Question Please, help to detect virus, BitDefender just blocks symptoms

Aug 11, 2022
Hello, I believe my BitDefender can't find a source of the virus and just blocks symptoms.

A couple times in a day I receive 2 consecutive BitDefender notifications.

Infected web page detected

Online Threat Prevention

We blocked this dangerous page for your protection:
Accessed by: sidebar.exe
Threat name: Trojan.JS.Agent.ULK
Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.

Successfully blocked infected file


The file C:\Users\Juice\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\7I7IF8Z9\BFGIYMXU.htm has been detected as infected. The threat has been successfully blocked, your device is safe.

Attack trace:
winlogon.exe executed userinit.exe
userinit.exe executed explorer.exe
explorer.exe executed sidebar.exe
The threat has been blocked.

So, according 1 and 2 something goes to infected website and saves infected file to IE cache. Not sure if this file is form the web-site or it is created separately (as the web site was blocked by antivirus)
The problem is that full computer scan doesn't detect original malicious file/process that is doing items 1 and 2.

Can someone, please, advise what can be done to inspect/fix this?
Is it possible that sidebar.exe is infected?
Google says that it is Windows default process to manage widgets. I have some widgets, but they are enabled for a few years and the problem is new.
Should I replace sidebar.exe by its copy from another computer?
I can delete all my widgets as well, but not sure if it would help as the system is already infected...