Laptop turning off Dell vostro 14 3468 ci7 7th gen

Sep 11, 2018

The reason i am posting today is i am facing a problem with my laptop dell vostro 14 3468 ci7 7th gen the problem is that i bought it box packed but after a few days while random usijng it went off i thought that i might be restart update but the problem continued after alot off seaches and observations i found out that the hard disk usage in task manager was always hundered even at low usage at normal comditon the laptop was stable but when even a small software was opened the hardware usage went 100 and stayed 100 for 5 7 minutes until the software was not off and when it went out of hard disks hand the cpou usage would go to 60 70 and ka boom laptop off i tried everything replaced the hard new os every single tutorial to reduce disk usage turning of disabling services every single thing but no luck someone told me that the laptop might be giving wrong voltage to the hard but i am not sure and i hae no idea how to find out ( good part the laptop is still in dell warranty sad part i cant replace it coz i live in a countery where htis no dell outlet to get it replaced or atleast repaired i cant even parcel it out of my countery due to custom rules ) i am considering changing mother board need serius suggestions what could be the issue changing mother board would do any good or not if changing mother board fix the problem then how to find the right mother board for the model i mean compatible i mean i cant go to the shop and buy a random mother board so something that might helpp plz i ahve high hopes from u guys you are mylast hope :(
Sep 11, 2018
bro i told u i bought it online there is no official dell outlet here i am stuck with it cant return cant post it out of my countery due to custom rules
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