Microphone on steam.


Nov 12, 2016

So for some reason a little while ago i noticed that nobody was responding to what i said on gmod. So i went to look and my mic was being detected. And when i did the test thing the volume bar showed that i was talking. But for some reason where normally it lets you hear your voice so you know there's actually sound being picked up i heard nothing. Upon doing the test again sometimes it did not even register although steam still seemed to recognize i had a microphone.

I also used the test function on teamspeak where i did get the proper feedback. So what is going on on steam that it recognizes that i have a microphone yet cant properly use it?



Dec 29, 2015
I have had the same problem for a couple of months now.
Still have not foudn a solution, but I reckon i figured out where the issue is:
Steam uses your in-nuilt audio codecs and I think for some systems they have some conflict with the steam overlay, which transmits the sound from system into the steam games.
When you use programmes with their own audio codecs (google, discord, teamspeak etc) you should experience no troubles. Am I right?
I have tried many things - different audio drivers, system settings etc. It all does not help. Unfortunately it seems that steam does not care about this problem, so I really can't tell you more