadays it take to load up whole system in 2 mins. I use the same hardware and software. Nothing modified. Look the tape i recorded how it boot. Hope to hear you soon. Julianas. https://youtu.be/hw-TCETvSjs
  20. T

    Can I run assassin creed black flag on dell vostro 2520

    My ram is 4 GB graphic intel hd4000 and i3 processor
  21. C

    Processor upgrade in Dell vostro 1015

    Hi, My laptop freezes randomly. I bought it in 2011 or 2012. Dell Vostro 1015. I formatted it and clear the hard disk completely. Still the problem has not been solved. So finally I want to upgrade it's processor to i5 and RAM 4GB. Can I do it in my laptop? Will the problem Solve after doing it?
  22. M

    Laptop sudden harm

    I bought dell vostro 14-5459 last year, and today my laptop can’t switch on properly and have burnt smell out of sudden. The blue screen pop out and show something like “Your pc have some problem and will be restart” and there’s a code bar below. But due to burning smell I just flip off the...
  23. G

    What does "Battery charging is temporally disabled " mean ? I have a dell vostro 2420 . How do i enable or fix this issue ?

    Hi, I noticed a few days ago my battery wasn't charging on my vostro 2420 . I Plugged my laptop in when it was 6 percent before i went to bed at 8:00 and i woke up in the morning and noticed the battery was only 29 percent . I then restarted my laptop and when it turned on at the loading screen...
  24. D

    can i play GTA V

    Can i play GTA V in dell vostro 3568.the specifications are as follows:- 1.Graphics Coprocessor: AMD Radeon R5 M315 2.RAM Size: 8GB(DDR4) 3.WINDOWS 10. 4.1 TB harddisk space. 5.core i5(7th generation) processor.
  25. J

    It is not working in my dell laptop?

    I am trying to take screen shot in my dell vostro laptop. but i am unable to take screen shot please suggest me another way.
  26. R

    To update [upgrade] a processor in laptop

    I have Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i3-4005U processor in dell vostro 14 3000 series laptop. Can i update it to 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor ?
  27. G

    Windows 7 freezes a few minutes after connecting to wifi. What could be the problem

    My laptop Dell Vostro. Hangs a few minutes after connecting to wifi. The other programs I can click but the network Icon becomes unresponsive
  28. H

    Bought a dell laptop, but there is no label specification like vostro or inspiron. how to know ?

    Bought a dell laptop, but there is no label specification like vostro or inspiron. how to know ?
  29. G

    Dell inspiron turned to vostro after repair

    I had a dell inspiron n4050, i had some issues with the motherboard and has taken it to the local technician. He did something and from that point my lap is showing vostro in the startup logo and I can't find amd hardware also. Need help guys
  30. C

    My laptop works slow compared to different lower spec laptop

    Hi guys! I bought my Dell Vostro 5459 few months ago. It has Skylake i7, 8GB of RAM and Samsung 850 SSD. My friend has Dell XPS 13" with i5, also 8GB of RAM (i don't know about his SSD). Well, I noticed that my laptop works much slower compared to his. Tabs in Edge keeps crashing, especially...
  31. J

    Laptop not working. Showing black screen

    I have dell vostro 2420 come pre installed with windows 8. I have updated it to windows 10. But by mistake I have delete all the partition including system partition also. Now laptop is not working and showing black screen. What to do....plz help
  32. V

    Dell vostro 1510 dvd quit playing

    The cd player on the dell 1510 works fine, but the dvd player was working, but not working anymore
  33. A

    Solved! When I want to play game like GTA my windows show that insufficient video memory. What I can do?

    I have dell vostro 2520 .when I star games like GTA. Windows show that insufficient video memory. So please tell what I can do
  34. S

    Battery Problem in Dell Vostro 2420

    I recently bought a new battery for my laptop it shows as charging 43%,doesn't increase or decrease and immediately shuts down on removal from ac power.kindly help me out here
  35. B

    Solved! can i expand the graphic card

    can i expand the graphic card of this laptop dell vostro 2520
  36. M

    Dell Vostro 1540 - Problem with USB booting

    Hello, I have problem with my Dell Vostro 1540. This laptop at the moment have a Windows 10 Education, but I prefer Linux OS and I download xubuntu 17.04 iso 64 bit from xubuntu page and record iso in my USB Flash Drive 8gb. I try all system files and all parition table, but my dell cant boot...
  37. F

    dell vostro 1520 doesn't turn on

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my laptop. Yesterday I was doing some data backup and went to another room for a while. When I came back the laptop was off. I thought that maybe I plugged charger wrong and the battery is dead, but surprise. It wasn't a battery... firstly nothing worked...
  38. A

    Solved! How long will this battery last? Dell Vostro 15 5568

    Hi everyone, been looking for a laptop, and this seems good, but i am a little worried about the battery life. Kan someone tell me approximately how long it will last? :) Intel Core I7 7200U 8GB ram 256 GB SSD 15,6" screen Intel HD Graphics 620 And the battery is a 3-celled Litiumion-ion...
  39. A

    hello, in my vostro 15 3568, i cant see WIFI option anywhere...:( i have bluetooth but there is no option for WIFI.. i had tri

    hello, in my vostro 15 3568, i cant see WIFI option anywhere...:( i have bluetooth but there is no option for WIFI.. i had tried lots of wifi drivers but it was useless
  40. L

    Solved! Can we upgrade to 750 in this laptop. I dont think there is space and cpu. How can u just upgrade in a laptop plz tell if u ca

    Plz tell if u can upgrade in t he vostro 1550 laptop plz send the components link if u can upgrade to any gc
  41. Pentium4User

