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    Question Problem connecting to online games from my external drive

    A friend of mine has a laptop (I believe he said it was a Lenovo Yoga) he uses for gaming, but it doesn't have much storage space. He uses an external drive, but he's limited on what he can really install to it because he claims whenever he launches an online game from the external drive, the...
  2. E

    Solved! can dell laptops be used to play skyrim special edition on steam

    So my dad bought me skyrim special edition on steam but our mac apple computers aren't compatible with steam cause i cant download the game and my mom told me i need to look at pc computers like windows but the windows we have dont work as they're broken, and my family "does not" have the...
  3. D

    AOL account was hacked steam info was then changed

    my email was hacked and all my stuff was changed. once i got everything back to normal on my email i looked in my trash bin to see that my steam password had been changed. I locked my account but dont know what to do now? I sent a ticket to steam support.
  4. B

    Help on improving laptops performance on running games like Space Hulk Deathwing and CS:GO as frame rate is really bad.

    Recently got a laptop, Dell Inspiron, am no whizz with them admittedly but after getting steam and a couple of games like Dawn of War and Wargames EE which ran like a charm, my other two games CS:GO and Space Hulk Deathwing run horrifically frame rate wise. Hoping there is a way of improving...
  5. K

    Purchased pubg from steam

    Hi i purchased pubg from steam and my specs are amd radeon r5 m330 2gb ..8gb dual channel ..amd a8 7410 ...will it run ok ?? And if doesnt can u return it?
  6. K

    Solved! Wondering to buy pubg steam

    I was wondering to buy pubg from steam run smooth on 8gb ram?? I have amd radeon r5 m430 2gb and amd a8 7410 along side. Should i buy?
  7. D

    Solved! Several steam suddenly do "hard exit"

    I have no clue why, perhaps it's connected to my mouse trouble (all usb powersaving is off and got updated driver, even got logitech gaming software 9.02.65). got 16 gb ram, 12gb accesible(according to sys info) asrock a58m-e mobo ryzen 7 1800x cpu radeon rx 580 gpu and the mouse is from the...
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    Epic Games Store has launched: Massive Rival to Steam Revealed

    The makers of Fortnite have launched their own PC games marketplace, and here’s what’s on it so far Epic Games Store has launched: Massive Rival to Steam Revealed : Read more
  9. L

    Solved! Vive setup freezes at one minute left

    I just got my Vive yesterday. The setup program freezes at 1 minute left. Sometimes it gives me an error message that it cannot connect to Steam. Steam is open and running fine. I've tried to download from different browsers, tried installing more than 5 times, running as an administrator and...
  10. N

    Everyday laptop for playing Steam games.

    My son wants a laptop that is good for playing games on steam. I can't afford a gaming laptop. What would you recommend I get him? Budget only £400 max. I want him to use it for studies too so not too heavy or bulky please. Something everyday but with a bit of oommph for game playing. Thanks...
  11. B

    Solved! Steamed my Samsung Galaxy j 7 prime to my chrome cast without wifi

    How do I Steam my Samsung Galaxy j 7 prime to my chrome cast without wifi
  12. G

    My Steam Account Get Hacked HELP

    HELP ME PLEASE My steam account was hacked by russian. They've managed to change the email, the password & removed my steam guard mobile authenticator. HELP ME PLEASE
  13. A

    Trojan:win64 Anyone know what this is?

    Hello, I have this thing I keeps popping up on my windows defender I says Trojan:win64 I have tried deleting it but it just doesn’t delete. Is it a virus? It makes my computer act weird I can’t repair steam when the pop up shows I also can’t update games on steam unless I shut down and turn my...
  14. U

    How do I get DTS or Doblby Digital working on steam

    When I'm watching Netflix with my Logitech z906 speakers the decode lights comes on on my PC. But when I'm playing games like GTAV and BO3 the light doesn't show up. When I play on PS3 the Decode light comes on on the same games. Is it possible that I can get DTS or Dolby digital to work when...
  15. K

    New mobo. Steam audio quieter than usual.

    Not sure if they are related. I got a new mobo(MSI Z270 gaming M5) and when I went to use Steam the audio is all quiet. I use to run it at 12 max volume and now I am having to run it on 30. Its only steam that it affects. When I use discord i had to turn it down to compensate for the max volume...
  16. L

    Can't multitask on acer aspire e15

    I've always played games on my laptop yet recently it has started to have issues when I am playing a game and using voicechat simultaneously. If I am in a discord call or using steam party chat while playing a game I will get massive frame drops as well as constant stuttering. i never used to...
  17. A

    I tried many to get the security code my steam. Steam is most valueable thing in my life please help me please

    when i try to change my password they tell me to give my email and when i am giving them they say its wrong
  18. W

    Can't play online on steam

    Since yesterday I can't play online, the first problem is that my friends doesn't see that I have bought the game, although they see I'm online. The second is when I'm in a game, I can't use join via steam, and when I click it nothing happens. Sorry I posted this on windows...
  19. R

    Steam is corrupt and/or unreadable

    I just tried launching steam and after it updated, it closed and amessage popped up saying "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". I haven't messed around with anything on my computer recently so I'm not sure what caused this.
  20. H

    Steam error 301

    For the past few weeks, my Lenovo explorer doesn't work at all. I tried pretty much everything and nothing works. What I haven't tried is configure directory because I don't know how to do it and I'm not sure if it will work for a Windows Mixed Reality.
  21. L

    Something is blocking my programs from internet connection.

