New virus on fresh built gaming rig?!


Jul 27, 2016
so i was searching the internet for custom gpu backplates when i came across a reddit thread. This guy said that his website was a good site to purchase custom made backplates for any given gpu. Being stupid, i clicked the link. It redirected me to a "SYSTEM ERROR/FAILURE" message and that my ip failed and shit like that. There was this horrendous beeping sound from either my headphones or mobo, not exactly sure tho. The thing was like sarah.trx or something, i deleted my history as i didnt want anything to happen. It wouldnt let me close my browser or do anything and it was telling me to call this toll free number for a technician, which obviously, was a fake. So i pressed the power button on my computer and rebooted windows and i thin everything is fine, but then again i dont have any antivirus, just windows defender, (which didnt detect anything when running a full scan), but do you think im safe or should i do a fresh OS reset???!!! Im just scared and nervous because this is a very high end computer that i JUST built the other day.