Question 360 Total Security and Malwarebytes clashing saga


Apr 29, 2018
Both companies know about this, when you try to update MalwareBytes, and you have 360 TS on the same desktop in windows 10, it gets interrupted, even if 360's scanning or monitoring is turned off. So for the moment, we removed by Moderator) uninstall 360 completely, update malwarebytes, and then install the latest 360 - that way, both get to be the most recent builds of each. Job done.

Recently, when using the XP versions, and facing the same issue, 360 suggested a Performance "mode" adjustment, and we did that, and it worked as far as I can tell. But is it a setting within 360 on Windows 10?

Video link removed by Moderator.

Has anyone else got this situation/issue, both 360 and Malwarebytes on the same computer running windows, and when you update one the other one doesn't like it?
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While I'm considering removing your post on grounds of plugging someone's YouTube account but I also see that you're teaching folks to remove one of their security utilities. If either had to go temporarily, surely it should be MBAM?

That's not the kind of advice we see in Tom's.

Will you remove the Video link or shall I as you will see I did to your reference?