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    Will my system handle the Vive pro or go with og Vive?

    I’m currently running an i5 6600k (not oc), gtx 1080 and 16gb of ram. After playing around on my psvr and trying out the Vive a couple of times, I’ve decided to go for a pc vr setup. With the money I’ve earmarked, I can either get the Vive pro, or I can go for the og Vive and upgrade either my...
  2. K

    Solved! My aspire one D250-1165 wont go pass the boot up system after putting it in safe mode

    I turn on my Aspire one D250-1165 acer. It goes automatically to select and i use safe mode, but it wont go past the boot up
  3. D

    Chrome audio out of sync

    Hello,google chrome audio is out of sync for 1+ month now I deleted eveything and re-install chrome again nothing change,when i change tabs and go back to the other i have open the video is behind compare to the audio.i mostly use twitch meanwhile i am useing firefox and eveything works fine but...
  4. M

    comments are not shown on facebook

    Hi there i made a webpage and used the comments app from facebook but when people write down a comment it will not show on the facebook page it has been linked to . It will only show in their own facebook page what do i do wrong website is = Removed by Moderator.
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    How do i unblock pages

    Would'nt let me go on facebook
  6. U

    Samsung J2 Pro

    Daughter has Samsung J2 Pro and screen started to occasionally go to 1/4 width wise but full length. Now looks like a mirror where silver coming off the back. Any thoughts? It was bought 2 months ago. Thanks.
  7. P

    Solved! Connecting RCA back together again how do you get to use keyboard

    RCA notebook once reconnect together will not go back to the typewriting on keyboard
  8. H

    Locked out of flex 11

    Sayin my pin is no longer available go to settings Which I can’t do
  9. J

    Solved! Moto 3g direcly to voice mail

    My Moto 3G worked fine until three days ago, when suddenly all incoming calls go directly to voice mail. How do I correct that?
  10. S

    Solved! I lost my phone

    I lost my phone to days ago in my house, I did not even go outside that day. I've cleaned the ENTIRE house, but still no phone. By now it's dead, anyone have any GOOD advice please?
  11. S

    I have a Garmin DriveSmart 5 in. And lost reciept. I'm wondering if I go purchase another one can I use that code for this dev

    I have a Garmin DriveSmart 5" and no reciept. It was a gift. I need to know about this activation code....can I just go buy another one, use the code for this device and then return the other or is it device specific??
  12. T

    On my hp laptop I had loads of photos but now when I go on photos it says that I have no readable folders/photos how do I get

    On my hp laptop I had loads of photos but now when I go on photos it says that I have no readable folders/photos but on the icon it flicks throw the photos i lost. how do I get my photos back
  13. R

    Solved! My tablet is stuck . It is nor on or off. It is lit up a little but it has a black screen & won't turn on or off

    My tablet is stuck. It's not on or off. It's a very slightly lit up black screen. Won't go on or off
  14. D

    Solved! how to connet my JBL GO wireless Bluerooth speker to pc windows 7 untimate

    i am not connet to jbl go bluethooth speker in pc windows 7 untimate plz fast reply
  15. Z

    Solved! It turn on but it wont go to main screen

    It turn on it stay on voyager
  16. A

    Solved! My laptop won't start

    My laptop won't start up. It'll turn on and then the dealt blue screen will pop up saying that my laptop didn't start properly, restart and then go to Automatic Repair. I have restarted it six times and even tried advanced options plus troubleshooting options. I have even tried to reset my...
  17. CrimStar

    High Volume Goes Through One Side Of Headphones

    So my headphones just started having this problem where if I have the volume wheel built into the headphones set to low or mid it's fine, but if I go higher the sounds start to only come through the right ear. Edit: Not sure how I managed to put this in Laptop Support, and I have no idea how to...
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    power light doesnt go out

    After recent Win 10 updates my laptop will not go to sleep regardless of power management. The laptop has to be turned off to preserve energy.
  19. L

    I need help with my internet problems.

    I don't know if this is the right place to go or the right thread to post in but I am at the end of the rope and losing all hope. Idk what to do. My WiFi keeps showing this:http://imgur.com/oHIclVA. I've tried every single type of troubleshoot possible that I've found online. I did: “ipconfig...
  20. J

    Solved! looking to buy exalt 2 from verizon in bulk for resale where do I go?

