Question Can i run my dell laptop without o.d.d. cable?

May 19, 2024
was recently given a dell inspiron 15 3567. They said it ran well but took ot apart for some reason or another and then when they put it together to turn on, they get a screen that says "media test failure" and no boot device detected. I turn it o. And sure enough I get the same screen and message. I opened it up to check if all the hard drive cables are present and secure. Affirmative. I. Fact it's all secure except the O.D.D. cable. It's seated into the board correctly. But the other end looks like it was ripped out. Is this fixable? Do I need my optical drive in order to run the laptop?

I have a similar but older inspiron 15 3000 series and the drive came with a removable card. Could I possibly use it on my inspiron 15 3567 if that's what it's missing and how?

I would attach. Photos but can't seem to find the correct way.