Windows defender wont give me access to turn it off

Aug 12, 2018
I've looked absolutely everywhere and cannot find answers. My windows defender, when I go to the Virus & threat protection tab that youd usually go to to access "turn off/on realtime protection" it doesnt let me access any of the settings with a message in red that states. "Your virus and threat protection is managed by your organisation". I have windows 10. My computer is personal so I wouldnt be connected to any organisation. I looked up alternate ways to turn it off that you wouldnt need to go through the actual app by. I tried going through regedit and adding the value 1 disable file to turn it off, restarting my computer, but its still working. Its not showing up on gpedit.msc Im aware that the permissions could be changed because Ive had other antivirus' on my computer but I've already removed them from my system, and would like some help finding out how to turn this off. I also somehow found my way into a specific settings by right clicking the app in the start menu and going to "more" then "app settings" there was a terminate button but when clicking it it wouldnt do anything. aswell as the "uninstall" was grey im guessing due to it being a built-in windows app. Im kinda stuck at this point, and google isnt any help. does anyone have any idea what I could do? I'd really appreciate it.