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  1. E

    Question Have you ever seen anything like this "RolledbackPlatformHealthData" turn up in the registry or events for Windows Defender?

    Any ideas what these entries could be refering to? There are intriguing key entires on a Windows 10 PC in the registry under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft Defender\Diagnostics. For example: RollbackToPlatformVersion REG_BINARY 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00...
  2. Me. Opanak

    Question Safe search malware

    So I got a malware called safe search... I got a weird map in program files x86 called "zmGGNKQwe" and I cant delete it and it says it runs in some other app, something like that, I can't see details on that or even find a process of that mater. If someone can solve this I whoud like a...
  3. DCB007

    Solved! Virus in my laptop

    I downloaded something from torrent . After that I installed that. When that completed , my doc and pfd files had extra extension “.hese” and a new window was popping up again and again with address:- “”. Areadme file also was there with them, in which it was written that your...
  4. non hacker

    Solved! Do I need antivirus

    Do I need to have a downloaded antivirus, isn't windows defender good enough? I did once have an antivirus program called Comodo. I have had once had windows defender, not like a program but Comodo didnt think it was a virus. I just want to know if I need an extra antivirus or not.
  5. A

    Solved! Virus Disabled all security.

    I tried to download a Audio recording software using a YouTuber s link called Audacity. When I tried to install it I had to disable my windows defender and then everything went to shit. First software started downloading On it's own . So I turned off internet. I tried installing Malwarebytes...
  6. G

    firewall needed now?

    Was using Norton 360 on win7 laptop. I can't afford to renew Norton so I uninstalled it and turned on Windows defender. Do I also need a firewall now?
  7. J

    Best antivirus for a slow HDD

    Hello, so a laptop i'm using has an 8 year old hdd (Don't tell me to buy an ssd it's not really mine and I have informed the owner about it) and windows defender always turns on every time I restart my computer although I have disabled everything. Windows defender uses much of my hdd usage and...
  8. T

    Solved! Windows Defender 0x80070424

    Hi people. I have an issue. I uninstalled the antivirus, and wanted to enable Windows Defender. I updated WIndows, but still can't enable it. So, what I see is that there is the "Start" button, but whenever I click on it, it gives me a message, "The specified service does not exist as an...
  9. S

    Solved! My Hp not installing office 2016 and my windows defender not able to be turned off.

    Good day, I'm using Hp amd quadcore, I have been trying to install office 2016 but it's not working. It tells me "operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software." I tried to turn off windows defender and I discovered there is no option...
  10. N

    Solved! Best anti malware and anti virus right now?

    I'm currently using the free version of avast but i've been hearing bad things about it recently so i plan on just using windows defender combined with malwarebytes premium and adwcleaner. Will this be a sufficient combo or is there something better?
  11. A

    Solved! I can't turn on windows defender, Win 10

    I cant turn on windows defender before that i accidently gave some viruses admistrator rank (dont ask how that happened
  12. Z

    MSI GS65 Stealth - Odd Blue Screen of Death at random, perhaps caused by Windows Defender updates?

    I've had this laptop for a few months now. I love it, works like a dream when it works. However, it has a tendency to crash. There does not seem to be much rhyme or reason surrounding the crashes. They occur at any time, regardless of it running Monster Hunter World or Google Chrome.... Further...
  13. G

    Solved! WIndows Defender not Launching

    Hey guys,please help.I will tel it to you form the start.Windows defenders proceess Name -MSMPENG.exe was taking 100% usage of cpu so i tried disabling Widnows defender anbdd 100s of way until i deleted its folder.Now whenever i try download an antivirus and install it there is an error (with...
  14. A

    Trojan:win64 Anyone know what this is?

    Hello, I have this thing I keeps popping up on my windows defender I says Trojan:win64 I have tried deleting it but it just doesn’t delete. Is it a virus? It makes my computer act weird I can’t repair steam when the pop up shows I also can’t update games on steam unless I shut down and turn my...
  15. M

    Annoying windows defender

    I own HP laptop with installed windows 10. I want to install bit defender antivirus in my laptop but I already have windows defender in it. Is it wise to remain both antivirus in my windows or should I uninstall one of them? If I should remove one of then, I will uninstall windows defender, but...
  16. U

    Random Windef,WindSearch OFF and Win update issue..

