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  1. R

    Solved! Unnamed suspended process (svchost) in Task manager

    Its been about 2-3 months since my built my new computer for hosting some VMs and for running some resource heavy applications. A couple of weeks ago I've noticed that I have an unnamed process in my task manager which is always suspended (or at least it shows up as suspended when I view it in...
  2. M

    Solved! wath is svchost.exe?

    i heve these thing called svhost.exe -s on my computere some say its normal but is it? i am confused.
  3. B

    2 svchost.exe Processes Without Names Using Up Most of My CPU

    I managed to get a few trojans a couple days ago which were easily removed by malwarebytes, but since then I've had these two processes in task manager with no names, that are supposedly svchost.exe when I click go to details. Presumably Malwarebytes didn't manage to get rid of everything and...
  4. C

    Svchost.exe in Task Manager causing high CPU usage

    Recently I have gotten this unnamed process in Task Manager that when I open its file location, it takes me to my sysWOW64 folder to the svchost.exe file. I get high CPU usage only when Task Manager is closed, and normal CPU usage when it is opened. I am sure that this isn't a igfxupdate.exe...
  5. JP7PlaysMC

    Svchost.exe eating almost 50% of my CPU.

    Hello forum! After messing about with some downloads a weird thing started to happen with a particular svchost.exe, as in it started eating almost 50% of my CPU (I7 4790). When I open the task manager it has no name, so whilst other services say "Service Host [...]" this one doens't. It's also...
  6. B

    svchost.exe extremely high cpu usage destroying computer

    Here latley i will be playing games i could always run perfectly fine like fortnite and my game will just start running at like 3 fps. So i checked to see what was causing the problem and its svchost.exe using up 60% of my cpu at all times, Sometimes it spikes to even more than that but on...
  7. G

    "SppExtComObj.dll" virus/malware. Pls help.

    About 3 days ago. I installed MS Toolkit on my pc to activate my windows account. Next thing I know, I have viruses and malwares on my computer. Thus, I tried fixing it. I think I got most of them.... well hopefully. But, I still got one problem. Every time I start up my pc, my anti-virus...
  8. S

    SvChost.exe is taking up 99% Cpu and has created around 20+ versions of its self

    Okay So i'll start chronologically Reset my PC like a do everyyear - Yesterday Got a virus from Trying to get some cheats - Karma Ikr - Today Removed Virus - Today I was in a game of Cs When i noticed it had started lagging/stuttering, I checked my Task Manager and sure enough i found some...
  9. A

    svchost.exe (netsvcs) keeps downloading something

    So, my internet is so slow lately and when I checked the task manager it shows that svchost.exe keeps downloading something. And I've tried everything that internet told me like disabling BITS and Windows Update and it doesnt solve anything. And one more problem, everytime I reboot my laptop the...
  10. Z

    Possible malware disguised as svchost.exe

    So I recently came across high usage on memory and cpu for a svchost.exe. I also noticed my pc becoming a lot slower, though I have no idea how to remove it. I'm fairly certain that I have malware on my pc, though everything seem fine until this thing popped up. No programs I have used in the...
  11. S

    100% CPU Usage on idle!!!

    This is my relatives cpu, and I was really cocky trying to fix it, like oh man, don't worry just gimmie a couple of hours and it's done, but the problem is more than I have expected. I tried every single antivirus until now, and non seem to detect it, OS: windows 7 home premium sp1 32bit. It...
  12. M

    Found svchost.exe Using Up 50% of my CPU

    This morning when I started up my PC I noticed that the fans were louder than they should have been. I checked my temps, they were abnormally high. I go into task manager. Nothing abnormal here. Then I enter Resource Monitor....svchost.exe using up 50% of my CPU and it's not fluctuating. I do...
  13. cacra

