Adware on Steam I can't get rid of


Mar 10, 2013
I had something nasty that was giving me ads on every link I clicked in web browsers (including the "store" page on Steam). After running several anti-everything scans (Malwarebytes, ClamWin, Windows Defender, adwcleaner, AVG, Avast!, SUPERantispyware, 1 other I can't remember...), they all found different problems and elminated them.

So the issue is gone from IE and Chrome, but after uninstalling and reinstalling Steam, there are still adware (?) ads on the "store" page on Steam.

I have not done any of these scans in "safe" mode--is there any chance that's they key to getting rid of this!? Are there any other solutions anyone can think of?

Honestly, I greatly appreciate the help! Whatever this is seems deeply-rooted and I'd love to buy some games again...
If this was me I would immediately completely wipe my harddrive and do a full format. No way in **** would I even consider using that pc to do any buying until then.