Found svchost.exe Using Up 50% of my CPU


Dec 14, 2015
This morning when I started up my PC I noticed that the fans were louder than they should have been. I checked my temps, they were abnormally high. I go into task manager. Nothing abnormal here. Then I enter Resource Monitor....svchost.exe using up 50% of my CPU and it's not fluctuating. I do some virus scans. Nothing comes up. A guy tells me it might be an issue with Windows Update....but I don't use that. Fine. I start updating my computer and soon my CPU usage returns to normal and the fans stop whirring loudly. OK, everything's fine I think.
This happened when I started back up my PC just a while ago...
Didn't hear my fans murdering themselves and I checked Resource Monitor. Everything's cool. Sooo what the hell is going on? Do I have a super virus like a rootkit or something going on with my PC? Because malwarebytes is calling this a malware.
So stressed out right now because this is my first desktop build and in the 4 years that I had my laptop for I never had anything like this.