    I need to buy the exalt 2 from verizon in bulk. where do I buy them for resale
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    why does my lg smart tv not go back to live tv after watching a dvd on my panasonic recorder when i swith the recorder off, it

    I have a new LG smart tv I have connected my Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder to the tv via a hdmi cable , which works fine, but when I want to go back to live tv I go back to settings select live tv but it does not want to work. With my old tv as soon as I turn off the Panasonic recorder it...
  22. R

    How to Change the Language of your Netflix Account

    Netflix is used by a huge number of people all over the world and thus not everyone uses to watch only English content. And the fact is that not all these users even know the language English in all its fluency. Thus, there arises a necessity to change the basic language of the account itself so...
  23. R

    How to Set Up Aptoide TV for your Amazon Fire

    Amazon Fire TV is a hub of entertainment. Apart from movies and shows, you also get apps and games for fun. Another superb feature of Amazon Fire TV is that it supports Aptoide TV which is a TV-based app download center. You can avail and set up Aptoide TV on your Amazon Fire TV. The process may...
  24. B

    Solved! How do I set my standby timer from a few seconds to ten min so it won't go dark

    Every few seconds my screen on my tablet goes dark
  25. C

    Can only use one tab at a time

    I can open more than one tab on my google chrome, but when I click on a tab to go back to it chrome just closes that tab. So ran the reset on Chrome, also did the check for malware, and restarted my computer multiple time today. Still is not working right. I am working with 1 tab at a time...
  26. S

    How do I get sound from my Samsung blu ray player to my vizio

    I can't get the sound to go thro 2 my vizio TV
  27. B

    Help on improving laptops performance on running games like Space Hulk Deathwing and CS:GO as frame rate is really bad.

    Recently got a laptop, Dell Inspiron, am no whizz with them admittedly but after getting steam and a couple of games like Dawn of War and Wargames EE which ran like a charm, my other two games CS:GO and Space Hulk Deathwing run horrifically frame rate wise. Hoping there is a way of improving...
  28. D

    help my laptop

    so ever single time i go into a game i get 10 fps i usually got 150 or more i tried ddu and restarting and i tried deleting drivers nothing works it says Nvidia graphics driver not comptible with this version of windows
  29. R

    Solved! Netflix won’t go through my bose surround?

    I have a LG tv and I am watching Netflix. I cannot get my tv to go through my pioneer amp? Everything else works through the surround sound except Netflix, any suggestions?
  30. R

    How to Go Back to Factory Settings Including Preferences on Netflix

    Netflix can become a crossroads of too much viewing history and preferences over content and languages. At times, you need to go back and change something which you no longer need. Algorithms in these platforms work according to the input you feed it: the likes, the preferences, the constant...
  31. R

    My Nook HD+ will not successfully go through the set up after going into a factory reset. After it asks to choose a time zone

    Nook reset problem My Nook HD+ will not successfully go through the set up after going into a factory reset. After it asks to choose a time zone, it goes to network connections "Let's get connected" and shows our home network with strong signal. When you try to continue setup, it says a...
  32. M

    When I adjust my laptop screen it goes black

    So I have a Asus laptop and I have had it for a while but about a week ago the screen would go almost completely black too the point I can’t see my screen unless the lighting in the room is just right(still I can only make out the whitest parts of the screen) this would happen when I move the...
  33. D

    Solved! To go phone

    To go phone can I cut the sim to fit in my gj
  34. A

    Solved! Can't run Direct 9 games, D3DX9_40.DLL is missing, I've done multiple installer, I've done the Direct X installer and failed

    I wanted to play Gmod, after getting a new laptop. D3DX9_40.DLL is missing it says. I've downloaded it and put it in the files and it says it's still missing. I've done the installer in the June 2010 file and it says Installation failed. I did another Direct X Updater and that also failed. I did...
  35. I

    Solved! Help in headphone jack replacement

    I am confused about where the colors should go. I currently have a philips tx1 and the colors that I found were red, copper, red-copper, and green. What do they mean? I think red is left and green is right but i am very confused with red-copper and copper. Please I need help ASAP!
  36. B

    Panasonic speakers from the ghetto blaster I have a gray black blue and a red wire which wires go together to the app

    Panasonic speakers for wires red black blue and a gray which ones go together
  37. P

    Solved! After downloading apps or games where do they go?

    Where do apps go after downloading them off of the Play Store?
  38. D

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 330 HIGH TEMP

    I got my Lenovo laptop yesterday and i think it has some heat issues,as idle temp is arund 40-50C which i think is ok but could be better but when i start CS:GO temps go up to 96 C while having cooling pad under laptop.... and lets be honest i think cs go aint that much of a game to push cpu...
  39. M

    How can you change tv to hmdi on a Sceptre tv without a remote???

