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  1. S

    Windows Defender not turning on

    Few days back I turned it off completely using group edit policy but now when I try to put on the real time protection slider it ask`s for permission but then nothing happens. Is my pc infected with malware ?(I have no other anti-virus installed and i am running on Win 10 pro v1703)
  2. B

    Tabs opening up constantly even after...

    I removed all the viruses from my computer, I scanned my computer with multiple anti-virus software, such as mcaffee, norton antivirus, a big scan from windows defender, and big scan from malwarebytes, but there are still tabs trying to open up whenever I browse the web, everytime I click...
  3. N

    Is the Windows Defender Security Center enough for security?

    Hey Tomshardware. So i usually download Avast as one of the first things when downloading a new PC. I'm just wondering since Windows 10 had some sort of update to ''Windows Defender Security Center'' if it's okay to just stick to that? Or is it still required to download Third Party Anti-Virus...
  4. A

    Windows Defender can't turn on and Disk in task manager and Laptop Buzzing and Vibrating

    I'm not very good with computers but when I try to turn on windows defender it tell me ''This application has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer.'' ''If you're using another app to check for malicious or unwanted software, use Security and Maintenance to check that app's...
  5. Notrix

    Need Urgent Help!!! Windows 10 Error

    I am using Windows 10 pro 64 bit on my machine, I got a message from my Windows Defender Program about a Trojan malware in certain DLL file and asked me to restart to remove it, I carelessly restarted the system and got some error message(Again I was careless enough to ignore it whatever the...
  6. Tyler LM

    Random Tabs Showing Up Out Of Nowhere??

    How do I get rid of random tabs showing up? I used Windows Defender it said its a Trojan, but then it said it was taken away because I used the clean tool, but its still showing up. So then I used AdwCleaner (Malwarebytes) it detected around 80 viruses and got rid of them, but the adds still...
  7. N

    Is windows defender plus Malware Bytes (free) good enough

    i used to use avg and just got a new rig. Should i get avira? I stopped with avg on my last rig because it was annoying. But i heard avira is good. I'm always skeptical and ocd about this type of stuff. Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated
  8. M

    Windows Defender will not turn on (Error 577)

    EDIT: Found the solution, just a little mistake. --------------------------------------- I'm getting Error 577 when attempting to manually start Windows Defender: Only Anti-virus related software I have is Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware (both are Free...
  9. S

    Windows defender disable

    So recently i got a nasty couple of viruses and trojans, and this "disabled" windows defender so i had to download other anti viruses to get rid of the viruses, it worked and now my pc is fine and i uninstalled the third party anti virus programs. But now when ever i got to launch windows...
  10. G

    There is a suspicous folder on the local folder in my windows 10!

    the suspicious folder is named camitasot and these are the files inside of it! 1. chrome-extension.localstorage 2. dadoni.dat 3. setup.exe   I'm running windows 10 creators update and windows defender, and Malwarebytes cant detect them!
  11. S

    Windows defender bug or what?

    So after scanning my pc, I found this: then when I clicked on "see threat details" I get sent to this: What????? can someone explain this thanks Update: After I re scanned, I found no threats
  12. tjones9163

    Is this protection enough?

    Hello, I currently have Windows 10 Creators edition with the installed windows defender and CC cleaner as well me cleaner. Any thoughts on if this is enough or and suggestions on free antivirus software but the last one i tried was SPYBOT, but when i downloaded it it turned off windows Defender...
  13. C

    Malwarebytes AND Windows Defender at the SAME time?

    Is it possible to have both Malwarebytes and windows defender on and working at the same time? If so, how? If not, which one?
  14. B

    Virus wont let me access any antivirus programs, windows defender cant detect much

    So recently I downloaded a rather malware bloated torrent and now I cant open up any antivirus program, it just says, "the requested resource is in use". I tried safe mode boot and rkill and both dont do anything in terms of being able to disable the virus, also before you say windows defender...
  15. P

    Chrome opens up with spam tabs on its own

    Random new tabs open on chrome, usually about every 40~ minutes, even if chrome is closed, happens with no other browser, only solution I have found so far is to uninstall chrome. It began about 2 weeks ago, I've no idea from what I got the adware or whatever it is but I have not been able to...
  16. C

    How do IT companies such as geek squad usually go about removing virus's?

