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  1. G

    Best Anti-Virus/Adware/Spyware software?

    Hello. Currently I am using Windows Defender and I am looking for better options at protection. I was hoping to get some help as to what are considered to be the best available software for protection atm. I would prefer free but if paid is considered above and beyond the best I would consider...
  2. C

    Shady download on bank login

    I recently had an unsolicited download repeatedly triggered when inputting my security details on my online banking account. I didn't open the .bin file and was told by my bank that it was a virus on my system that caused this. I have checked my system with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender...
  3. D

    Will Sweeping Clean PC remove Malware?

    About a week ago I accidently clicked on an add and without thinking instinctively just clicked the download button as this pops up with several of my game updates but then windows defend popped up with an alert saying that "Windows 10 is trying to protect your computer" or something along the...
  4. I

    Rootkit/Trojan disabled Regedit, Windows defender and Malwarebytes

    Picked up this particular problem from a non official CTF I attended about a week ago.My idiot friend without my knowledge opened up my network settings on my desktop so he could browse some files on my internal drive and while it was open I am assuming that's when someone else installed the...
  5. D

    Russian ads on every browser

    First, sorry for my english. My native language is spanish. I didn't find too much information about this kind of virus "outbound" so i still can't find a solution. The problem: Pop up banners on EVERY browser, even after formated the pc with clean install. I've used: windows defender, spybot...
  6. N

    Can I disable one anti-virus to try another?

    I have Norton Internet Security at the moment, and I just did a full scan with it to possibly try and resolve a pc problem (pc black screens after an hour of gaming), and now I want to try do a scan with windows defender, too. Can I turn Norton off for a while to do the scan, then turn it back...
  7. T

    Windows Defender vs Windows Essentials on laptop with windows 8.1

    on my laptop 8.1 I have windows defender and in my program list it show windows essentials. Can I remove windows essentials and will windows defender remain?
  8. B

    Is windows Defender enough to protect my pc?

    I have Windows 8.1 Is Defender enough to protect my PC against viruses and malware etc? Ive read that some antiviruses can really hog your memory and can take more then it says it would.
  9. babi1987

    Windows 10 antivirus solution

    Hi, Currently I am using Avast antivirus free edition 2015 in my Win 7 home premium laptop which does a fairly good job.When I upgrade to Win 10 in a few months,can I keep using the same antivirus along with Windows defender?Please help
  10. A

    how good is windows defender in windows 8.1?

    how good is windows defender in windows 8.1? I've come to know its very light. It is like a ninja in the dark, you know its there but I want to know it could defend my pc's pride or not? :D It would be helpful for me....thanks in advance :)
  11. A

    Why I Can't Turn Off My Windows Defender.

    Its showing that i cant turn off my windows defender because managed by security administrator.Can tell me how can i turn off my windows defender??
  12. kawzman

    Drop Commercial Antivirus?

    I’m a Maximum PC subscriber and read an article that surprised me. I’ve been Googling and reading through my favorite forums looking for other’s thoughts on the matter. In the March 2015 issue, Get More Speed for Free article, Page 41; Tweak 8 recommends dropping commercial antivirus in favor...
  13. S

    Best Way To Run AVAST

    I recently installed AVAST and I noticed that it was blocking out sites and it also stopped Windows Defender from Working properly, Windows Defender just says "This app has been turned off and isn't monitoring your Computer". What settings should I run in AVAST so that I get good real time...
  14. V

    windows 8.1 windows defender

    unable to enable windows defender in windows 8.1 64 bit. turn on now buttons greyed out
  15. A

    Windows Dedender Error

    I have tried scanning my PC many times and still cant solve whats wrong with my windows defender program. If i try starting it i get an error " An error has occured in the program during initilization. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator. Error code: 0x80073b01"...

    Problem with antivirus

    i have recently installed quick heal total security antivirus today only i saw that action center is reporting that quick heal is turned off though it is running in the back i have disabled windows defender but still there is a red cross and whenever i try turning on the anti malware it shows a...
  17. K

    Best antivurs program for Windows 8.1?

    Which is best antivirus for windows 8.1? Microsoft Security essentials or Windows Defender?
  18. A

    Windows Defender high CPU + Disk usage?

    Hi, My Windows Defender has been using 80+ MBPS of my SSD and between 30%-100% of my i5 4670k consistently recently for the past week. I gathered that it is not normal so I started looking in event viewer, task scheduler, Windows Update, Resource Monitor, I even added a few exceptions in the...
  19. Rogue Leader

    Pesky virus issue won't go away in Windows Vista

    I'm usually great at this but this one has me stumped. My fiancee has an older Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Vista on it, its a dual core pentium, 1 GB ram, 120 gb hd. Nothing special. Anyway from what she says "it always worked fine" except now the issue is that the hard drive is...
  20. C

    Two antiviruses might have harmed my pc!

    Hi, last night I visited a questionable site and decided to run a scan using windows defender. The scan found nothing, but I wasn't satisfied so I downloaded avast free. I thought I turned defender off ( I know not to run two antivirus software at once.) but it was not off when I checked later...
  21. N

    Cant get rid of adware help me please!

