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  1. Seferovic

    Question I have problem with my y splitter

    I have lenovo g70-70 laptop. My laptop have one jack for mic/speakers, but my headset have two plug (one for mic, one for speakers). I m bought splitter something similar...
  2. L

    Question When I watch my clips, I noticed my microphone only records the left side, does anyone know how to fix this?

    I am using a Corsair Gaming headset and currently using GeForce overlay to record clips.
  3. oshahab

    Solved! Question about mic impedance

    I own a 500ohm Audio Technica ATR 1300 mic, and since I can't afford a decent soundcard now, I'm using a cheap USB soundcard to connect it to my laptop. (something like this...
  4. atesba

    Solved! Apple Headphone's mic not working with PC.

    Hi, I have an Apple headphone with 3.5 mm jack. I want to use it as both headphone and mic on my PC. I've bought a splitter cable for mic and headphone but the mic doesn't work. -Splitter works fine when tested with different headphone on same pc. -Apple headphones mic works fine when I use it...
  5. I

    Question Headphones with mic that are recording internal sounds

    I bought in-ear headphones with microphone included from Sony and I noticed that my internal sounds are being recorded while I talk to others. For example if I listen to Spotify they hear the music, even thought the sound is being sent to the headphone the microphone somehow manages to record it...
  6. Koterko

    Question People can hear my internal sounds ( youtube, games... ) when calling on TeamSpeak

    Hi. Just got Hyperx cloud and when I join TS everyone can hear my youtube music, games etc. and themselves aswell but only when I speak so when I am not they don´t hear anything. I have my stereo mix disabled and headset with mic. plugged in to rear connectors. I tried updating and reinstalling...
  7. d0wek

    Question I hear ONLY my breath in mic.

    I recently bought new razer kraken essential headphones and everything's fine except my mic picks breathing and blowing to mic. It's like I had "listen to this device" option on, but I can only hear breathing, not my vioce. When I talk with my friend on discord everything is ok, but I can still...
  8. dylcn

    Question Question regarding Blue Yeti USB Microphone

    Okay so, I'm wondering if I purchase this microphone can I use the blue yeti as the input mic, & have my wireless beats solo 2's which are bluetooth connected to my PC as my headphones (where I hear people / audio) from? Or does it have to be plugged in directly to the mic. Thanks
  9. mathiasjrg

    Question Lapel Microphone Won't Properly Work With Laptop

    Hello! I recently purchased a lapel microphone for my HP Pavilion Laptop. I want to use this in conjunction with my headset. My headset already has a built in microphone, but it is quite rubbish - hence the new lapel. If I use a audio splitter (1 male to 2 female) I run into a problem. If I...
  10. FuciBaskjat

    Question I hear microphone on speakers, but they not working

    I have Windows XP, buyed new headset with Microphone and when i talk i can hear it on speakers and headphones, but when i try to talk on Discord or CS, it dont works. PLease Help if you can!
  11. hfj;askgthe

    Question i installed equalizer APo and now my mic does not register to discord

    exactly what the title says
  12. A

    Question Help with Neewer NW-800 microphone setup

    Hello, I purchased a Neewer NW-800 microphone a while back and it was working perfectly well until one day during a discord call the microphone just stopped. Since then i have not been able to get it back working. I contacted the company asking them to help me out and they told me to install...
  13. LucyHearto

    Question Connecting microphone to 2 computers

    Hi, Not long ago me and my bf bought a new microphone and we wanted to connect it to our 2 computers using AUX cable. The microphone works perfectly on one pc (which he is connected by USB) and the other pc he is connected by AUX cable (from speakers to microphone). ANd it seems that every time...
  14. B

    Question Problem with combined jack

    I recently purchased the MEKA headset from Razer. I went to try it out on my computer, and it worked just fine, the noise was clear and it was comfortable. Then I realised that my computer wasn't picking up the microphone (the headset does have one, it states on the box that it has a...
  15. T

    Question My microphone won't work on my PC

    Hello there I am new to this forum and i want to ask some people here for some help. Im going to state the problem here: I have a headset from Trust (GXT 380 Doxx) and a problem when i tried to plug it to my PC I saw that the headset has 2 plugs. One for audio and one for microphone The...
  16. F

    Question Microphone AND microphone jack not working: which drivers to reinstall?