    The question is pretty much in the title, I was curious as I'm getting my foot in the door with all this IT business, currently training for A+ cert etc, whenever I have a virus or anything that looks like it could be a virus I run windows defender, how come it costs so much for these businesses...
  17. D

    preparing automatic repair loop

    HELP!!!! a couple of days ago while going through my Toshiba laptop that my 17 year old has been for the most part been the only one using a popup said that windows installed new updates and neede to restart so I restarted it. Well needless to say that once it restarted I got the message...
  18. H

    Windows Defender Not Working

    Defender says another Antivirus is handling my PC but I DO NOT HAVE ANY ANTIVIRUS INSTALLED . Please help, its not switching on too!
  19. mjslakeridge

    Does MalwareBytes Premium Trial 3.0.5 disable Windows Defender?

    I have spent the past couple of days installing a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit and installing all of my programs, apps, etc. On my previous OS, I had both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender running. Now when I click on the Windows Defender icon on my desktop, it says "This app has...
  20. P

    Is it possible I have malware?

    I clicked on a link for a game thinking it would just take me to a post and it took me to a log in screen for the game. It looked odd so I check the site on Sucuri and it said it was malware infected. I didn't enter any information on the site I just closed it and delete my temp internet files...
  21. W

    What do you think?

    Hi guys, just saw at an advert on Facebook after the recent stories about peoples' Yahoo accounts being hacked. Do you think that Windows Defender and Malwarebytes are sufficient for Windows 8.1 and if not what would you recommend? I have had these both on my pc for quite some time with no real...
  22. B

    Virus Win10 Reinstall?

    I have a virus (very high uploads started in Dec 1). I've run Windows Defender and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Neither detected the problem. What should I do next - a reinstall?
  23. G

    Window Defender not Scanning C drive in custom scan.

    I have installed windows 10. Yesterday during during browsing a virus enters into my pc. I want to scan it through windows defender. But whenever I am trying to scan 'C' drive through custom scan of Windows Defender it suddenly ends and showing not threat found. How to fix this problem.
  24. L

    Latitude 3540 Safe Mode

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude 3540 on Windows 10 and I can't get into safe mode. I hit F8 at boot and it brings me to a screen that has windows defender offline on it.  If I either cancel that or let the scan run, it reboots again after.  If I have multiple failed reboots, that also takes me to...
  25. I

    i have a dell latitude d 510 running win.7 pro do i need an antivirus program or windows defender enough

    i purchased a dell latitude d 510 and came with avira antivirus and avira launcher do i need it or windows defender enough protection i notice windows defender is turned off
  26. D

    Why will neither of my antiviruses' turn on? Neither Defender or Avast.

    Tbh i'm not sure exactly how this happened but it keeps coming up in my action centre that neither of the antiviruses' are turned on. When I click turn on, on avast in the action centre, it asks me if I trust the publisher, to which I click yes but it stays switched off. I've tried uninstalling...
  27. B

    Is Windows Defender good enough?

    I have a windows 10, and before i had avas antivirus, or smth like that. I've uninstalled avas since like 1 year (that i got windows 10) and now, i was wondering if Windows Defender is good enough? I'm doing a full scan right now btw
  28. T

    obtained bitcoin miner

    I had this weird unknown.exe I noticed in my task manager today that was using 99% of the cpu. I downloaded this strange torrent yesterday that I suspected was not legit. I'm wondering why defender did not catch this. It catches torrents sometimes before I even have a chance to scan them. Is...
  29. S

    Windows Defender continues to turn off no matter what I Windows 7....

    I have a refurbished HP PC that I use mainly for work, but I am wondering if I should install something because Windows Defender continues to shut off rather consistently, and I am afraid of not being protected on a continuous basis. Should I just disable Defender and install something else? Or...
  30. E

    I did all the steps you mentioned but when click the turn on now in the action center it doesn't turn the on the windows defen

    By aprilklazema, MARCH 3, 2015 12:10:09 PM See all their Tutorials It is always recommended that you install antivirus software on your PC to protect yourself from Internet threats. With that said, though, Microsoft does build a few defensive tools into the Windows operating system. If you are...
  31. mjslakeridge

    Can't connect to (and other sites)

    Beginning this afternoon, I began having problems connecting to common websites I am on every day (Foxnews, Iheartradio, etc.) I ran a full virus scan with Windows defender and it came up clean. After hearing many on Tom's recommend Malwarebytes free software, I Googled "Malwarebytes Free" and...
  32. medosoft

    Kaspersky Internet Security turned off?

