Integrated Laptop Graphics card questions and help


Dec 23, 2016
Hey guys. I've just bought a new laptop, DELL Vostro 3568, with the i3 7100 CPU and an integrated Intel HD 620 graphics card.

I don't really have any experience or knowledge concerning laptops, but I do know about desktops somewhat.

I have 3 questions:

1. Since I'm planning to put in another 4GB DDR4 memory, I can basically pick any one?
I don't know if it's different RAMs for laptops and PCs (i know, kinda a dumb question, but when I see how the Kingston HyperX Fury looks like comparing to normal RAM, it makes me wonder.

2. Will the extra RAM help my graphics card? Since I can see it shares memory.

3. If the extra RAM actually helps my graphics card, and I also get the KINGSTON HyperX Fury DDR4 4GB (2133MHz), is there a way (with some software) to arrange that my graphics card will use specifically/only that RAM?

Also, if someone could link me or explain to me how dual channel actually helps with RAM that would also be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Dec 21, 2016
1.- You need a laptop version of the ram you picking and check the frecuency your current motherboard supports... Before picking a ram
2.- Yes and No... It is basically better to just put a dedicated graphics card in your laptop... Ram will do help but the support will be practically meaningless... So, no big improvement at all.

4.- Dual channel uses NorthBrigde technology it actually increases a bit the performance of integrated graphics but as i said before its a meaningless difference between a dedicated graphics card and the integrated one...
MY Tip would be to use that money for a 950m or a 960M dedicated graphics card.
Ofcourse i do not know how much space is dispoced in that laptop to integrate a dedicated GPU but i would try to do everything possible to not use an integrated GPU... Yes, do Dual channel IF ITS YOUR LAST OPTION...


Sep 17, 2016
1. make sure that you take apart your laptop before you purchase the ram.
2. go online and search up the manufacturer of the ram stick.
3. then it should say something like this (there is 1rx8 or 2rx8) you need one or the other, you cant just have a 1rx8 ram in your laptop and put in a 2rx8 in it otherwise the screen will go black. but dont worry you didnt just break your computer if you did put in different ram. just remove the stick you put it.
4. and yes it will help if you put in more ram, i will leave a link in this answer on one of my older channel videos explaining how to increase it.
5. once you have done all of this your computer should be faster at loading things and games.
6 and also the difference between 1rx8 and 2rx8 is that 1rx8 has only 4 black squares on both sides of the stick. and 2rx8 has 8 blak squares per stick. it all depends on if our motherboard can use one or the other. hope this helped!

link for increasing intel HD graphics Shared memory: http://
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