Does MalwareBytes Premium Trial 3.0.5 disable Windows Defender?


I have spent the past couple of days installing a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit and installing all of my programs, apps, etc. On my previous OS, I had both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender running. Now when I click on the Windows Defender icon on my desktop, it says "This app has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer".

So I went to Control Panel/System and Security/Action Center and Windows Defender does not show up at all. Under both Virus Protection and Spyware and unwanted software protection, I see the following: "Malwarebytes is turned on".

I saw this in Tom's guide on how to enable Windows Defender:

But if Windows Defender does not show up in Action Center, there is no way to enable it. Could Malwarebytes be disabling Defender to "encourage" me to buy their subscription once the free trial ends?


Thank you for the response! Yes, the trial has active protection. Hopefully when the trial ends, Defender will be able to be enabled. On my previous OS install, when I downloaded MalwareBytes, it wasn't a trial version, just the free version that I would manually use to scan every couple of days or so. I still have the old OS install on a spare hard drive, so perhaps I can see what version of MalwareBytes I had and try to find that version.


Yes, I am finding a few quirks with this Premium Trial. For example, when first booting up the computer yesterday, Malwarebytes gave me a message that "not all active security features were enabled" or something similar. I clicked on the box to activate and nothing happened, the warning just kept coming back. So I manually opened MalwareBytes and it was the Web Protection under Real Time Protection that was Off. So I slid the slider to on, and it said "starting", but it stayed that way for hours.

Today, same thing. But this time when I moved the slider to On, it said starting, and a few minutes later the Web Protection was On.

Hopefully when the trial period ends, I can get Windows Defender back on. I would like to keep Malwarebytes on the computer, just to do manual scans from time to time, as in the past it has found threats that Windows Defender did not. But I may have to un-install it to get Defender back. I will find out in 7 days.


So you are suggesting that rather than continue to use the "Free" features after the trial period ends, I should completely un-install MalwareBytes? Hopefully a complete un-install won't leave behind any remnants. Thinking I had my new OS up and running and configured the way I wanted, drivers installed, programs installed, etc. I made a disk image yesterday. Of course that contains MalwareBytes Premium free trial.
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