    Something became corrupted sometime ago, but I don't recall if that was after a Windows Update or because I tried something in Computer Management / Device Manager. The problem: neither of the two microphone inputs that ship with the laptop are recognized, i.e.: built-in microphone plug-in...
  17. K

    Headset with mic and audio together with computer with audio and headphone jacks

    So i built a PC recently and coming from Xbox, I already owned a Hyperx cloud alpha that has the audio and mic in 1 3.5mm jack whereas my PC has the audio and mic jacks separate. I havent been able to find a solution or a cable such as 3.5mm to usb ect to fix this just wanted to know if anyone...
  18. D

    Public Meeting Sound Setup

    I work for a school district and am currently responsible for setting up a camera and managing the sound for school board meeting recordings. They often take place in gymnasiums or cafeterias (maybe even a gym-eteria) The equipment we have was picked well before I started and I'm curious if...
  19. C

    What is causing white background noise on my microphone?

    Hi everyone! I recently bought the Neewer NW-700, along with the NW-100 48V Phantom power supply. I am getting white background noise and I'm wondering what's causing it. I have connected the Microphone to the Power Supply with an XLR-XLR cable I have connected the Power supply to a FIIO USB...
  20. P

    ModMic 4 too quiet even with a usb soundcard

    Hi! I recently purchased a modmic 4 and antlions own usb sound card (new model), but the mic is way too quiet even with the sound card. I have to boost the mic by 15db (with equalizer APO) to be able to hear basically anything and then the sound quality has been ruined by a bunch of white...
  21. T

    bluetooth headset mic doesn't work, but instead my built in laptop mic works

    Basiclly, I have a bluetooth Headset with a built in mic (JBL T460BT), but when i try to use it, it doesn't work, but my laptops built in mic works instead. I tried messing with the sounds settings, but nothing works, either my sound just disappears, or everything is all... how do i say this...
  22. 1

    my headset won't work

    I have a headset with 2 plugs, 1 headset which is a jack and 1 microphone which is a usb, my computer (desktop) will recognize my headset jack, but it will give me the option for headset or mic and not both, if I plug in my USB, the computer will not even recognize it.
  23. R

    How to re-install deleted microphone device in windows 10

    No audio on Acer laptop. Somehow the microphone device was deleted. The volume shows 100% and speakers are Realtek high definition.
  24. D

    Solved! Headset's microphone doesn't work

    My new gaming headset's microphone doesn't work. Just bought a Redragon Lagopasmutus> it came in a normal package> its own package was a little bent on a corner(nothing big tho, might've been a little mistake)>I want to use it for a Laptop ASUS X555LB W10>bought a splitter for the new...
  25. M

    strange voice changer problem

    I had a voice changer and messed around with it. then the licence expired and the program was deleted but it some programs the voice changer still works.Then i went to "microphone properties" and lisened to my microphone then everything was fine. But when i ran a recording program and recorded...
  26. C

    Solved! What Microphone Should I Get?

    Hi everyone! I am currently looking for a very cheap microphone to start off my recording but I am confused as to which one to buy. I would be using this with a Desktop PC. I currently own a Fiio USB decoder D5, it serves as an external sound card and is a 3.5mm audio to USB adapter. From...
  27. C

    Mic Not Working

    My headset is plugged in to my laptop running windows 10. I can hear the game audio through the headset but the mic isn't working. I made sure that it wasn't broken so I went on my Xbox and the mic worked fine. When I go to the mic in Sound (Playback Devices) All I hear is a lot of static and...
  28. J

    Microphone not working after upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

    UPDATE: crazy stuff going on, after USB audio try and reinstalling drivers my messing finally gave some results. Look at 3rd post please, still need help as it works very inconsistently Hello, so due to the nature of upgrade (windows home -> pro) I can't revert it. I'm using laptop that has 1...
  29. A

    Solved! Looking for Microphone

    I need a new microphone for playing video games/recording videos. My microphone is going to be sitting 3-4 feet away from me (diagonally) I want a good microphone, but my budget is 50-60$ or lower. I'm looking mainly for quality and loudness, but a bit of background noise cancellation would be...
  30. S