    So I clicked channels and it won’t let me go back to hmdi I don’t have the remote so what do I do help me pls
  40. C

    Solved! Make "emergency calls only" message go away

    I have a tablet and I don't intend to use it for calls and texting. The text at the top saying "emergency calls only" is annoying and distracting, is there no way to hide it without having to install a SIM card?
  41. S

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E wifi will not turn on

    Samsung Tab E , wifi won't turn on and is whited out. When you tap advanced the adaptive display button is whited out also. The button for wifi will go to on eventually, but it still buffers. And it won't go to the scanned networks.
  42. K

    I have insignia and I press input and the remote doesn’t work when I go to press up and down menu

    The input menu comes and up and down in the remote doesn’t move
  43. D

    Solved! My new voyager won’t go past the voyager screen

    My brand new voyager won’t go past the voyager screen
  44. S

    asus wont go over 150mbps

    ISP provides in excess of 250mbps of speed few other laptops when hardwired directly with modem do show 230Plus but my asus (K501U) wont budge over 150....
  45. M

    Audio not working

    Hi, Yesterday my audio was working perfectly fine, but today when i started my PC the sound wouldn't work. I've tried restarting it, also tried removing the drivers and restarting but it doesn't work. If i go to my Audio tab i see the the bar is getting green, but i don't hear anything in my...
  46. S

    My Galileo Pro new won't go past the Galileo screen ? What do I do?

    My daughter's brand new Galileo Pro won't go past the screen that says Galileo Pro. What do I do to fix the prpblem?
  47. W

    Solved! id tracfone attempts to start showing a servicny abdroe of tracfone wireless but won't go past that to the phone menu. How do

    My androiid tracfone attempts to start showing a servicny abdroe of tracfone wireless but won't go past that to the phone menu. How do i correct that problem
  48. C

    Solved! My GO Tablet has the power button broken and cannot turn on with ADB what can i do?

    My GO tablet has the power button broken it charges and i want to use it but i can't turn it on not even with ADB program
  49. A

    Pictures taken with camera i can't see them

    Take pictures with Canon Rebel t6.when i go to look at it and it's not there. I can see all my older shots taken but not the new ones.
  50. M

    how to change wallpaper on chromebook(updated)

    1. right-click on prefered image in drive 2. click on "download". 3. in the menu that comes up, click and hold to drag the preferred image to the images folder located above the drive in the side menu, and then go to the left in the maybe empty folder and relese. 4. go to your computer...
  51. C

    Solved! Csgo running poorly even on low settings intel 620

    I went to go look up intel 620 csgo gameplay, to see if the performance is expected. They ended up getting 60+ fps on medium settings. I'm hardly getting around 30 on low. Please help i7 7500u 8gb ram intel 620 720p 1tb hard drive (this is for my laptop, and I'm afraid that when I build a real...
  52. T

    What would cause my speaker on my rca Voyager 3 to go out

    I have only had my tablet for two weeks and my speaker went out
  53. K

    Solved! Screen Color Temperature

    My asus x551m will change color temperature? It will go from a warm color, it's normal color, to a blue-ish one randomly. How do I fix?
  54. A

    Solved! asus laptop not booting. can't go to bios (window 10, asus x441b)

    when the bios arrived, the flashdisk installed using rufus was unreadable
  55. P

    Solved! Notebook with good specs having low fps in CS GO

    I have a Toshiba notebook with: - Core i7 - 8gb Ram - AMD Radeon R7 M260 graphics - 250gb SSD I can't play CS GO, even in low settings. Also when using Revit or AutoCAD (architecture software) it gets really laggy. I have friends who can run both with lower specs notebooks. Does anyone know...
  56. A

    Solved! Looking for a 2.1 system for a small living room

    Alright, the budget is under 200USD. I would love to have the best 2.1 system under budget. Should I go for a bookshelf setup with a sub out( added later down the line) ? If so, please suggest me a good pairs of bookshelfves with sub outs. Any other set up/product suggestions are also welcomed...
  57. A

    Need activation code for Garmin 7.

    Have no idea where my father bought this item. Father has demenia and doesn't remember. PLEASE HELP No receipt found - nothing to go on
  58. A

    entering bios with external monitor, Tosiba Satellite C50-b 158

    my screen is cracked and i have a another screen with vgs samsung but when i try to go to bios its black can you tell me how to go on bios from secont screen cause main screen is cracked? pls <3