steam, spotify and some other programs freeze


Feb 2, 2018
when I load my computer up my Spotify works perfectly as well as steam. but when I load up my faceit client and CSGO they freeze when I tab out. It still plays music and I can still pause, play, skip songs when I hover over the icon on my taskbar. However, when I click on the icon the program will show but then I go to click on something on the program the computer acts like it's not there and if there is a program behind it then click would act on that program behind. the same thing happens with steam and sometimes GeForce experience
someone said it could be hardware acceleration which I later turned of on Spotify which hasn't made any difference.
Key words: "load my computer up"....

Start "unloaded". Then run Task Manager and Performance Monitor. Just one or the other to begin with. Leave the window open and slide to one side of the screen.

Then start "loading" up but wait a couple of minutes between starts. Watch what happens to your system: CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, etc.

Just be methodical and observant. Try changing the order in which you "load" programs.

You should be able to identify the bottleneck and/or resource being overwhelmed.