    Pixel 3xl video mic issues

    My Pixel 3xl worked fine for a month, but about a week ago the video/top microphone went bad. Everytime I record video or try to video chat, it sounds like I'm standing next to a jet engine... loud static that drowns out everything. It needs to be RMAed, but I'm outside the US and need some...
  31. TRE IzDOPE

    Solved! Latency Caused by sound card software? - Sound Blasterx AE-5

    uninstalled, removed all folders, installed again in safe mode windows 10 x64 noticed that if I use NONE of the voice settings, all disabled i can hear my mic with no latency once one of those are selected there is 5 - 10 second latency in the mic so why not just disable them.. cause for some...
  32. M

    Solved! My computer does not recognize my USB mic. What do I do?

    I've had a USB Steren mic for one year an it worked perfectly, but now it is not even recognized as plugged in by my laptop. I tried to see if it works in other computers and it does and my lap also recognizes any other USB device. The lap is a Windows 7 Dell. Some help?
  33. R

    Solved! Just show me the cable to hook up a mini Mic to my android phone?

    ???? The cable from microphone to android phone ,what's it look like ?
  34. M

    Solved! Can i connect a microphone to a wireless speak

    I'm trying to do karaoke using a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth microphone but I'm worried they won't connect. Will a Bluetooth microphone connect to any Bluetooth speaker? I really need to figure it out I want to sing so badly
  35. J

    Is there an audio mixer that I can hear my game through and my microphone

    Is there an audio mixer that I would be able to plug into my computer to hear both my game sound and microphone? Sorry I’m not an audiophile. I’m new to the audio department.
  36. J

    Need help with new mic

    First of all, I'd like to point out that I am a total novice when it comes to this sort of stuff so I probably won't understand any technical jargon. Basically, I purchased a Neewer NW-700 mic the other day (cheap and most of the youtube videos and reviews seemed to be positive for a beginner...
  37. E

    I got a new headset and it says the the headset is plugged in but the mic is not. How do I fix this or is it my computer ?

    I got a new headset and it says the the headset is plugged in but the mic is not. How do I fix this or is it my computer ?
  38. C

    Solved! Headphones microphone problem

    Headphones Microphone not working for calls, video, and other apps but works fine when i use "ok google"in oppo f3
  39. E

    Solved! Please help me. I deleted my microphone drivers and looked everywhere for my Asus PRIME B450M-A microphone drivers.

    I cannot find any mic drivers for my Asus PRIME B450M-A Motherboard. I uninstalled it because my microphone was not working; however, I am not sure how to get it back.
  40. B

    Solved! Headset Mic Static- Tried Solutions

    Hello, I recently got a headset with a microphone, and am having major issues. I have uninstalled/ reinstalled the drivers, Windows 10 was just installed so I cannot really roll back the updates, have an adapter to split the input/output into my pc, and have tested the mic on my phone (it...
  41. P

    Solved! Blue Yeti and other mics sound absolutely terrible!

    After getting my PC done I noticed people yelling at me for my microphone quality, I tested it and it sounds terrible! It sounds very fuzzy and robotic and I don't have a soundcard so that might be the problem. Could I have some help on this please?
  42. C

    Solved! Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio Interface to connect to Mixer/Microphone - Does it exist?

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to connect a Bluetooth headset to my mixer. Most times I'm wearing my headphones and microphone to talk/listen on webinars. Sometimes, however, I need to be able to walk around while on a webinar. In this case, audio quality and latency isn't a huge concern so I...
  43. M

    PC sound goes through mic

    Hello everyone The problem is my PC sound is going through microphone but it happens when i unplugged it too. I use a 3.5 to USB adapter with it. Headset is Corsair HS60. I tried another headset with same adapter and it fixes it but couldn't understand how it is keep happening while microphone...
  44. O

    On my mixer, I plugged in a microphone to a line in and it didn’t work.