    Win-10 64-bit 1803 So..out of nowhere yesterday i got a red X in Wen Def.. "Threat service has stopped,Restart it now." i click restart nothing happens i have to be in the page to restart to work..then its just the loading blue dots...tried to force start in services but then it gives me...
  17. Requesterofhelp

    AMD Relive not working.

    I'm having trouble enabling AMD relive. It used to work, but now evertime I start up my PC windows defender says it stopped amddvr from changing my videos or something along the lines of that. I tried to whitelist it, but I can't select the folder, as it has nothing in it. I try to enable it...
  18. Z

    Ragnarok Arena Pop Up is Wrecking Me, Please Help!

    Hey Everyone, Yesterday I started getting a strange self opening tab on my Chrome browser. It would begin to go to a random site then be redirected to theragnarokarena(dot)com. With a little research I learned that this can be pretty nasty. At first it was an annoying popup in Chrome, but within...
  19. A

    Anti malware and windows defender enough?

    Anti malware and windows defender enough for windows 10 ? Another question Malwarebytes can slow my pc down Or it make games fps lower ? Thaanks
  20. N

    Windows Defender + Malwarebytes or just a regular antivirus?

    As title, do I stick with my Defender and Malware bytes combo for my main PC, or do I use an antivirus like bitdefender as well? I have troubles with antivirus (for example, AVG caused me to have a memory leak, even with every driver updated) so I am kinda sceptical for some antiviruses.
  21. Y

    Windows defender wont give me access to turn it off

    I've looked absolutely everywhere and cannot find answers. My windows defender, when I go to the Virus & threat protection tab that youd usually go to to access "turn off/on realtime protection" it doesnt let me access any of the settings with a message in red that states. "Your virus and threat...
  22. T

    Avast & Windows Defender

    Can you easily toggle back & forth between Avast & Windows Defender in Windows 10?
  23. P

    laptop needing help

    I was on my computer and I pushed this thing and my compurer shut down and now I cant get onto chrome and I have windows defender and I want my screen to go back to normal pls help me I don't know that much about computers
  24. S

    is this a dangerous file?

    I just installed msi live update from msi's website and ran the live update scan, after it downloaded Network manager Windows defender says that it quarantined a file called Trojan:Win32/Zpedvo.A Should I remove this file? Is it malicious or a driver file? Msi says that I need to disable...
  25. Benc12

    Solved! Question about malwarebytes/windows defender?

    So ive had a subscription to malwarebytes for over a year and a half now (subscription will be ending in a few months). Ive not had any problems with the computer at all. However, i heard people saying that malwarebytes isnt a good enough stand alone virus detector and that its a good idea to...
  26. F

    should I buy anti-virus

    I have a Windows 10 (pro) been using it for 1 year now, can I count on my windows defender (built-in antivirus) or should I buy one? like, is the windows built-in anti-virus enough?
  27. J

    Very strange popup

    Every few weeks when i start up my computer this pops up, windows defender says nothing's wrong. should I be worried? edit: turns out it was a corrupted file that usually comes with lenovo computers, thanks for the help everyone.
  28. T

    Self deactivation problem

    I thought I had it running properly at last. I got to grips with Windows Defender after getting all updates and hopefully drives. I've asked on a thread but no reply as yet. I then installed avast free anti virus and done the cleanup as well by subscribing. I thought after this it was all go but...
  29. T

    Clash between systems

    Will windows defender clash with avast antivirus. Can I run both at same time.
  30. D

    Windows Defender found Trojan Win32/Bluteal.B!rfn

    Hi, So yesterday Windows Defender notified me saying it found Bluteal.B!rfn trojan which I got it to quarantine and then remove. I couldn't find a lot of info after googling the trojan so decided to hopefully get some advice here. I received the notification about the trojan when I was loading...
  31. A