    Hi, I can surf on the internet perfectly but, the programs such as Spotify , Steam , Origin, are automaticaly connecting to the internet when a start my pc , but if i quit them , then i cant start them again, and all say i'm offline , and suggest me to check my internet connection! Samething...
  22. H

    Exterenal hard drive

    I’ve been told you can only run steam and battle net on a 3.5 external hard drive, but I currently can’t afford that so is it possible to run them on a 2.5?
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    How to Use Steam Link on Android

    Want to carry Steam games around in your pocket? Steam Link makes it possible. How to Use Steam Link on Android : Read more
  24. G

    How to Use Steam Link on Android

    Want to carry Steam games around in your pocket? Steam Link makes it possible. How to Use Steam Link on Android : Read more
  25. G

    How to Use Your Switch Pro Controller with Steam

    Steam now officially supports Nintendo's Switch Pro Controller. Here's how to use it. How to Use Your Switch Pro Controller with Steam : Read more
  26. P

    Best Windows VR for Steam VR?

    I bought the HTC Vive back in October, I liked it, but returned it within days as I realized there were very few games in the space genre that were complete titles like Lone Echo. (I just noticed the Vive is now 500$ on amazon, a big price drop). I just found out you can use Windows VR devices...
  27. P

    Need help picking a laptop

    Hello! I need a decent laptop under $300 that can play games like The Isle (the dinosaur one lol) & WolfQuest. I've looked up their requirements on steam, but I'm not really sure what it all means. I would really really appreciate if someone could recommend a laptop for me to buy, or if you...
  28. G

    The 5 Best Steam Alternatives

    From Origin to GOG, here are the PC gaming services you should keep an eye on in order to score the best games and deals. The 5 Best Steam Alternatives : Read more
  29. V

    REALLY STRANGE USB PORT PROBLEMS (tried a lot of stuff to fix it)

    Laptop: ASUS K53TA bought in 2013 Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Keyboard: Logitech K120 regular business keyboard Headset: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum P.S. I usually play on a PC I wouldn't buy this stuff if i was gaming on this laptop but It's about 200 km away from me so this will do :)...
  30. N

    I have a problem

    I tried to buy a game from steam with my debit card it almost done but it said that my address is invalid i was like " wtf" can anyone tell me what the mistake is or canbe..
  31. gerry410

    Stems, installation file, delete

    Is it safe to delete the Steam install.exe file from the downloads folder after you install steam? Would this cause a problem if I wanted to uninstall Steam at a later time? thanks all
  32. T

    steam, spotify and some other programs freeze

    when I load my computer up my Spotify works perfectly as well as steam. but when I load up my faceit client and CSGO they freeze when I tab out. It still plays music and I can still pause, play, skip songs when I hover over the icon on my taskbar. However, when I click on the icon the program...
  33. J

    Can my parents see what im geting on steam?

    As a teen I got some pretty <<watch the language, please>> up games on steam. I'm wondering if it shows the name of the game on the bill or just the price?
  34. A

    Games taking a lot of time to launch

    when i launch games (steam games like dota, pes18, pubg, or just other non steam games) it is just show black screen for more than 1 min and sometimes just not working (even the game is only 150 mb). Cant use windows button to go to desktop but ctrl alt del still working fine. Task manager show...
  35. G

    The Best Free Games on Steam

    From fast-paced arcade action to immersive exploration, here are some of the most notable free games you can get on Steam right now. The Best Free Games on Steam : Read more
  36. G

    Sacred 2 doens't work

    I don't know who to ask with this problem. Steam support doesn't bother with this, and I can't even reach ascaron's webpage. So my problem is, when the game starts this is what welcomes me. There are no texts and the button to start the game after character ctreation...
  37. B

    MSI GE73VR-7RF Low Fps Issue In Some Game Platforms

    I bought this laptop at the end of august, after 3 months I realized a huge gap between the reviews of the same laptop in some platforms. For example a guy who tests PUBG with this laptop gets 70-85 fps and i only get 20-30 fps, most of steam games have a huge fps difference compared to same...
  38. G

    18 Steam Tips All PC Gamers Need to Know

    From sorting your game library to playing PC games on your TV, here are 18 tips for getting the most out of Steam. 18 Steam Tips All PC Gamers Need to Know : Read more
  39. Mike Andronico

    Steam Autumn Sale: Here Are the Best Deals

    Steam's Autumn Sale is officially underway; here are the best discounts. Steam Autumn Sale: Here Are the Best Deals : Read more
  40. M

    (Steam games) Headphones don't work, speakers do

    For the past few days, my audio has been nonexistent in three Steam games. Let me make that clear, three Steam games: Portal 2, American Truck Simulator, and Bus Driver. Every other game works fine, and every other thing on my computer works fine (Chrome, youtube, discord, etc.). I think it...
  41. G

    Solved! Downloading problem steam.