    The mixer has 8 channels. Each channel has a line in and a mic in. The cable that came with the mic was a female XLR to male 1/4. I put the 1/4 in the mixer, and the XLR to the mic, and it didn’t work even though everything was hooked up. What was weird though caught my attention. When I kept...
  45. zniff

    Microphone not working on sound blasterx AE-5 pure edition after windows reinstall

    i reinstalled windows and now my microphone wont work on my audio card. the audio card is a Sound Blasterx AE-5 pure edition. ive tried reinstalling drivers and the windows sound settings
  46. C

    Microphone Poor Quality

    I recently purchased the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2's (USB headset) and was expecting them to work great, however, on my computer, the microphone quality is very muffled and just bad. I tried it on my laptop and the microphone sounded fine, so I realized it was a computer problem. I then checked in my...
  47. S

    My new custom PC doesnt detect the microphone on my headset.

    Recently I got a new custom PC, and everything was working fine, and then when I try to call my friend off it, he can't hear me, but I can hear him. I know that the microphone works as it worked on my old laptop. When I unplug the microphone and plug it into the microphone jack, all the noise it...
  48. D

    Solved! How do i fix broken headphone & microphone jack; front & back panel?

    So, to put in perspective, this is an old computer, to which i'm not surprised that this happened cause it would have happened sooner or later. Both microphone and headphone jacks in the back and front panels have gone out completely, which saddens me extremely that it didn't last till i could...
  49. C

    Solved! microphone not working at all

    microphone not working on anything or calls
  50. T

    Solved! How do i get the microphone and the audio to work at the same time through my montior?

    For reference, i have an LG - 24MP59G-P 23.8" monitor. Full specs:https://pcpartpicker.com/user/TheGreyhound/saved/jZNw6h
  51. S

    Solved! Microphone Software Problems

    I have an aplication called voicemeeter on my pc because I want to remove backround noise from my microphone, and the application does that. But any audio in games wont work. I tried setting defaults in games but that didnt help. It seems like its hogging my headphones out audio
  52. S

    Solved! HyperX Cloud Stinger - Microphone issues

    **The problem I'm having is that the mic is much too quiet. My friends can all hear me, but they all report that I sound very far away, even when I raise my voice. Bought this headset a while ago. Works fine on its own and I've tested it (and the microphone) on multiple devices in order to...
  53. B

    Solved! Please help me fix this audio problem

    My mic is SF 920 and i buy it before 1 week. I tried mic on my pc but it wasn't work. I plugged in the mic and when I speak mic just recording silence,and my voice is muted it dosen't important do I speak loud or not it just recording noise.Please help me. Do i need new audio card or something...
  54. J

    Solved! Can I plug one pair of earbuds in the output jack, and another pair in the input jack as a mic?

    I tried it before, and it worked then, but for some reason it won't work anymore. I've tried many different settings, but I can't get it to work. I'm stuck.
  55. T

    Stumped with getting sound mixer to work

    Hey everyone, first post here.. I have scoured the interwebs, and I have not been able to find a solution to my problem. I recently bought upgraded equipment for streaming but have not been home yet to hook everything up.. However, I do I have my laptop, so I figured I would hook everything...
  56. B

    Solved! My microphone is not working, picking up only static. (I'm using Classic Miniso Headphones)

    My microphone is not working, picking up only static. (I'm using Classic Miniso Headphones). It also receives the PC Audio for some reason.
  57. K

    Solved! HyperX cloud stinger microphone is connected but isn’t picking up my voice. It use to be super static but has stopped and so

    Randomly my Hyperx cloud stinger I use for my computer (desktop) has stopped picking up my voice. I can hear friends on discord but I can’t speak. When I’m in sounds menu it says it’s connected but it doesn’t pick up my voice. I’ve unplugged and re plugged it in and gone through troubleshooting...
  58. T

    Solved! Headset microphone not working with Conexant SmartAudio HD

    Hi there, This issue is one that has bugged me for quite a while now. Recently I acquired a HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, with intention to use it with my laptop. However, as with previous headsets, the microphone attached to the headset does not work when inserted into the 3.5 mm combined audio...
  59. F

    Solved! Mic Issue when streaming on Twitch

    Microphone Issue. Samson Meteor USB Mic (approx. 2-3 years old). Was Streaming on Twitch as normally 2 nights ago and for the most part my Mic was working fine. However, it had the same issue twice, which I’ve never seen/heard before and can’t work out or find answers to? I had to unplug/plug...
  60. R

    Solved! My microphone on my phone want work

    When I try to listen to music or call someone on messenger or listen I can't here anyone and they can't here me and can't here anything on you tube