    Malware on Google Chrome

    For some reason, every 30 mins or so, a random tab opens up on Google Chrome. It has inappropriate ads, or pictures. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome, using the Google Chrome clean up utility, resetting Chrome, and running Windows Defender scans, bit it hasn't stopped. Please help, what...
  32. F

    I can't open Windows Defender on my laptop

    Hi, Recently my laptop was infected by some malware and I used various programs to remove the infections "Malwarebytes, Eset online scanner, Superantispyware and AdwCleaner" but now I can't turn back Windows Defender (I'm on Windows 10) and each time I try I get the message "This app is turned...
  33. P

    cant uninstall miner

    I received a virus report after using miner for a few days from windows defender (so I dont know how reliable that is) but I wanted to uninstall it either wary to be safe but when I tried to do so there was no way for me to do that. No uninstall file, not found in ccleaner as a program...
  34. Lutfij

    How To Keep Your Data Secure On Windows Laptop

    Although developers of OSes advertise that their latest offering is technologically advanced and the most secure OS that has ever graced the market, there’s no telling what people on the other end of your system are capable of doing. Give them enough time and they can find an intrusion point...
  35. H

    How will I fix this? I need help ASAP

    So I have an Acer Aspire Es 14 and I tried to disable my windows defender and my anti virus to download this application. After that I cant open any apps anymore on my desktop, so i thought maybe i should restart it. After restarting and the startup is done this showed up: PS: I havent...
  36. Y

    is is ok to have windows defender and malwarebytes running on the same computer

    is it ok to have windows defender and Malwarebytes on the same pc
  37. L

    Browser crashes on specific searches

    Hi, I have a problem with every browser crashing when I search for specific keywords like "adw", "adware" or "rogue" for example. It happens to every browser and I can't seem to find the problem. I can't open cmd or adwcleaner in normal mode but I've run then in safe mode. I've used...
  38. D

    Cannot turn on Malwarebytes realtime web protection.

    Does Windows Defender turn Malwarebytes realtime web protection off? I have Malwarebytes Premium and Windows 10. Every time I switch Malwarebytes realtime web protection ON, it turns on for a split second, then turns off. I cannot make it stay on. Does Windows Defender do this? All other...
  39. G

    CPU fan insane overload under idle state

    Just as title states my cpu fan went insane recently. Just turned on my PC today and the CPU fan noise gradually raised from silent to extremely noisy in few minutes. However CPU usage is around 0-2%. Before you post that it's not CPU fan, I'd like to let you know that my PC doesn't have any...
  40. M

    Fear I got infected

    I'm pretty sure I have a virus/malware but all the scans I made was ok. It all started earlier when windows 10 informed me that my anti virus bitdefender smart security is off. I reset my pc, tried to re-launch it, tried in safe mode but there still an error. I contacted them and waiting for a...
  41. R

    Possible virus shows up everytime i start my PC

    Whenever i start my pc a task called brhost.exe runs everytime and uses around 30% of my cpu , and i have to use task manager to close the task everytime i start my pc.It is not detected by windows defender as a virus so im not sure exactly what this is , but im pretty sure its not supposed to...
  42. A

    Windows defender definition update bugged?

    When I press check for updates it doesn’t show any results just the bar then returns back to normal and allows me to press check for updates again. Sometimes it’ll give an error and say protection definition update failed. Can someone help me solve this?
  43. J

    Should I have windows defender and avast at the same time?

    I have windows defender and avast antivirus running at the same time and I want to know if that is a problem, or should I disable windows defender?
  44. E

    I have Windows Defender. Is that all I need?

    I have Windows Defender. Is that all I need? How do I make sure I have the best protection for my laptop?
  45. D

    Is this virus? Can anybody just make a virus that is so easy it can destroy PCs or make it reformat?

    Is this virus? I just removed a virus from my PC and it seems that Windows Defender can't do anything about it so I installed an advanced antivirus removal tool which worked and my PC seems to be running very slow so I rescan and restarted and finally the virus is gone and my PC is running fast...
  46. M

    find malwarebytes in toshiba laptop it dissapeared is it microsoft

    Paid version of malwarebytes dissapeared. any clues as to how to find it. does is have any connection to Windows defender.
  47. G

    Can/ should "Bitdefender and Windows Defender both [be] active at the same time" ?