    I have Windows 10 Pro and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. For a week now, whenever I start up my computer, I get this notification that both Kaspersky and Windows Defender are off When I click on it, it shows me that KIS is turned off. However, when I go to KIS, I find it fully...
  33. P

    Virus or not?

    Hi, i downloaded the catchem pokemon go bot from github. But Windows Defender detects "Trojan:Win32/fethar.c!cl". What is this trojan, is it bad or false positiv?
  34. B

    Free vs Paid - System Resources, Etc.

    I've been using AVG Free for as long as I can remember. Since the Windows 10 upgrade I've been using Windows Defender, along with my paid version of MBAM Premium. Question 1: Is it worth it to buy a paid version of AV software if I don't visit shady sites and don't torrent? Is my current...
  35. S

    New virus on fresh built gaming rig?!

    so i was searching the internet for custom gpu backplates when i came across a reddit thread. This guy said that his website was a good site to purchase custom made backplates for any given gpu. Being stupid, i clicked the link. It redirected me to a "SYSTEM ERROR/FAILURE" message and that my ip...
  36. W

    Should I disable Windows Defender on Windows 7 if I use both Bitdefender and Malwarebytes?

    I finished installing Windows 7 SP1 and was ready to install the updates, but was not sure as to whether I should update Windows Defender. After doing some research, Windows Defender remains an anti-spyware application from Windows Vista to 7 (but was later expanded upon as an ant-virus in 8 and...
  37. X

    Windows Defender turned off after upgrading to win10.

    Ever since I upgraded to windows 10, when turning on my PC, windows defender has been popping up saying that it has been turned off and not monitoring my computer. I'm aware that this happens when there is a conflicting antivirus on the PC but I haven't installed one. I've tried going into the...
  38. C

    get Windows defender turned back ON. I have Windows 8.1

    My Windows Defender is OFF. I have ESET antivirus installed (up to date). Read instructions on previous pages but that did not work. So what do I do, eh?
  39. B

    windows defender activation

    Step 1 To start, you will have to find the Defender app on your system. To do this, use the key combination of the Windows Key and Q. This combo will launch the search function on your system. Type “defender” into the resulting search bar. If you are using a tablet, you can find the search menu...
  40. J

    Popup window from trying to load preload.js

    I'm running Windows 10 and a popup keeps asking me to save or run a file with the name: preload.js and it says it's from I have Windows Defender and Malware Bytes running but they haven't found anything.
  41. M

    Browsers infected with malware

    So out of nowhere my browsers became infected with custom search engine and reinstalled my browsers(chrome and mozilla) but nothing happened,not even windows defender didn't find anything.What can I do beside reinstalling windows?
  42. C

    Help - chrome is opening some dodgy site on startup

    I was trying to download this yesterday and for the first time in my life, I clicked on the wrong download link. And oh god, did all hell break loose. It started to download and I was super scared, so I ran a malwarebytes scan and a...
  43. G

    Best free AV for Windows 10 64x

    Hey can anyone suggest me good, free but best antivirus for Windows 10. Currently I am using windows defender utility but I dont trust it, I do internet surfing and I have many important datas in my hdd on which I am currently working, I have backup of those in my pendrive but they r really...
  44. M

    Need help with a trojan

    Okay so i have downloaded a trojan and everytime i run malware bytes and remove the files it just comes back, im running windows defender full scan at the moment so far its picked up 2 trojans and removed them. But i was wondering if theres anyway to do a fresh install of windows 10 without...
  45. R

    Windows Defender on Windows 10 - Is it good enough?

