Info Bye bye Avira after 12 years not without first bursting my PC!


Dec 13, 2013
In case it could be useful to someone ... (and sorry for my english)
Hi. I have been using avira for about 12 years. Previously, YES it was a real antivirus. Now it is nothing more than a mountain of bloatware and utilities that I neither need nor want to install and still there they are. Those "speed up your system" utilities always sound more like malware than anything else
The last straw was the obligation to install Opera for the latest update. Up to here, I told myself. Well, I uninstalled it and when I rebooted, blue screen!.
I've wasted 3 days freaking out since I couldn't even get into safe mode. Continuous loop of blue screens when entering windows. In the end, I don't know if by chance or by trying 1000 things I could in. The solution was to disable the windows PRE loading malware check from the failsafe start menu, remove all hard drives except the system one - although I don't know if this had an influence or not - and delete manually from the command prompt (which for 2 days was the only site that allowed me to access) everything related to avira.
I finally got inside. I cleaned registries and even so I still get "avira" entries in regedit and even the "avira browse safety" in the list of installed programs, that there is no way to uninstall it (I get an "OS version incompatibility" message)
IN SUMMARY: Avira has become a source of problems, unwanted software, and on top of that, your system will burst if you try to escape from them. Honestly, it is more like those "fake maintenance" programs that promise to speed up / clean your PC and are ultimately malware.
Wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole anymore. At the moment windows defender does the job.


Oct 11, 2020
I used avira years ago when I was still running Windows. Dropped it when I switched to Linux and will now use Windows Defender with Win10.

did you uninstall the avira extensions from your browsers?

according to avira you could have uninstalled the opera browser.