Cannot turn on Malwarebytes realtime web protection.

Mar 5, 2018
Does Windows Defender turn Malwarebytes realtime web protection off? I have Malwarebytes Premium and Windows 10.

Every time I switch Malwarebytes realtime web protection ON, it turns on for a split second, then turns off. I cannot make it stay on. Does Windows Defender do this?

All other Malwarebytes options stay on.

Thanks for any help.

I had that happen with my MB Premium awhile back. I had to...
1) deactivate my license
2) run mbam-clean to uninstall MB
3) reboot and install MB anew
4) activate my license

I have an old grandfathered-in 3 machine lifetime license. Yours may be different if you have a yearly 1 machine license. You may not have to deactivate first, I don't know. Here is more info about mbam-clean.



5 machines? Ya know... I used to have more machines on my license at one time, but now I am limited to only 3. The MB rep told me that was all my contract allowed for and sent me a copy of it. But I swear that wasn't the package I paid a measly the $25 for back then.
Don't mess up like me and forget to deactivate if you want to move MB to another machine. I think that is how they catch you.