    I would like to know if Windows Defender for Windows 10 is good enough for me or if theres another anti virus program i should use. Perhaps the most popular one? I do not download anything illegal, however i do use websites like putlocker and streamlord to watch films etc. But that is (i think)...
  46. LonelyMan

    Windows defender says I have virus, 3 other AV say I don't

    Windows defender picks up Trojan:Win32/Dynamer!ac. When I click to clean, it fails after 2 hours. I also used Malwarebytes, Emsisoft Emergency kit and Eset and none of them detect a thing. So false positive or something more dark that only Windows defender picks up? I am on Windows 8.1.
  47. P

    Adware on Steam I can't get rid of

    I had something nasty that was giving me ads on every link I clicked in web browsers (including the "store" page on Steam). After running several anti-everything scans (Malwarebytes, ClamWin, Windows Defender, adwcleaner, AVG, Avast!, SUPERantispyware, 1 other I can't remember...), they all...
  48. R

    Windows Defender Updating Question

    Hello does any one know how windows defender updates itself? I think it uses windows update to install it's definitions but i am not sure so if i am wrong please can you correct me? I need you to explain to me how this software works with windows update switched off. The problem is when i...
  49. J

    Windows Defender won't turn back on in windows 10

    I'm currently running Windows 10, 32 bit and I'm having trouble turning back on windows defender but in my previous os windows 7, I don't have any trouble to it even though i have a bitdefender antivirus. When I try opening Windows Defender, the program itself, a message pops up saying: "This...
  50. D

    Virus Removal Help

    Somehow I've picked up a virus on my laptop and I honestly have no idea what to do to get rid of it. I have Windows Defender, which apparently didn't defend lol. My computer started acted crazy so I downloaded AVG. I didn't have any luck finding anything until I boot in safe mode. Now I found...
  51. T

    Recently got a virus and "removed" it but still seeing some weird things

    I did something stupid and got a virus on my computer. Windows defender detected it and removed it and after 3 more scans it stopped finding more viruses. After that I ran malwarebytes and also malwarebytes anti rootkit but like things are not the same for instance windows file explorer would...
  52. Ransome

    Best Low Performance Cost AV Software for Hardcore GAMING

    And is it safe to just use Windows 10's Windows Defender? Or Windows Defender + Malwarebytes scanner? I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials on my Windows 7 for MANY years, moved to Windows Defender on Windows 8 and 8.1. Now that I have Windows 10 on both pcs, I use Windows Defender...
  53. J

    Bitdefender and Windows Defender both active at the same time

    I normally use Avira free AV but it's OnDemand Scanner stopped working. So I decided to uninstall it and switch to Bitdefender free edition. However when I checked, Windows Defender is still active and stating my PC is at risk. I thought it's supposed to turn off when you install a third-party...
  54. Z

    Multiple Protection run at the same time

    is it possible to run multiple protections in my pc? example windows defender (more likely a anti-spyware) avast premier malwarebytes anti-malware malwarebytes anti-exploit iobit malware fighter is it good? thanks in advance
  55. G

    The Best Antivirus Software 2016?

    What is the BEST Antivirus Software? I currently have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Windows Defender.
  56. G

    Windows 10 need anti virus ?

    Hello, Previously I always used Avast anti virus on my windows 7 laptop. Yesterday I upgraded to windows 10 and found there is already an anti virus software built in. "Windows Defender" - it helps protects windows from viruses. I heard somewhere on the internet that windows defender is not as...
  57. J

    Russian pop-ups keep opening on my PC?

    Every time I reboot my computer, internet explorer opens up a random webpage in russian. Its full of advertisments and whatnot. Its not a virus because my windows defender scanned it and didn't find any malware. How can I get rid of it?
  58. GilaStomper

    Should I disable windows defender?

    I currently use Malwarebytes and AVG as my Anti-Virus on my PC is there even a need for this and how do I go about disabling it?
  59. DunyaKingdom

    Is windows defender good enough?

    I was wondering how much can I trust on windows defender (w10). I know that the best protection you can get is from yourself, knowing what kind of stuff are you downloading etc. I got 8GB more a week ago (G.Skill and i5-4690k) and as far as I know, AV only uses RAM and CPU, so I would like to...
  60. J

    Windows Defender will not piss off

    I got a virus and it completely wrecked Windows Defender now I got rid of the virus and now Windows Defender is still broken keeps getting this error code. All I want to do is delete * Windows Defender it refuses to open, there's no install option and if I try manually detete it it says I don'...