MSI GT683R Upgrade - CPU, Fan and thermal Compound

Jan 3, 2019
Hi, I have a MSI GT683R and I´d like to upgrade the CPU and the Fan if possible!

Mi notebook details are:

CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM
Manufacturing Process: 0.032 micron
Socket Type: Socket G2
Thermal Design Power: 45 Watt
Motherboard: MSI MegaBook GT680/GT683/GT685/GX660/GX680 Series (MS-16F2)
Motherboard Chipset: Intel Cougar Point HM67, Intel Sandy Bridge
DMI BIOS Version: E16F2IMS V3.0S (Release Date: 08/17/2011)
Upgrade Socket: rPGA988B ("G2" or FCPGA988)
Fan: T&T - B9733L12B-028 - 0,36A 12VDC - E330800182MC200B30058436

1.- Replacing the CPU
The goal is to replace the CPU without changing anything else, so starting from
this web page:

I have to nice options:

- i7-2860QM
- i7-2920XM

Here are the three processors characteristics:

Technology (micron) Cores Threads Frequency (MHz) Turbo freq. (MHz) L2 cache (KB) L3 cache (KB) TDP (Watt)
i7-2670QM 0.032 4 8 2200 3100 1024 6144 45
i7-2860QM 0.032 4 8 2500 3600 1024 8192 45
i7-2920XM 0.032 4 8 2500 3500 1024 8192 55

Based on benchmarks (, the 2920XM and the 2860QM
have very similar I think that the 2860QM should be the selected one
as the 2920XM uses 10 more should generate more heat too, isn´t it?

And so, the question is:

- Replacing the i7-2670QM with a i7-2860QM should work without changing anything else?
Should the BIOS work with this CPU (Frequency and Turbo freq. are higher)?

2.- Thermal Compound
I´m going to "update" the thermal compound from my CPU and GPU.
I´ve found that the Thermal Compound HY-880 is a nice replacement:

- Have any one tried it? Is it worth it?

3.- CPU and GPU Fan
My notebook fan is working nicely but I´d like to replace it with a new one that
generates more airflow.

The actual one is this:
Fan: T&T - B9733L12B-028 - 0,36A 12VDC - E330800182MC200B30058436

And I´m able to find a similar replacement but not a "better" one.

- Anyone knows of a better fan that could improve to cold down the system?

Thank you in advance!!!!
Jan 3, 2019
About GPU upgrading...A NVIDIA GTX675M from DELL like this ( will "be plug´n play" in a GT683R with a GTX560m? Will it need anything more than new thermal paste?