    "Bitdefender and Windows Defender both active at the same time" Was a previous post, no one answered this question, whether one should and how to disable Windows Defender if it interferes with Bitdefender.
  48. M

    Is my hardrive failing? Is it fixable?

    Cant access files directly(Explorer.exe doesn't work),windows defender service wont start, troubleshooter doesn't work. But files do open with safe mode, unsure what to do have tried quite a bit with no luck. I don't have a restore point either.
  49. Deniedstingray

    (*((SOLVED))*) Are there any low-ish cpu usage Anti Virus software's out there?

    So i have been trying to make my pc as fast as possible lately and i've noticed windows defender taking up about 20% of my cpu resources. I thought this was insane so i switched to Avast and it used pretty much the same amount. Are there any other options that wont hog so much resources?
  50. mwalker9888

    Could I Disable Windows Defender If I Have Avast Internet Secuirty?

    So I recently upgraded to Avast Internet Security and was wondering if I could disable Windows Defender. Although Avast says everything is running, Windows tells me I have no virus protection and should re-enable Defender. In the control panel under security and virus protection, I can view...
  51. C

    Solved! Can I Be Sure Skeeyah! Is Actually Gone?

    Howdy, Last night Windows Defender gave me an alert that it had detected the Skeeyah malware. I've actually had this malware before on another system, and Windows Defender was able to detect it but not able to remove it. In this case though, Defender seemed to immediately quarantine and remove...
  52. E

    Solved! Should I ditch McAfee and use Windows Defender instead?

    Hey, I have had my PC for a while and it came with McAfee antivirus. Should I just ditch it and use Windows Defender instead? I have Malwarebytes too. (Great software, unlike McAfee) Thanks for any advice!
  53. M

    "Windows Process Manager" Virus hogging resources (processing power and RAM) in the background As you can see in the screen clip, there's this "Windows Process Manager" thing with multiple "clients" running in the background and it consumes a huge amount of RAM and processing power. There are multiple instances that can...
  54. knanan

    Enable Ransomware Protection for Windows 10

    Ransomware has, as of recently, become one of the most lucrative types cyberattacks to hit the World Wide Web. These past couple of years have seen the number of ransomware attacks grow in frequency and sophistication. This type of cyberattack works by infecting users’ PCs and denying them...
  55. L

    is windows defender good enough?

    so i currently have bitdefender and it block a game access to something and so i lost all my progress i've had bad experience with other anti virus software so i just wanna uninstall bitdefender and just use windows defender i will keep malware bytes though but is that good enough? i don't do...
  56. F

    Solved! Pls help me remove the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan

    My laptop recently got the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan from a flashdrive from my friend. When I plugged the flashdrive in, Windows Defender Antivirus immediately detected it. My laptop has now has the trojan but Windows Defender quarantines it every time it boots up. It's getting...
  57. S

    Windows Defender detected as malware by Malwarebytes

    Hello I currently have Malwarebytes free version and I just ran a scan and it detected one malware. The following is extracted straight from the log file "File: 1 Generic.Malware/Suspicious, C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS...
  58. C

    All my files and shortcuts are white pages

    So I don't know what it is, but all of my stuff turned into white pages with red and blue blocks in them. First it was the 0_DECRYPT_FILES thing, then my extreme lag, now the pages. I think I got a virus that just implanted itself somehow. I didn't even dow blows anything recently. I can't open...
  59. R

    What is KMSAutoS?

    I bought a PC today (it came with Windows 10 Home). When I scanned it with Windows Defender I noticed that there is an exclusion for KMSAutoS. It's located in C:\ProgramData\KMSAutoS. Is it harmful? Where is it from? Thank you!
  60. S4lad

    Windows Defender Broken

    OS : Windows 10. Latest Update. Defendes says I have a virus, but I removed it. It says about something non existent. I click on "remove virus", but nothing happens. Is there any options to reset Defender?