    Dell vostro 1510 cpu upgrade

    Hello I have a Dell vostro 1510 and it has a celeron 560 and even tho it still good in my opinion. The single core getting on me now. Now I tried upgrading it to a core 2 duo T5500 from my old ibm t60 so I know it works but when I try booting it up it at a black screen and the num lock light...
  42. E

    When I boot my laptop,I see lots of horizontal lines on tbe screen. My main screen doesnt show up again

    Immediately I boot my dell vostro i3, I see lots kf horizontal lines. It just started and I can't access the screen
  43. A

    Dell Vostro 3559 for gaming

    Hi, I just got a new laptop and was wondering whether it is suitable for gaming at all with AMD Radeon r5 m513 GPU, 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5-6200 CPU Thanks!
  44. Q

    Integrated Laptop Graphics card questions and help

    Hey guys. I've just bought a new laptop, DELL Vostro 3568, with the i3 7100 CPU and an integrated Intel HD 620 graphics card. I don't really have any experience or knowledge concerning laptops, but I do know about desktops somewhat. I have 3 questions: 1. Since I'm planning to put in another...
  45. S

    DDR3 or DDR3L

    I have a Dell Vostro 3500 laptop and I want to upgrade its ram, so which type of ram will be supported ddr3 or ddr3l ? I don't want to damage my hardware by putting a wrong RAM in it.
  46. J

    Vostro 5480 not recognizing external monitors

    am using Vostro 5480 window 10 and trying to connect to Dell U2410 External monitor via HDMI cable, but it cannot detect the monitor and shown No HDMI Cable
  47. S

    Dell driver 1705

    I am frustrated and Dell vostro 3546 1705 driver won't install in my Dell vostro 3546 laptop. It has got windows 7 , 32 bit operating system. When I went further to install wireless 1704 wifi +bluetooth driver it won't install , in the end it says activate bluetooth. Please help I am really...
  48. S

    looking to buy a laptop for college, narrowed it down to 2 options

    the use for the laptop is gonna be mostly school work, web browsing and such, i narrowed it down to 2 options within my budget. Dell vostro 5468 14inch specs: i5-7200U 256GB SSD 8Gb ddr4 ram nvidia 940mx Lenovo 510s-14 same specs, but integrated graphics (HD graphics 620) the vostro costs...
  49. R

    DELL Vostro 15 (5568)-worth buying?

    Hello, what is your opinion about this laptop? Is it good choice if I want slim and lightweight laptop for watching movies and occasional gaming e. g. LoL, WoW? there are 2 options: https://www.tsbohemia.cz/dell-vostro-15-5568-5568-6809-_d252863.html or...
  50. L

    Problems with the sound Dell Vostro 3558

    Hello, I have a Dell Vostro 3558. I bought it about one year ago, and it already had it's HDD replaced... My current problem is that the device is not playing any sound. If only the speakers are active, nothing happens. If heaphones are plugged in, there is a constant buzzing and white noise...
  51. S

    keyboard short cuts in dell vostro 1440

    how to get code symbols.and smiley symbols..like that.etc...in dell vostro1440 laptop,in this lp keyboard numlock& scroll lock
  52. E

    Laptop won't boot without AC charger. And the battery has to be removed

    Hello guys. My friends laptop (dell Vostro 5470 i3) won't boot without the AC charger and the battery has to be removed for the laptop to turn on. Also the power button can't be pressed, so he is using a DIY jumper that he made from the cable on the motherboard.
  53. O

    CPU Upgrade for Dell Vostro 3700

    I recently acquired a broken Dell Vostro 3700 laptop, the previous owner took it to BestBuy and they couldn't fix it. I ran chkdsk and it runs fine now. So anyway, now that I have it, I would like to upgrade it. I don't know a lot about laptops (i'm more of a desktop guy) but from what I know it...
  54. J

    a dell vostro A860 can that laptop play bf3

    i install the game (Battlefield 3) on mysystem (DELL VOSTRO A860 LAPTOP) but recieved some errors can my system play the BF3
  55. T

    My Dell Vostro Has A Black Screen And A Flashing _

    I have a dell vostro 1014 it has a black screen and a flashing underscore ( _ ) i tried to press d+the power button the colors came up but it just restarted and the underscore came back i tried the diagnostics and it restarted and more underscore the cooling fan seems to be working well can...
  56. S

    helo sir. there is no dell webcam central in my dell vostro 3558 lap. but when i open skype the cam will automaticaly opened

    helo sir. there is no dell webcam central in my dell vostro 3558 lap. but when i open skype the cam will automaticaly opened
  57. B

    How to know, how much wifi devices I have?

    Hi, I'm using laptop Dell Vostro 3750, but dont know what Wifi device I have? Try to find on everest, but not lucky. So I'm confused what I should to install: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/vostro-3750/drivers
  58. B

    Help me with Dell drivers for Windows 7

    Hi, have vostro 3750, and I wanna know what drivers I should install, and what to avoid. I installed almost all recommended drivers: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/vostro-3750/drivers?os=w764 Don't install: Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver, free fall...
  59. B

    Some questions Dell Vostro 3750...

    Hi, I bought new samsung 850 evo ssd. But I think, I don't get full performance of it, or there is problems with something else. Windows boots faster than ssd, installs also faster, but I feel lag, or stuck sometimes. Achi, rapid mode enabled, make system optimization and set to maximum...
  60. T

    After disassembly Dell Vostro 3300 wont function properly.

    Hello everyone, after wrapping my head around this problem trying to search the whole internet for days i decide that i would be better off asking for help. I have basic knowledge and pratice when it comes to hardware and had disassembled a few laptops before this, however i got into a big...