    Bitcoin miner in svchost.exe using up 90% of my CPU and won't delete

    I have already ran Malwarebytes and it said it detected a bitcoin miner and apparently deleted it but on restarting my system svchost.exe is still using a massive amount of my cpu. I know svchost.exe is an important process for Windows 8 so I can't just end the process and delete the file, so I...
  14. nostro200

    svchost.exe Virus consuming 1 Gigabyte Ram

    I have this virus on my brother's laptop. I remember having it on my desktop years ago and managed to clear it out not before deleting REAL svchost and losing the Computer. (had to format HardDrive and reinstall windows :P) My brother bought a new laptop because well, he is clumsy and his old...
  15. Aargh

    Svchost virus keeps coming back

    I'm using Panda antivirus, and since a while it's been warning me that there's a virus on my computer. I keep getting this warning: The problem is that no matter what I do, every time I boot up my computer it gives me the same message. I remove it, and it just comes back again. Can anyone help...
  16. A

    Possible "svchost.exe" Virus ?

    Hi. This seems really awkward in my point of view , do you guys think this is a virus ? If so , could you tell me how to fix this ,if there is any specific anti-virus suitable for this kind of situation ? I also noticed i have some setup exe's that are 1GB-2GB...
  17. H

    FileRepMetagen infected svchost.exe

    So I have Avast! antivirus and found FileRepMetagen infected svchost.exe. I ran a Boot-time scan and it only found 2 locations. The other was fine to delete. svchost is currently in chest but can I delete it? Will it actually delete svchost or just the virus? Thanks!
  18. Rogue Leader

    Pesky virus issue won't go away in Windows Vista

    I'm usually great at this but this one has me stumped. My fiancee has an older Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Vista on it, its a dual core pentium, 1 GB ram, 120 gb hd. Nothing special. Anyway from what she says "it always worked fine" except now the issue is that the hard drive is...
  19. J

    svchost.exe CPU lag

    My CPU usage is 90% - 100% all the time, in the past it idled at 5%-15% So I looked in the Task manager to see what was hogging my cycles and it appears one of the instances of svchost is just trying it's hardest to melt my processor. I can end the task and everything returns to normal. But...
  20. V

    svchost.exe opens my webcam software and turns on my webcam.

    Hello! I'm back and i have a new problem. When i was browsing the net my hd webcam was turned on and launched by svchost.exe (My webcam shows the proccess ho is using it). I din't know why it turned on i though it was a system bug so i closed my software, after a few minutes it opened again so...
  21. M

    Svchost.exe malware

    hello, i have got a bad infection in my pc. this is svchost.exe malware located in /user/appdata/temp. it multiply the files stored in cookies folder. it always run with the svchost services. i found the bad srvice using svchost security check ad i remove the service, in connection to the right...
  22. U

    How to remove svchost.exe

    Hello, on my pc,svchost.exe had been placed itself. i m try to remove it several times with using with many kind of removal,killer,unlocker tolls. but not.also tocrv40.exe can't. pls repely to me, how can i do on it. thank you.
  23. M

    [Solved] Svchost exe virus removal tool download free

    it is not working probably and also the system is properly shutdown if the shutdown command is given
  24. F

    Svchost.exe was blocked by Malwarebytes

    I recently installed malwarebytes anti-malware and it runs in background. Today it popped a balloon showing that it successfully blocked a connection to a potentially harmful site. Type: incoming and Process: svchost.exe Now, that is a system process. How can that connect to a potentially...
  25. B

    Svchost exe virus removal tool download free

    Hello, My computer have more than 70 svchost.exe working so how to remove unnecessary svchost.exe ?
  26. G

    Svchost exe virus removal tool

    Hello,i want to free my computer from svchost.exe
  27. XAKEP

    Solved! SVCHOST.EXE is hacked ????

    I am not sure if this is correct forum and if not kindly move me. Please help I am under some kind of attack and I didn't know for months ....... please I really don't know what is it but note time it's like every another second .... please ho do I make it stop. Also I checked program to looks...
  28. C

    Svchost.exe audio terminated

    :hello:this morning when i was trying to free my computer of too much cpu usage,using the ctrl-alt-del thingy...(dont know much about computers) i accidentally terminated a svchost.exe. (system) so now i think that it was the audio one so i need help on how to turn it back on and when my...