    I am downloading ark survival evolved on steam.... It says it is at 100% done downloading 20.1 / 20.1 but the disk (the green line) is still going and it is telling me that it is going to be an 1 hour+ longer... Anyone know why this is happening?
  42. Satan-IR

    Steam Client Not Loading Store, Community and Profile tabs.

    There was an update for steam client which was downloaded and installed. When I launched the client after that Store, Community and Profile tabs are blank/black with the loading icon/GIF going round but not loading anything. I tried deleting the cache through settings and also emptying the...
  43. K

    Can I play a game from steam

    Can I play a huge game on steam like Friday the 13th
  44. J

    Steam won't launch games

    I downloaded both Mafia 3 and NBA 2k18 yesterday. Played them both completely fine. Now today the damn games won't even launch from steam! It's ridiculous! I've unistalled, verified files, unistalled and reinstalled steam. Then games.... still nothing! NONE of my games run! Please can...
  45. B

    my screen has flashing blue light and yellow pixel block while gaming

    hi. for some reason while I was gaming on steam my screen suddenly started flashing this blue pulsing light and has a yellow block that keeps flashing in different areas on my screen. don't know what the issue is. just happened within the last 10 min or so and don't know whats going on. Update...
  46. 1

    I recently downloaded steam onto my Acer laptop and whenever I go to download any game it says Microsoft Edge instead. How can

    I downloaded Steam onto my computer and got a Steam account. After going to download the game Bendy and The Ink Machine, it came up and asked if I wanted to change from Microsoft Edge to Steam. I clicked yes and nothing happened so I assumed it did it automatically. I tried to download the game...
  47. N

    Games start 800x600

    When I enable steam overlay my games start at 800x600 res, Ive already tried to set the start at my monitors native resolution. When steam overlay is disabled I have no problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  48. B

    Which laptop is better for playing steam games on?

    I am getting a new laptop for uni but im not a big pc gamer and cant afford a gaming laptop so was wondering which laptop is better for playing steam games on like tower unite and golf it etc? here are the two links with all the details;
  49. S

    Good PC suddenly very slow (steam and other not working)

    Hey, I need your help. I have a MSI Laptop, he was working well until today. This morning I boot my PC and then steam was stuck at verifying installation. And I discovered that all the software we're not working and the PC was slow. I would like not factory reset my PC if possible. I already use...
  50. A

    Common runtime enviorment?

    Is there a common run time environment where general applications like Chroms and Steam run? If so what is it? Also, what does a run time environment have that allows programs to run?
  51. G

    Amazon Steam Sale: Quake II, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, from $1

    Your favorite 90s fist-person shooters are currently on sale. Amazon Steam Sale: Quake II, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, from $1 : Read more
  52. S

    I have tried everything and nothing works!! Please help!!

    Hi I have a windows 8 computer and I have just reset it! But... after installing steam... it crashed made a function noise and died. The next day I checked it and it was on aptio setup utility. Then I did research and nothing so far... please help!! And if you see this, DON'T INSTALL STEAM!!!
  53. S

    how to solve error 212?in steam vr

    i have an error in htc vive and the number of error 212 how can i solve it?
  54. Unsounded

    Microphone on steam.

    Hey So for some reason a little while ago i noticed that nobody was responding to what i said on gmod. So i went to look and my mic was being detected. And when i did the test thing the volume bar showed that i was talking. But for some reason where normally it lets you hear your voice so you...
  55. K

    playing steam games off a external hard drive?

    Apologies for not knowing, but I wanted to know if it was possible to play steam games off a external drive? I heard that it would need to be at least 7200 rpm and usb 3.0. Is it okay? and regardless whether or not it does, can anyone recommended one?
  56. M

    Advice Needed - Best SSD gaming laptop under £500

    Hi all, Looking for a laptop with a SSD that will mainly be used for course work/office work, but I'd like it to be able to handle 2D steam games, run emulated games and run on medium settings steam games that are 10 years old+. Is this possible? Many thanks in advance.
  57. N

    how to stream steam games (desktop in general) to gear VR? without nvidia GPU

    there's a post here for this using nvidia shield or some such but if you are an AMD/ATi GPU user then how could you do this?
  58. G

    Steam's Summer Sale Include All-Time Steam Link Price Low

    Valve's set-top box is now 70 percent off. Steam's Summer Sale Include All-Time Steam Link Price Low : Read more
  59. K

    Problems with Steam Download Speed

    I would post this on Steam but I never get a response on there so hopefully I can get some help here. Usually on steam when I download games it's speed is about 300+ KB/s but for the past few days my download speed on steam has been about 20-60 KB/s. On Blizzard, when patching WoW, my current...
  60. M

    Game installation location

    So ,if my steam folder is installed in ProgramFilesx86 ,can my games from that folder use more than 4gb RAM ?