    So lately in the past couple of months I've been having to deal with this annoying adware that I couldn't get rid of and its all browser based like adcouopono or fundeals and stuff like that as extensions on google chrome. I could never get rid of them until one day windows defender scanned and...
  22. T

    What is this problem? Is it malware? did it happen to anyone else?

    I never click suspiscious stuff. I'm very careful with everything... I get more than 10 scammer messages a day on my steam and never clicked any disguised link like scr files disguised as jpeg, but something got in my pc.... Are you guys having this problem with adblock? Some sites I get in, it...
  23. CooLWoLF

    Lenovo superfish removal - Are we safe now?

    I removed the superfish certificate via Windows Defender on my Lenovo laptop. Am I safe now, or must more be done? Is an OS wipe needed? Any input is appreciated.
  24. V

    Help Me! To get rid of this Virus

    PLEASE help me guys??THERE IS A TROJAN IN MY COMPUTER..! WHICH IS DUPLICATES IN ALMOST ALL DRIVES AND FOLDERS..! IF I SCAN with AntiVirus it detects nothing..! i used Avast,McFee,Windows Defender..! plz..tell clean this mess..!
  25. J

    Website popout thing

    So, i was on a website, and i got a popup, it redirected me to a site and it said i was watching illegal content and something about money, i couldent close my browser so i hit the restart button. When computer started everything is running as normal, i did scan with malwarebytes and windows...
  26. F

    ad pop and steam ads

    I'm having an issue with ads popping up everywhere including my steam browser! The main problem is that these programs are not showing up on my program list and I cannot seem to find them in my directories! I've ran both a windows defender and a malwarebytes scan and nothing is showing up!
  27. A

    How To Enable Windows Defender On Windows 8/Windows 8.1

    It is always recommended that you install antivirus software on your PC to protect yourself from Internet threats. With that said, though, Microsoft does build a few defensive tools into the Windows operating system. If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1, use the steps below to enable Windows...
  28. U

    How compatible is Windows 8.1 with Avira free?

    Exactly as the title states; after doing some research online I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't use the build in AV (windows defender) and instead replace it with several other suggest AV's. Two that caught my attention were Avast! and Avira, and after some time reading up on various...
  29. Rangan Das

    Suggest me a security suite! (urgently needed)

    So, the 2015 versions of the security suites are being released and I am badly in need of one for my desktop. I have tons of projects, college work and documents that I just cannot afford to lose. I was using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that I purchased long back. I upgraded, but it was not worth...
  30. L

    Best antivirus software?

    I have two questions. 1- Whats the best antivirus software in your opinion? I seem to think bitdefender is up there but can't buy any software for a few days yet. So what do you lot think? 2- What free software would you say is the best also? I think my system has windows defender on it by the...
  31. LonelyMan

    VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XZ virus pls HELP ME experts needed

    I have Windows 8.1 64-bit, and after doing a windows defender full scan, it found this virus VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XZ. I tried deleting it, but after 20 minutes of hanging, the AV tells me that an error code 0x800700df. occured, saying that "the file exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be...
  32. W


    Hello, I just bought a new HP dv6 notebook, It came with windows 7. I was offered Norton free for 60 days,. If windows Defender is a part of windows7, is it necessary to install Norton?--- And, Is windows Defender one of the more dependable anti virus programs available as it stands alone on my...
  33. W


    Hello, I just bought a new HP dv6 notebook, It came with windows 7. I was offered Norton free for 60 days,. If windows Defender is a part of windows7, is it necessary to install Norton?--- And, Is windows Defender one of the more dependable anti virus programs available as it stands alone on my...
  34. B


    The Windows Defender Offline Beta installed on Memorex USB Stick creating own 126mb partition. Problem is that I can't restore the USB to full 32gb with EaseUS Partition Manager or even Windows disk management. I'd guess the 126mb partition type is not quite standard. Does anyone know a...
  35. Dark Lord of Tech

    Microsoft Releases Windows Defender Portable Beta Microsoft releases a portable beta version of defender ^ [:briovaz:3]
  36. E

    Kapersky avp.exe is out of control

    I've had Kapersky for about two months on this new computer, and after a slew of downloading suspicous files off 3rd party little known download sites, lo and behold I get virus detected. It says disinfected though, but I wanted to be sure and ran a quick scan. After it turned up nothing, I...
  37. A

    Is this good enough?

    I am running win7 and was running windows defender and the windows firewall. Is that good enough? I then started to run kaspersky 2011 suite in lieu of the aforementioned and was wondering if it really makes a difference? The resource usage with the windows defender was almost nil, but I...
  38. brendz155

    HELP HELP please!!

    Right I know ppl dont really help with viruses but please help me. when ever i go on any website E.G (ebay, facebook, really any website) i redirects to some junk random website and I've had this for about 4 weeks now please help i have scanned with every viruse remover (avast , kaspersky...